Happy Mothers Day Daughter poem… And a smile

A poem just to share one, maybe I can even get a job writing them… J

Once you were my baby girl

Bringing great joy into our little world

My beautiful daughter now you give it a whirl

A mother you are and on this Mother’s Day

It is with great pleasure and pride I say

The gift of being a mother can never be taken away

When you were a child a little girl to me

A little Princess in a dress for the world to see

The smile on your face, the hugs and kisses all free

As you are now, a most beautiful lady

My daughter for eternity

Happy Mother’s Day with love


I thought I would share this as the past few days I have had more views from search engines than anywhere else. The searches have all been about mother’s day poems for daughter or something along those lines. The most searched posts of the past were also about poetry for a daughter.. An angry daughter. Thanks Google as well as Yahoo and any other search engines as well as the people that stopped by!

  I am in a way moved by these views on my pages as it shows a trend or need for expressing poetic expression with our daughters. Some of the young Ladies I know and those not so young either like poetry and artistic expression. My sons girlfriend reads at a local coffee shop where they live, the coffee shop features live poetry and short story readings on Saturday Nights. As these young ladies become mothers we know the heartfelt sentiment poetically expressed will be cherished forever.

I wanted to share an update and would like to offer the opportunity for those that would like to purchase a framed and beautifully expressed version of this poem. I have several options as far as frames listed on my ETSY shop Artisticlyxpressed if you would like to share a gift with your lovely daughters or E mail me at smplman1215@yahoo.com! There is space at the bottom to sign it and add that personal touch!

Framed Mothers Day poem for a daughter

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and a Poem for the many daughters that are going to be mothers the first time this year and the many daughters that are moms which is all of you moms! I hope that your shopping is all fun and from the heart. Please share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. J

Our Greatest Gift, Women and Girls

Our Greatest Gift

Women are made from little girls

Their smiles that shine like glowing pearls

Shiny hair some straight some with curls

They begin to learn and grow

Some no fear do they show

Love and compassion makes them glow

Strong are many as they should be

Standing together for equality

When they have such we have quality

The gift of women and girls

Sharing and caring they change the world

I am grateful for the gift of women and girls

Together we can change the world

The next time you see a sign that says free

Remember in some countries it may not be

So stand up and stop the hypocrisy

Women and girls deserve equality

All over the world not just our democracy

Women and girls are our greatest gift

When trough all the rubbish you sift

Women and girls our greatest gift

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, I share an artistic thought and one that I felt inspired to share. I was thinking about my Grandmother as I looked at pictures of her over the years. I also thought about my daughter a soon to be mother of a daughter. I also thought about the many Queens of my heart and well of the gifts I treasure most in the material world I would have to say that women and the girls that grow up and become them are my favorite and greatest gift.

I hope we can all share a smile share some love and help change our world in a positive way for all we share it with. Thank you all 🙂

The most important post I can share please stand up and do the right thing

This is without a doubt the one post I wish to share.

I am an avid reader of blogs and books as well as anything that may enrich my mind, heart and soul. I had recently written a post on the Women and Girls roles in a changing Global society. A fellow blogger had stopped by and shared a like on my post. I visited her page and have had the profound desire since reading it to share my thoughts.

Her post was one of a very heart felt nature to me and should be to all of Mankind it was about the torture and mutilation of one of our greatest treasures “Women and Girls”. As I read this post I was reminded of a movie the hardest movie for me to sit through and in fact it took three times for me to finish watching it I was so hurt and full of pain. The movie was “Tears in the Sun” and the vivid and horrific way that the evil creatures treated women and then mutilated their bodies sickened me so deeply that my vow of nonviolence would have been broken had I a way to travel to Nigeria where the story took place.

I am appalled to think that these things happen every day in some of these Nations where the media and technology is limited and controlled by some of the most evil beings to be on our planet. The fact is that these things are still being done and the global society still does not make a move to change it and eradicate the evil as well as those that perpetrate such acts. I had been reading about the Gang rapes of little girls in India and the rapes and murders of women and girls in the more technologically advanced nations where these issues cannot hide from the media or perhaps these society’s have enough courage and outrage in mass to affect change by showing the world that they are no longer going to tolerate such behavior even if it means firing their leaders and protesting in mass stopping their economies and standing together for equality and justice as well as the dignity of the Victims and their own dignity by standing up for what is right.

I for one will not just sit on the side lines as women and girls who have no voice are mutilated, raped and left to live with the evil consequences of evil beings that have no consequence for their actions as no one holds them accountable. I would ask that we as human beings step up to the plate and hold them accountable and see that justice is served and that the Women and Girls of our Planet have the Equality and dignity as well as are cherished and recognized for the gift they are.

I am sharing the link to the blog post that moved me so and ask that all who share on WordPress please take action and stop the evil of these vile creatures who would commit such heinous acts. Standing together as a Global community we can ask that our own Governments and our own citizens take action in such a way that these evil acts can no longer be done without consequence and justice being served by those that perpetrate such acts where ever they may try to hide or perpetrate them. True Justice and true equality for women girls and all mankind demands that all mankind participate and end such evil.

Stop Abuse of Women

January 30, 2013 1:37 pm / 4 Comments

What is Female Genital Mutilation

Please read share and re post or share in your own way this post as well as mine or your own just take action. Call your newspapers and TV stations and ask why we are not hearing about these atrocities ask you Government officials why no action is being taken ask your religious leaders to help and speak up for the Women and Girls with no voice and representation. Represent them and stand up for all mankind in a positive way. I would challenge all the men who have families as well as mothers to just take a few seconds and think about some evil creature mutilating your mother or children and no one even seeming to care as she lays there in a pool of blood and the vile semen of some evil creature mingled in it as her tears fall.

I am not going to ask to share a smile and share your love as I traditionally do. I am going to ask that you please share your love and stand-up be heard for those with no voice and change the world! One time in our lives we can make a difference no matter what race, creed religion, no religion, man woman or child from what ever country or space on this planet please be the change positive and take action.

Enough Already! Are you kidding me?

I am appalled as we all should be! Scott Olsen an American Hero and a U.S.Marine serves two tours in Iraq in the name of protecting our country! ( A subject definitely up for debate when did Iraq attack us and could they even have done so?) Stands up for his rights and ours to protest with the Wall Street protesters and gets shot? Then as his fellow protesters attempt to help him the police throw tear gas at them? It is incredible how many people in this country even know that happened and why are we doing nothing about it?

Veterans Day is coming and ” We the People” Had better step and let our leaders both large and small know we have had enough! If the people of this great Nation don’t step up to the plate as we are obligated by our forefathers to do we don’t deserve to live here!!!

I am the farthest from a negative person I can be and although I want to find the silver lining here it isn’t there yet! Help our country and ourselves find and make that silver lining happen! Stand up on Veterans Day and have the courage as well as the strength to say enough Already! ” We the People “have had enough!!!

Standing up and excersizing our rights to freedom of speech and the right to govern our nation is our obligation no matter who you vote for. Honor those who fight and die for you and step up to the plate! I hope that we can have love in our hearts and make positive change in our nation and honor the men and women that are dieing for us!

I am not going to end this page as I have the other many pages with a nice thank you. I am going to say Take action be the change share the love get off your complacent ass’s and stand up be “We the People” and on November 11 2011 be the change stand United and say we have had enough!!!