My first meeting with the Law of Attraction group….:)

The Law Of Attraction, as most would say is, like attracts like, and is absolutely amazing when you think about it. We have all heard that saying “like attracts like” what does that mean and how does it happen?

I have asked myself that question and gone in search of the answer, perhaps because I became aware I could have more of what I wanted and live my dreams. I could just accept that I was born to provide physical labor in service of the rich and in turn as some would say accept my lot in life. Yet who are they to say what my lot is?

I started to explore the Law of Attraction a couple of years ago while studying the various perspectives about being “Consciously Aware”. I suppose I was meant to study it as it is relative to understanding consciousness and knowing. A few years back there was a movie called” the Secret” which is based on the Law of Attraction. I came upon the movie and watched it, several times in fact and then wanted to get the book as I did a search for the book and the law of attraction I was flooded with as many options and perspectives as I was in my studies of Consciousness.

There are so many people and so many shared perspectives it is quite amazing, one of the things I have been recognizing is the similarity in perspectives and the common theme between being consciously aware and the law of attraction, first is thoughts become things, then the recognizing you are not your thoughts and have control of them and last that like attracts like. It has been awesome learning and having so many teachers to learn from. One of my favorite teachers of the law of attraction is Abraham Hicks “Ester” and her husband Jerry Abraham is one of the most well known and recognized teachers of the Law of Attraction and what a fun lady to observe and hear speak. Ester is all energy and quite good amazing as she expresses herself and shares the words of Abraham.

I was invited to join a Law of Attraction group locally through a social media networking site that most of us know… FaceBook! Oh my one of those sites I had vowed years ago not to become too connected and involved in. Myspace was pure Drama in my world, kids neglected lonely women, dates and lots of well let’s just say drama that served its purpose and gave me what I was attracting.

My first experience with the Law of Attraction group was one of the monthly meetings I had been invited to attend by the organizer and group President Christiane Turner of Quantum NLP The group meeting was held at a nice book store and holistic healing shop in a meeting room in the back that I would guess was used for many purposes. The meeting began with a short greeting and then a nice meditation session led by Angela Gifford-Carter, of the Transformation Station followed by the main speaker of the meeting Kathy Hacking.
Kathy gave a beautiful speech and shared a wonderful perspective and lesson about the law of attraction that I learned a great deal from. She shared her perspective as she expressed her interpretation of what she learned through as she studied their perspective and modalities. I was quite taken when she broke out her sun glasses and another six or so pairs of rose, yellow, red, blue and various other colors and started her lesson with the concept that we walk through life after the age of 8 or so with our sunglasses on. It is almost like a post I had shared about labels as the sun glasses represented the things that others taught us as we grew up and tainted our vision with the color of their perceptions and expectations. Those things that limit our ability to see with clarity and with our natural vision, the crap that is not ours limits our vision and affects our lives.

I was most appreciative of a clearing statement she shared, it is a real simple one that functions like a reset button on your computer. Pod poc that! Simple and effective if you use it and can grasp the concept, pod poc is a short version of the clearing statement taught at accessconsciousness in their teachings. Point of Destruction, point of creation, when you say the clearing statement you are asking that the issue or the crap that is not yours be taken to the point of creation and the point of destruction and recycled destroyed and transmuted into a positive light energy form. I personally have used it hundreds of times since that meeting as I find myself starting to think in a way that I was taught that may not resonate with the good thoughts I own and embrace. The negative self limiting ones imposed by society or my family for example. You can’t do that, that costs too much, you don’t have the education only the real lucky ones have it like that. What? Pod poc that! I believe in me the universe will take care of it, I am very intelligent and I create my own reality! Thoughts become things, like the little train going up that big hill… I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I know I can! So can you think it believe it and know it! The Law of Attraction says so and so does being consciously aware of your thought and who you are! Think and know you are amazing and be amazing where ever you are no matter what the rest of the world thinks those thoughts are theirs and if they are not thinking and knowing you can while rooting for you It is their crap… Pod poc that!
The Clearing Statement
These crazy weird words are the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement® – a simple tool that thousands of people around the world use every day to continually create a life of ease, joy and glory.

It goes like this:
“Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD, POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds®”
The meeting ended with a short meditation and positive energy circle sharing the wonderful energy we had flowing and releasing some as a group to those in need and into our world and universe! I am going to end this post with a thank you all for allowing me to share some time and perhaps some smiles with you. I also would like to say thank you to all those that share and inspire us in so many ways. Thank you all for stopping by and for being you, you are the positive change our world so needs sharing your love and your smiles… Making our world a better place for all we share it with. 

I encourage you all to visit through the links above and perhaps have your lives enriched and expanded by sharing in another perspective

Namaste 

Changing, change and direction

Change… I started this blog as a way to share and express my thoughts in a positive way and create a positive flow of change in my life and in turn our world. It was my intention to share a little of my life story, as I experienced some contrast along my journey. I was a carpenter or working in some capacity as a construction worker for the majority of my adult life, I was raised and my foundation for my adult life was geared towards that by many circumstances. As a child my dreams were of many things other than being a carpenter, or digging ditches, yet coming from where I came that was the direction I was pushed to go. This blog and the writing of a few poems and writing a book sharing my life story was the beginning of a major change in my life, my perspective, my goals and my dreams as well.
On that note I am changing the direction of what I share slightly, baby steps… lol  I have been evolving as a human being and as a writer so it is time to start sharing in a different way and painting the picture I want to share as well as paint. Your thoughts become things and you create your reality, I have been creating my reality my whole life and as I change my perspective and my reality I choose to take the steps and make my dreams real. Writing is one of my passions and as they say if you do what you love you won’t work a day in your life. I am for change and pursuing my dreams becoming who I am, as the Law of Attraction dictates it, is when you do what you love, with passion the things you want are attracted to you.
The evolution of change so to speak is governed by the Universal law of Attraction. I have been studying many things over a lifetime and it seems to be more about self discovery over the last seven years. I was greatly inspired by the theory and practice of a Zen philosophy as well as quite intrigued with the various Eastern philosophies especially those of the Guru’s and Monks both of modern times and Ancient times. I did however notice my inner truth was somewhat different and my aspirations were of a similar yet different nature. Something was missing and just recently it all began to fall into place for me as I began to understand the similarities and differences in Eastern, Western and religious perspectives on self and the relationship of self in the Universe and in living life. I also realized that a state of Nirvana true inner peace is more than just Zen like peace of mind. From a state of inner peace and tranquility sometimes I found I would remove the fire of passion to pursue my true dreams and becoming who I want to be.
Paulo Coelho expressed the sentiment that I had been feeling as I observed and learned the ways of the Eastern mystics and Gurus that sat and meditated and prayed to find oneness and be who they were. To each his own as it should be, that is not my path I know that I have another purpose and gifts that I was given to be used and cherished. In his book “The Pilgrimage” I found one chapter quite profound and in it found a different perspective that helped me see a side of me that I was missing. His chapter was entitled “Personal Vices” and it is essentially a prayer in his written asking for the divine to have pity on those that basically choose not to follow and live their dreams and be who they are. My favorite line and the one that inspired me to change my perspective about inner peace being the ultimate state of being and embrace as well as know better my inner truth was this”Have pity on those who are fearful of taking up a pen, or paintbrush, or an instrument or tool because they are afraid someone has already done so better than they could and who feel themselves unworthy to enter the marvelous mansion of art. But have even more pity on those who having taken up the pen, or the paintbrush, or the instrument, or the tool, have turned inspiration into a paltry thing and yet feel they are better than others.”
I wanted to share these thoughts as I pick up the pen and the paintbrush knowing that my path and gifts are held within them. This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and a new direction as I choose to follow my passion and write. I have started my new book and am beginning to write articles I intend to sell to magazines and newspapers about inspiring people and events. I will be sharing things from a new perspective in a new way leaving the past behind and sharing the things that inspire me to reach for the stars as well as the stories and people that inspire me to do so. From the state of inner peace I have learned to center my being and observe the direction of my heart allowing me to be passionate and love who I am and what I choose to do. Consciously aware that a fusion of various perspectives shared with me the knowledge that I may find wisdom and know where I choose to go and create the reality I choose to create allowing me to change in a positive way.  Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and perhaps a smile with you. Thank you as well for being the positive change our world so needs sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with.
Namaste 


70, 000 words … Homework? My last black cloud! :)

Six years and 70,000 words later, what I learned and what I gained from a book I wrote about black clouds and rain is, I have seen my last black cloud. The word count is an underestimate as is the amount of times I have written the book it was actually four times and three ways of writing the book to share a story. I even dabbled at it poetically, many people have encouraged me and I have spent much time not only writing and editing, I have been to coaching groups, coaches and sent samples to many friends. I would like to say thank you to all of those that have helped and shared thoughts and insight as well as encouragement.

I have composed an amazing reminder that I shall not open nor go any farther in creating… Funny how amazing I feel and how happy I am. I had breakfast with a good friend that had just read my latest revision of the book summary. He knew I was preparing a letter of inquiry to find an agent and get my book published. My fellow writing coaches were quite excited and quite looking forward to reading the letter and were anticipating my long awaited and hard work to be finished and published. I smiled as he asked was I done with the letter and did I want him to read it and share his thoughts.

I smiled as I told him I was done with the book, literally and thoroughly as I chose to not share that story. He smiled as I said it and laughed as shared one of his favorite quotes by Hunter S. Thompson the author of some of his favorite books. “When the going gets tough the weird turn pro” he said half laughing. I smiled and shared with him where I was and what I was feeling. My friend is a fellow writing mentor a good friend and an inspiration in many ways. He knows much about my spiritual side and journey as well as my life as it was and is. I told him that the last six years of writing re writing and hundreds of hours were a gift as they helped me learn to become a better writer.

Seven or so years ago I drew a Tarot spread with a spiritual reader, the basics of the spread were that I had to give up everything and then I would have abundance and prosper beyond my wildest dreams. I did give up or lose everything or so I thought and I had thought the prosperity and abundance would come as I wrote my book and told my story. Funny how what I really needed to give up was the story, every word I wrote every time I edited every time I re hashed my life was just like swimming upstream in a fast moving river. Working my ass off getting worn out and getting nowhere, living in a reality that I didn’t even want to be in trying to embrace the past and show what I had learned as I wrote about it and repeated it vicariously with 70,000 words. I did get stronger however and I did learn to appreciate the contrast, as I grew, I learned to crumple up the pages, gesso my canvas and paint a new picture.

While writing I have been doing what all the masters do and have done throughout time, reading and learning. For me I have been learning a spiritual path as well, something I was sharing in the book I was writing. The lessons I have been learning I am actually learning and knowing that it was time to let the book go… Like the homework I did in school it served its purpose and it is time to move forward. The spiritual lessons have shared that with me in a profound way as have all those hours writing, mentoring, coaching and being coached as a writer.

One of the ways I can express this from the heart is to share with you a lesson I learned as I taught a writer in a writing group. For two years a writer in this group has shared the same two chapters of his book. A very sad and depressing story to say the least, after 80 or so weeks of this I encouraged Joe to re write his book and this time before he started I asked him to tell me how the book he was writing now ended. He was quite bright when he said it ended with a happy ending he got published became a bestselling author got rich met a gorgeous lady and lived happily ever after on a tropical Island. I and the other group mentor challenged him to share the last two chapters or two fresh chapters of a new book painting that picture the next time he came to group. His first three paragraphs he shared at the next group meeting were the best thing I had seen him write and quite worthy of a best seller.

I have given some advice spiritually as well expressing that if things are so negative in your thoughts change the record. Play a different song paint a different picture, change the track think about something that makes you smile, think about breathing. As I was writing my letter to inquire and ask for representation from an agent I felt a smack on the back of my head. It was as if all the words of wisdom and all the things I had been studying came flowing through me. I knew it was time to take my own advice.

Thoughts become things, every invention everything that has ever been created started as a thought somewhere. The spiritual lessons and the time spent in meditation, divination, the study of the occult, the study of the Universe, the law of attraction the laws of nature and the adventure of living have shown me that everything gets where it is supposed to get to. The path of least resistance is the shortest path even if at times it seems the longest. It is easier to go around the rock than go over or through it, water flows down hill, the flower blooms when it is supposed to, the bird will fly when it is ready, the butterfly used to be a caterpillar and we as humans are capable of changing ourselves and our world with our thoughts and we do whether we believe we do or not. I have chosen not to fight the current and embrace the thoughts that will create the future I want not dwell in a past that I don’t want with thoughts that no longer serve me.

I would like to end this post with a thank you all for allowing me to share my thoughts and perhaps a smile. I am very grateful for the gift of sharing here with so many wonderful people it is a gift and honor to have the privilege of doing so. I am painting a new picture and as I do so my blog is sure to change with it as each stroke of the brush and the pen paint in a new perspective the things I wish to share. Thank you for being who you are and being the positive change our world so needs as you share your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with.

Nine hills to climb.. A poeticly expressed thought


The gifts and treasures of material gone
The memories of loves for which I used to long
A journey I took to make me strong

The losses had broken me apart
Then the journey of nine hills was at its start
The losses and gains I take no longer take to heart

The nine hills I have chosen to climb
Those I have come to those hills divine
The nine hills found beyond my mind

The nine hills so rocky and steep
Nine hills in my soul I keep
Nine hills so I may learn not weep

At the summit of each hill I climbed
I paused and reflected as I took the time
A gift of love a treasure there I would find
– –
Pondering in awe at the world I would stare
Knowing it is love and beauty everywhere
Finding love unconditional for all there is for me to share

On top of the hill as I contemplate and enjoy the view
Stripped naked wearing nothing to begin anew
Knowing and loving who I am to myself I am true

Treasures I lost I seek not to find
For I cannot lose what is truly mine
The treasures true to me will return in time

As I sit on the highest one
Hill number nine in the rising sun
I realize the treasures I lost are none

I wanted to express a thought or two in a poetic way. The poem is inspired by a hexagram I have drawn several times in recent weeks while exploring the “Book of Changes” or the “Yi Jing” as it is also known. I have been observing and learning various philosophies from through out history and find myself most intrigued at the similarities and differences in the Eastern and Western perspectives. Even from region to region and philosopher to philosopher the variety and depth of perspectives is amazing and quite to use a miss used phrase quite “enlightening” I would choose to say they all enrich and add to my depth rather than enlighten.

There are as many philosophies as there are people, we all have learned and developed our own philosophies as we journey through life. It is those that choose to share and express their philosophies that inspire us to find and create our own. Plato was one of those that inspired me to seek a deeper insight into my own philosophy. There are actually many that have inspired me to reach for a deeper understanding of myself and in turn my fellow human beings, to be honest of all that exists.

The nine hills are actually a metaphorical expression of Ancient Chinese Philosophy, nine represents good luck and good fortune, the hills are values within a human being, the steep and winding trails expressed are the depths of ones self and  are those preferred by Dragons the light and dark within, the dragon is a very powerful symbol in Ancient Chinese culture and philosophy. I embrace the concepts of the ancient philosophies and cultures especially those of the East the Hindu, Buddhists, The Taoists, the teachings of Confucius and Lao Tzu stand out yet there are many more, the diversity of them especially viewed together creates a very beautiful and deep picture of that part of the world. The western philosophies panted a very different picture just as diverse and just as beautiful only from a more material and out word perspective as opposed to an inward perspective chosen by the East.

I ponder the concept of enlightenment as I sit atop the Ninth hill and create as well as embrace my philosophy. I can not claim enlightenment nor that I have reached Nirvana, I can say I have left the cave and chosen the path I have chosen. For all that has been in my life materially and spiritually is a gift whether, I posses it in the physical sense or not is irrelevant. A car breaks down or gets totaled, people leave or die, money comes and goes, the only constants are change and my conscious awareness of those changes. What I have began to realize as I observe, is that my choice of how I accept those changes is the gift of enrichment of my inner self and the character I am viewed as by others. If I choose to throw a temper tantrum or melt down in the face of adversity I am viewed as a spoiled or weak human being or perhaps an angry human being. If I choose to take it in turn and smile I view myself as a beautiful soul with love and compassion for the many that have Joegone through the same or similar circumstances. A person viewed by others as having good character and integrity. Neither is better than the other, just from my personal perspective I do feel better and feel more aligned with my inner or higher self when I choose to look at things with love and compassion being empathetic with myself and others.

I thank you for allowing me to share a few thoughts and taking the time to read them and let me do so. I hope to have shared a smile or two. Thank you all for being the positive change our wold so needs by sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂 Namaste, Peace, Love and Light… ; ) I share my love and my smile with you thank you for sharing yours with me! 🙂

Base desire… A poetic thought


The base desire of being loved
A gift from below a gift from above
Comes from within as accepting,
known as unconditional love

Be you a woman or man
With base desire human kind began
Raging fires were in the plan

Base desires start in the heart first
Like the layer of magma within the earth
Volcanoes release in mighty bursts

Deep in the heart under the skin
Carnal passion some describe as sin
Base desires there begin

Spiritual beings of bone and flesh
In love and desire we bond and mesh
Passionate embrace we feel it the best

Base desires the raging fire within
Magma like passion is not a sin
Volcanic like eruptions let them begin

Control is the only way some say
Letting go is the spiritual way
Accept the gifts of base desire every day

The base desire of being loved
Begins within as unconditional love
Of all that exists on the earth below,
and the heavens above

Just a quick post and thought I share with the hopes of sharing a smile or two. I have been very busy of late and well I love the smiles shared with me here and in the world I am given the gift of being present on as well as the universe I am given the gift of being a part of.

Thank you all for allowing me to share a thought or two and taking the time to read them. I thank you all as well for being the positive change our world so needs as you share your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with.

Namaste 🙂


I have been working on writing my book and needed to take a few minute break. The thoughts of what I am writing about still are somewhat lingering on my mind. As I thought about the fact, I had been neglecting my blogs I recalled a recent comment a friend and fellow blogger made. As I asked or mentioned I was a Mystic, his comment was that it was a label and not anything other than a label, I agree and thought I would share some thoughts about labels that I have been writing about. Do you allow someone to label you?

When someone calls you a name or makes a statement about you what is your reaction?

If someone calls you worthless, do you accept label?

If some one calls you unworthy, do you accept that label?

If someone says you are ugly, do you accept that label?

If some one calls you a vulgar name do you accept that label?

If some one calls you beautiful do you accept that label?

I had a long battle with labels in my life most of them in my youth, that as a child I didn’t know how to handle or deal with. I accepted many labels from family, friends, my church, society that did more damage to my self esteem than I could have imagined. As a child just learning about life those labels shaped and affected much of my life and many of my relationships. The fear of burning in hell, the feeling of unworthiness, the feeling of being ugly, the feeling of being worthless all things that I was labeled with either directly with words or the insinuation of those labels by many. We all have been through and experienced being labeled. We even label ourselves often without realizing it and good bad or ugly those labels have an effect on us and those we encounter.

I find myself looking in a mirror at times when someone has attempted to label me or even has labeled me. I often look at my smile and ask do you believe that? Are you—– or are you a loving kind person. As an adult I learned the hard way we do have choices in all we do what we do is our choice, not my kids, not my parents, not my girlfriends, the choice I make are mine. The church may label me as unworthy, for the actions I have taken, my dad may have labeled me worthless, my former wife may have labeled me an ass@#$@, the prom queen may have said I was ugly and had dumbo ears…. I don’t have to accept any of those labels. I can choose to accept them and let them bring me down for years on end and keep me from what I see in that mirror. There have been times I was scared to look in the mirror.. Hell I don’t want to look at ugly! When I finally do look in the mirror, well the one thing I don’t see is ugly. If you are allowing someone to label you perhaps you might look in the mirror and ask yourself honestly what you see. Not what the person that labeled you sees ,what you see and then take the label, and toss it in the trash. Good, bad or ugly, throw it away and choose who you want to be, be you the only label that fits.

I am simple me…. who else could I be?

Thank you for sharing your time and allowing me to share my thoughts and perhaps a smile. Thank you as well for being the positive change our world so needs sharing your love and your smiles making it a better place for all we share it with.. 🙂

Cast Iron Pan a treasure of sorts!

I would like to share a thought or two… I have read many posts and many have shared the question…
If you could hit the reset button and start over in life what would you do differently?
I have often thought about what I would change if anything and although I have some things I am not so proud of and made some mistakes I have said for the most part I wouldn’t change a thing.

I was inspired to share a bit of a personal story and a piece of what I would perceive as wisdom shared by a beautiful lady who I truly love dearly even though she passed away. I also will throw my own twist in as I thought about what I learned from my experiences in life and the wisdom shared from a pan and the Ancients.

I was young maybe 12 or so and was going on my first Boy Scout camping trip, I had no proper gear and we didn’t have much money so I borrowed some things from my grandparents. One of those items was a treasure of sorts although at the time I didn’t realize or know why it was.

cast iron photo: Cast-Iron Frying Pan Cast-Iron-Frying-pan.png
The cast iron pan! I borrowed a cast iron pan that was one of my grandma’s favorite pans in the world; it had been my great grandmas. She leant it to me and asked me not to ruin it, I smiled as I looked at that old pan it was dirty, old and it was cast iron. I told her I wouldn’t and couldn’t ruin it.

I used the pan to cook some bacon and eggs, it caught fire and one of my fellow scouts did the silly boy thing and put the fire out urinating in the pan. I was in shock my meal was ruined and he peed in my grandmas pan. I took the pan to the creek and scrubbed it clean, figuring I would take off all the years of grime and grease restoring it to new. In my heart I was doing the best thing I could do and boy oh boy was my grandma going to be proud of me for making that pan so clean and new looking.

I returned from the trip and took the clean cast iron pan to my grandma’s house and as I took it out of my backpack I was in shock she, saw the look on my face as I pulled the pan out covered in a coat of rust. I had ruined her pan, she looked at me heartbroken and hurt that I had cleaned and washed away 50 years of seasoning and character the love of 10,000 plus meals cooked in that pan. It was now a rusted pan that would never be the same, even though she smiled and said we could fix it as the tear rolled down my cheek. A little lard and some salt and pepper and baked it in the oven took away the rust after several times of doing so yet it was not the same. The pan had been given a reset..

I look at myself like that cast iron pan before I ruined it every time I think about that question would I change anything. 50 years of seasoning the love and the many things cooked in that pan seasoned it, it looked old and dirty even a little greasy perhaps even some may question if it was healthy to use it just by looking at it. I would have to say that over the years the many things cooked in it with love added character and seasoning to both the pan and the things cooked in it. A true treasure of sorts!

My twist I would say is this, like Lau Tzu after his many years was seasoned with life and the things he experienced as he aged made him the treasure we would call a sage. A true treasure of sorts! I am happy with who I am and love the treasures of being seasoned with life and time. To wash away my past and change it would ruin it and make it rust as would dwelling in the mistakes. To be a treasure like a cast iron pan would be divine!

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, I would like to say thank you for allowing me to do so. I would also like to say thank you for being you and sharing you love and smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with. You are the positive change our world so needs thank you for being you! 