Forget me not… A poem and a painting


Forget me not… A painting and a poem by Joe Bradshaw

Forget me not when I am not there

There is a place we shall forever share

Deep in my heart and in my prayers

Even though you are not here

 In my heart I hold you dear

even though I have not

 seen you in over a year

Love they say is letting go

Let go I have, just dreams remain

I love you in my heart just the same

                                                                     Forget me not

I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and express myself in an artistic way. The painting was for a young lady and the poem a beautiful Queen I have not forgot. I have accepted and have great love in my humble and grateful heart.

I hope we can all share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂 Thank you again for your time and your smiles and making our world a more positive and beautiful place.

What broken promises hide

Promises broken often perceived as lies

Anguish, painfully battering our selfish pride

Ripped open is the heart to reveal a gift inside

A twist of fate a chance we take

To grow with love or fail with hate

As we dwell in thoughts that resonate

Pride crushed and battered

Fleeting feelings that all is shattered

The promises broken taking all that mattered

The wound so wide nowhere to hide

Gaping hole large and deep exposing all inside

Emotions overwhelming feeling something died

Deep within the flowing sea

A chance to be truly set free

The chance to find who you are to be


At the point of give and take

The time to pick the choice you make

You deal the cards and draw your fate


The golden gift is inside you see

Choose love not hate and be free

Put away the pride find dignity


Promises broken perceived as lies

Revealing what within hides

Love with your soul and rise

If inside your thoughts you find

Love and being kind resides in your mind

You  have tranquility, love and sublimity divine

JB 2013

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two in an artful form of self expression. We have all been hurt by another’s promise broken, sometimes both side share words that perhaps should not have been spoken. I have found as I have been hurt that forgiveness is the way to heal, the path to love and the gift if you look deep is ones dignity as given a gift divine. Pride is a product of ego, perhaps not a bad thing yet with pride you place yourself above others and with dignity you stand side by side. If you embrace pride you embrace shame, if you embrace dignity there is no shame for in dignity we are all the same.

I hope we can all share a smile and some love and make our world a better place for all we share it with, please choose love and not hate. Share your love and change our planets fate. I appreciate the love and thoughts as well as the smile we share thank you for sharing them.

Never Give up your Dreams… A reminder from a sweet friend.

I wanted to share some love as I am so loved and have such beautiful friends that share so much with me. I briefly questioned myself recently and was given some great gifts of love as well as some very great reminders as to who and what I am. I am a being of love and inspiration the very products that have shaped me and helped me become the beautiful human being I am as are we all.

I am not one that watches much TV any more and rarely do I watch reality TV so for me the following story was new and as the tears fell with the massage shared as my friend reached out to me I had to once and for all embrace all of the gifts I have been given and be happy and grateful for who I am. I am built for chasing my dreams as are we all, I also have the friends and strength through the life of love I have shared and had shared with me to live those dreams.

There are many inspirational videos out there and many dreamers who have reached for the stars. This one along with the many shared with me out of love and friends wanting for me to succeed knowing at heart I would never give up I had to share. I am so fortunate and grateful for the blessings and the gifts I have and this Video is one of the gifts I share as it is shared with all of us as a gift of love, in the deeper sense. I share my tears of love as I say thank you Dee for sharing the love of Australia, the world and Emmanuel Kelly with me, thank you Emmanuel for reaching for the stars and sharing your loving inspiration with our world!



Please share a smile share your love, follow your dreams and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂 ♥ Joe

Superman and me… The deeper Love

As I heal after the bleeding has finally stopped it has been a gift to share and exchange thoughts with many friends and it is a greater gift to express some of those thoughts artistically with some friends especially in a collaborative effort. This collaboration with a fellow blogger and a great friend I share although somewhat more prose than poetry I share it as a poetic expression of the conversations I have shared with my friend as he has given me support and encouragement during the healing process of a wound that has bled for many years.  Thank you CK for your support friendship and love!

The Deeper Love

Why did you leave me?
Why didn’t you love me as I needed you to?
I knew unconditional love,
your actions taught me conditions,
you abandon me, you didn’t protect me,
I now am searching outside myself for answers to why..
Left with no answers deep down inside.

As time went by and I grew

The love of me I never knew

The years went by many tears I cried

Wondering always each day that wen by

What was so bad that I did

That you walked away from your kid


All my love was there for you,

Was it not enough to make you true,

I felt the burn deep down inside as though something

Was taken from me with no reasons why.

Knowing the sadness of what I felt I knew inside, the

Painfully looking out the window I would cry.

Growing into this man I would be

Lonely and angered disaster for all to see.

As the years went by the day was buried in my mind

True destruction came as the pain was never left behind

Whiskey, women, drugs, beer and wine in comfort sought

None could undo the damage of the buried thought

As I lost everything more pain and sorrow did it bring

Felt at a loss not knowing as my heart screamed

Lonely and hurt only nightmares instead of dreams

My soul came through to heal all of these violent things,

With love it do so, it did so deep,

No places inside do my dreams await.

I know the pain of what it meant to carry,

It was finally a release I had to give and it was scary.

I can now love inside of the dream that was always hidden

I know this is the path of a deeper love I was given.

As silence surrounded me alone I found me

The prison I was living in a gift you see

Deep in the darkness a gift of light and a dream

 Perceived twisted reality no more did it scream

The depth of love so far below buried now exposed

In the light of my beautiful heart it now glows

No longer bound by the painful prison

The deepest most beautiful love I have been given

By Clark Kent and Joe B.

  I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts as I heal and reach for the stars, I hope we can all find inside the gifts from our wounds stop the bleeding and heal. It is that deeper love that shows us the true beauty of who we are individually and collectively Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.

A tear a loss of fear and a poem by a thirteen year old girl.

I wish to share a thought or two, as I started to slip into despair peace came upon me once again. The gifts of love from many friends, has given me back my strength of self. Many things have been given me in times of what for me in the past seemed to be a bad thing. Being born into a family and place of little wealth even when I have had nothing I have had much. I was recently reminded as I read a publication of collected thoughts and dreams dedicated to and by future and present Queens.

I had been scared as I shared in an earlier post as to what my future may bring and the thought of giving up on my dreams even if just to put them on hold as I worried about the mounting pressures financially I came upon a story a poem by a thirteen year old girl. I was reminded of being thirteen and homeless I was there by choice as I listened to her sweet tender voice and the tear rolled down my cheek I was embraced in the love of life and the little girls of the poem I embraced in my heart and with my loving strong arms reached for them I know my dreams will come true. Thank you Gaylene for the hug you gave me and the love of your beautiful heart reminding me of how powerful I am.

The beautiful poem I share with you:

Homeless Child

By: Gaylene B. age 13, go girlz

Homeless child

I can see the shame in her little blue eyes

 as she watches others pass, oblivious in their lives

A gentle night breeze brushes her silken hair.

 She looks like an Angel illuminated in the glare.

She hugs herself for warmth under red white and blue,

 holding tight to a single toy that is her friend, loyal true.

She sits in somber silence as people pass her by,

 to busy in their circumstance to hear her silent cry.

Glutton at their table, they pass without a clue

that the little girl may be hungry.

Have we become so calloused?

Are we so blind to the pain that we can pass a child in need,

 and not hang our heads in shame?

Have we so easily forgotten the Lords decree,

 “Whatsoever ye do the least of these, ye do also to me”?

Have we become so heartless, so selfish in our lives,

 that we are no longer moved by a homeless child’s eye?

I can see the happy flush, Her blue eyes show no fear.

As I gather her in my arms,

My brown eyes fill with tears


My fears subside as I embrace the fate that befalls me whatever it may be as I look at a single toy a friend my oldest friend, loyal, true. A toy I have carried my whole life that at thirteen I hugged on a street so cold to keep me warm under the red white and blue. Should I end up on that corner again I think I will pass on my friend true, to a beautiful child with eyes of blue as I hold her tight and share my greatest gift. The love of my beautiful heart the only thing I can give that will always be true. My blue eyes have seen much this I know is true, if the heavens love me as much as I love the Universe and all that dwells within my dreams have to come true. The means will find a way to my door that I may share my love with all I meet the needy and the poor. To share a meal with them even if they have no door many times I have shared even with no means. As it is my greatest gift the powerful gift I am given the gift of words and love the dream must come true. The dream I have of the means to live my life sharing what I have been given.


I would share with you the collected works if you so desired I have many copies and will ask the KUED 7 station if I may post a link to the project and perhaps a pdf file with the book. If you e mail me I will send a hard copy if you would like one. It was a privilege and honor to be included in such a wonderful and touching book.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two. I hope we can all share a smile and share our love making our world a better place for all we share it with.




A poem and an apology to a king… I am sorry Ivon!


As I walk in the world of men

The heavens have been my best friend

Darkness giving way to the light

Stars shining so very bright

Time and fate have their way

Yet my heart will have its say

Destiny of a pauper king

Reach for the stars and live your dream

I may not live my dreams in the world of men

In the heavens with my best friends

I am a king amongst the kings of men

As I love and cherish all of them

The kings of heaven my best friends

Share their love with me

I will walk with them always

In the world of men

 I owe an apology to a beautiful man and a King in his own right, the gifts of inspiration he shares with so many as a teacher of our youth and of men. The poem is of my heart and although is not really relevant my apology is heart felt and as a simple man like me I can only be me. I am sorry Ivon in my heart of hearts I meant no disrespect when you honored me in such a way as re-posting my poem. We may not meet here on our earth yet when we return to where we came we shall embrace as Kings a King of dirt and a King of knowledge both with hearts of gold and having shared our love with all mankind as given the gifts of the Divine.

Pleas forgive me Ivon, with much love in my heart I am sorry! I never meant to miss spell your name! My beautiful Friend Mr. Ivon Prefontaine!

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and a poem as it is National Poetry month here in the U.S. and i have such a love of poetry! Please share a smile share your love and help our world become a better place for all we share it with.

Ugly Beautiful the end and beginning

I am in a rather beautiful place and would like to share a thought or two as I reflect on the last couple of weeks. I have to say thank you to some wonderful friends for their support and the heavens for giving me the gifts of those friends.


In the adventure of my life several times it would seem I have revisited a particular place in myself as I question my being. These questions I pose to myself as I find myself in a very deep and painful place usually brought about by perceived rejection or abandonment. I shared some conversations in various ways with some very special people, gifts to me and us all in many ways as they share their gifts of healing and insight. I will also throw in a few other gifts like the internet and the access shared by institutions like BMPS and a few other places I have gone and looked at my mental health and personality type.


I started looking into my personality type and my EIQ as well as my IQ after being accused of being unstable as well as being as my former wife said” phsyco”. I felt and knew this to be untrue yet had to confirm such in a scientific way. I took every test I could find and even one at Harvard, the Harvard one after 450 questions asked if I would answer 80 more to prove I wasn’t lying. Funny how things work out. I proved myself and they asked if I could be used anonymously as a sample in their case studies. Between Harvard’s test and the Briggs Meyers Personality Test I was quite sure I was not nuts and in fact quite gifted.


That brings me to the last few weeks, I have been writing poetic duets with some very gifted people as well a Holistic Healer a Social Worker, a spiritual guru, and a very well-known and respected behavioral specialist. I was quite taken with their shared thoughts and perspective as they look past the outside and witness the pain in my inner self.


As I write and express my pain in a positive way through poetry and words my form of therapy shared in a way with others perhaps inspiring them to see the silver lining in life’s pains and the treasures from them I have gained. It is amazing that these friends have shared their thoughts and wanted to help me get to the bottom of these issues once and for all.


I have made tremendous progress in dealing with the deepest issue that of abandonment or rejection and even as one friend put it outright betrayal. The truth is as a young man of 8 my father left and I have never heard from him again. In the mind of an 8 year old when your father never talks to you again it causes many issues throughout one’s life that build from that and on that feeling of not being good enough to be loved. After that every rejection builds a bigger wound so to speak and forty years of not knowing how to fix it has taken its toll. I have studied and read books paid thousands of dollars to therapist that merely point to the fact that the answers are within and prompt one with direction to find those answers. I have the answers yet just putting a large mountain aside or knocking it down takes time and effort. I had a great conversation last night and must say the Yi Jing contributed to my realization of the end. The effects of the years of pain have taken their toll on every relationship I have had over the course of my life. I have taken drugs, drank myself stupid and even used sex as an escape from the real core of the issue.


I have been afraid of me, of not being worthy of the love I so desired the thought and feeling of not being worthy of love even by myself for myself. It has been a game or charade a mask of happiness shown to the world without being true. I look in the mirror and see my beautiful soul in tears at times many in fact. As I learn and begin to understand who I truly am I truly begin to love me as I begin to truly shine the mask and make up fall.


The dark sage as written about by the ancients teaches me who I am and what it means to truly be me, not that I was not a beautiful soul and human being because I am and always have been. It does however teach me how beautiful it is to be me and how to love who I am. The bulk of my life I have sought the approval and love of others, the many women I have loved and not been able to be with for the life and love I so desired to share with them. Through the pain of betrayal and rejection I have been given the gifts of the dark sage that I may learn how beautiful and special I am. Through the love of my friends I have found the dark sage and in the end, the end and beginning.


I have often wondered as I searched for me how I could have the same personality as President Clinton and by the Harvard study be a gifted leader that should be running a major corporation and yet not be able to have a meaningful relationship with a lady I loved. The fact is that I was afraid to love me and so where they. I may never be able to showcase my leadership qualities and become President and with my lack of formal education run a major corporation. I can say however I can love me and I can share my love of my fellow man and all of creation with all of the love of my being. As I have knocked down that mountain with the love of the divine that is within.


I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and I hope that someone may benefit from the long and deep lessons I have learned and learn that the key to living life is loving from within. Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Be the change positive it begins within and we all share that bond of our love within.