I decided that I should help…

As I drank my morning cup of coffee and read my daily E mail assortment I was inspired to help “Woodsy “spread the word. “Stop being dirty birds”. It is very sad to me when I see man made debris thrown on the ground with disregard and disrespect of the land and all who live on it. The individuals that do this sort of thing also disrespect themselves.

I stopped littering as a young child, I actually don’t recall littering. I suppose that growing up in the time that I did, as well as the time I have spent enjoying the many beautiful places I have been it would have been a sin if I had. I have passed that on to many young people in my life and have instilled it in my children since they were born. Don’t litter!

When I go camping, hiking, fishing, walking I try no not try, I leave the area cleaner than when I came. My children and their friends as well as nephews and nieces and their friends that have camped with me over the years that my rule is leave it cleaner than you found it. When finished camping after all the equipment is packed away in the cars. I get the group together and form a line. Then we do a “police call” the term I learned as well as the technique in my days of service in the U.S. Army. The line moves forward picking up all the items in ones path that “God didn’t put there” as my Drill Sargent used to say. I prefer to say that if it didn’t grow there or is made by man pick it up. It’s amazing the effect this has on the youngsters and the adults as well as nature.

One of my favorite places to walk and enjoy a nice afternoon in nature is in the Delaware Water Gap National Park located in northern Pennsylvania. It is one of the most beautiful places I have had the privilege to experience. The Delaware River runs right through the Park separating the Park in two halves one side in New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania. The National bird the Bald Eagle lives and fishes there, as well as black bears and many other species of wild life. In the spring the Tiger Lilly’s and Raspberry’s bloom their flowers matched by the leaves on the trees turning everything green.

Monday through Friday the park is quiet and relatively clean maintained by the U.S. Park Service. Saturdays and Sundays however the park is inhabited by hundreds of City dwellers seeking the refuge of the great outdoors. Most at the particular place I frequent are of Hispanic descent. The local people use the McDade Trail for escape, excersise, to observe the wild life, and the foilage. There are dozens of types of ferns, wild berries, trees, birds,” hills and dales”, meadows, and forest. The weekend visitors however come with no consideration or respect for the beauty that they are privileged to experience. Trash, noise, Vandalism, lack of consideration for the other people using the park. I come to the park for the quiet and tranquil feeling that I get in Nature, to escape the sounds and garbage of the cities.

If we all take a moment when we are in the natural settings our parks and our natural habitats to stop and pick up a piece of trash or two. We will still have Parks and trails for future generations and enjoy them more now. Noise pollution in the parks is almost as bad as garbage, driving off the wildlife and those that wish to enjoy nature in peace and harmony. It’s alright to be loud in the right time and place not however at a picnic area with ten tables and your racket, music, cursing noisy children and adults making it difficult to hear the people sitting next to you ten tables away. Please be considerate and don’t pollute.

Helping Woodsy spread the word ” Give a hoot don’t pollute I am helping Woodsy spread the word don’t be a Dirty Bird”. Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share some thoughts.