My poetry, is not Ivy League… An apology to my friends with literary PhD’s

Poetry to me

Expression from the heart is shared
In poetry to me
In the heart is where that expression begins
I express my heart in the words that I find
Inspired by the divine within my heart
  shared with my simple human mind

My expression is often not flowery
Not always does it rhyme
Sometimes it is almost lyrical
It is getting better over time

Poetry for some it seems is very clearly defined
For some of us it has no rules
It is the gift of sharing by our own design
Some may say it isn’t poetry at all
Some have such narrow minds
it makes them seem so small

Snob I said to one that sat on a throne
Educated at Oxford
Elite he claimed to be and he was not alone
One from Harvard another from Yale just to name a few

said they had the right
to say what poetry and poets were great
For from the Ivy league they did graduate

They were not going to listen
to poetry that was second rate
written by those dabbled
and struggled to put food on their plates

I laughed as they looked down from their seats above
You nothing of poetry written with love
Poets like Maya Angelou or even Charlie Zero
FLARF specialist kind of a poetic hero
Many there are that walk in our current time

Sharing their words from their hearts

  As they were inspired

their poetic expression

is really quite divine

Much too complicated for your educated minds

Snobs I said you are, with your elitist state of mind
Then I was inspired by my heart so divine
I bow my head and say I am sorry
For in choosing to define
I have been like you

expressing my thoughts

with a very narrow mind

Please accept my apology

As love for you within my heart I find

What makes great poetry
Each one of us defines
As each of us is a poet
Our hearts are all divine
When you read a poem
You never know what you will find
If you choose to read it
With an open mind

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me and allowing me to express my thoughts. I had expressed a few thoughts in another forum, a poetry based group that is predominantly Ivy League educated professors. The group was created to discuss poetry yet not modern poetry apparently. I love the classics yet I have found that many great poets and poems have been written since the days of since” Lord Alfred Tennyson” and his classical works I love Tennyson and his expression is truly from the heart. I thought I would express my thoughts and a form of an apology in a bad poem as I had been somewhat sharp with my words in a discussion posted in the group. I was sincere in my apology and wanted to have some fun so I expressed myself artistically here.


Do you think I should post it in the group for discussion or would that be inappropriate or even gosh?


Thank you all for allowing me to share my thoughts with you. I also would like to say thank you for being you and sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with!


Portals… Dimensional realities? A poem

IMG_20140722_200358_206I loved this picture as I looked at it on my phone… It invoked my imagination and creative side. One of the subjects I have been studying over the last few years has been Quantum Physics and the concept of Quantum jumping. The refractions of light and the flower affect created in the picture along with the small sun reflected “Orb” inspired the poem and the concept of the portal… Hope it brings a smile to some of you! 🙂

Quantum jumping into my dreams
Although paradoxical it may seem

In another dimension I find myself
I ask of me for a little help

What advice would you give to me
As you live in the place I would like to be

Smiling as I enjoy the view
I tell myself what I would do

You just have to believe
Trust in the process and you will see

Follow your heart and grab your dreams
Things are not always as they seem

Quantum leaps crazy as they sound
Sometimes that is where our reality is found

I choose to take a leap of faith
Following my dreams through time and space

Enjoying the moment each one a gift
Cherishing the joy with each one I live

Quantum jumping into my dreams
Not as paradoxical as it may seem

In another dimension in the here and now
Looking at myself I nod and bow

Thank you for sharing your advice
Believing in myself is not such a steep price

Trust in the process and enjoy the ride
Laughing and smiling on the quantum slide

Namaste I say as I turn to leave
Namaste I say as I look at me

Quantum jump I take paradoxically
Back into my now reality

Things are not always what they seem
Keep believing trusting and following your dreams


Thank you for being you! Thank you as well for sharing your time with me here I am most grateful you chose to do so with love a simple man named Joe! 🙂

Thank you all for being the positive change our world so needs while you share your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with!


Let them Eat “CAKE”… a poetic thought

What do you do when there is nothing left to lose?
When all hope is lost what path will you choose?

Some will choose to rise above with dignity and grace
Others will choose a path that they wouldn’t in another time and place

When the people in power turn their backs and walk away
To those with nothing what can you really say?

It will be many years before they have their day
To those who have nothing to lose what can you really say?

Its like in a movie called “Star Wars” the” Empire Strikes Back”
The Senate has voted and given the citizens a whack

Or perhaps a scene from a time long ago
One where a Queen said a saying we all know

‘Let them eat CAKE’ was her famous last line that comes to mind
Somewhat like what the Senators said to the countrymen of mine

As the Senators live on a salary we pay
They voted to keep the poor in a place of dismay

Minimum wage is an act of hate against the citizens
Not to raise it while you take our money is a sin

A living wage is needed to make our nation strong
Yet the greedy business owners say that would be wrong

Like Reaganomics watering the top of the tree
The water never trickles to the roots where it needs to be

The Senators and businesses with their greedy needs
Are destroying our country the land of the free

Veterans returning face the ultimate injury
No jobs or living wages to a life of poverty

What I ask do they expect for all of us to do
When backed into a corner with nothing left to lose?

Minimum wage is a disgrace as our Senators and Congress are too

I say we act with grace and tell them to eat cake
We have taken all we can take!

Spend a few trillion dollars on a jet or two
A billion on a battle tank to take care of me and you
What we really need is a living wage so we can buy some food

Yet you say we are not worth a minimum of ten dollars an hour
I say you are not worthy of your governing power

I would like to see you rule with dignity


We have nothing left to lose
I say we fire the politicians and from the people we should choose!

Thank you and I apologize for venting this way here on this page yet I must express my thoughts in a way that I feel is positive. The actions and words of our government are not in the best interest of “We the People” as far as many things go. The system is broken and it is not politicians that are going to fix it they are destroying it!

I thank you for your time and being you as well as being the positive change our world so needs. 🙂


PS I will get to the comments you have been sharing and your posts soon.. I have been doing much research for some upcoming projects and chopping wood.. Working at my trade as I prepare for the transition to my new life.. I need to put food on the table and buy a few suits 🙂


No words to say… a poetic thought


Today was one of those days
So beautiful silent and nothing to say
Nature filled me with awe and took all the words away

The Mountain top lake so blue
The trees and flowers covered in the morning dew
Love of the divine shared with me and you

Just wanted to say hi and share a smile on such a perfect day that words could not do justice to.


Thank you all for being you! 

When I left the cave… A poem



<a href=”; title=”Keshcorran caves”>Keshcorran caves</a> by Jon Sullivan

When I stepped out of the cave
Fear no longer did I have of the grave
Loving and living was all I did crave

Out of the darkness light I did see
Truly knowing and being free
The divine love emanating from the heart of me

Thoughts chosen with love and care
Seeing the beauty of all things everywhere
God’s creations for all to share

Every flower every tree
Created with love for you and me
Our souls infinite loved unconditionally

When out of the cave I saw the stream
I stood in awe at what I had seen
Life in abundance shared with everything

The stream it flowed through sands and time
Carrying love and the light divine
Beyond my imagination beyond my simple mind

Every thought chosen with care
Not embracing the feeling in the cave of despair
Breathing in love with every breath of air

The cave of darkness where I used to stand
Ignorant just being a simple man
Now knowing that is what I am

I am nothing yet there is a part of me
A part that is one of divinity
The particle of my maker his gift you see

I am what I was created to be
An extension of God as God created me
To expand in love and beauty for eternity

Contrast in the painting of expression so diverse
Dwelling in the darkness of the cave first
Another brush stroke among the many
On the canvas we call our universe

When we leave the cave and walk hand in hand
Singing from our hearts the song of man
We will be in line with Gods plan

Waltzing through the heavens we human beings
On a beam of light as the Angels sing
God will be smiling when we walk out of the cave
And share our love unconditional for everything
Especially for each other us human beings

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two… Thank you as well for being you and being the positive change our world so needs~! :0





Happy Fathers Day … A poem for my son

On this day of fathers a very special one
Happy Fathers day to my son
When you were born many years ago
I knew one day you also would be one
Happy Fathers day to my son

I did the best I could as I raised you to be you
I tried the best I could sometimes I felt blue
There were times I cried not knowing what to do
Now that you are grown I know one thing is true

I hope that you have learned from the things I did wrong
To ask how to be a better father is a sign of the strong
Something I learned when you were almost grown
I wish I had known all along

My Father I never knew at all it seems
I wanted to be the father of your dreams
I never wanted to hurt you with my angry screams
Wanted to take you fishing and teach you many things

You are a father now and your children need you
Please learn from my example of what you may do
Learn to ask and learn to be the best father you can be
Love you Son I am proud of you
I know you will be a better father than me

I Love you Son I am proud of you
Happy Fathers day from me!
Do your best and be the best father you can be
I love you Son I am proud of you
Happy Fathers day from me!

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two… Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers passing through and to all of the women I wish a Happy Fathers day to your husbands and fathers too! 🙂 It is the first Fathers Day for my son and I felt it was appropriate to write a poem for him and thought you may enjoy reading it as well.

Thank you 🙂

Ode to the trancedentalists.. Gods Face (a poem)

Laying in a meadow that was rarely seen
Silently observing the shadows cast from the moonlit beams
Darkness enveloped almost everything
The stars in the heavens sparkling like diamonds in the crown of a queen
Really quite enchanting I felt like I was living in a dream

Transformed feeling translucent lighter than the air
Becoming a breeze so gentle blowing every where
Flowing through the branches of the beautiful trees
Branches covered with their glorious leaves
Waving as I passed and tickling me

The leaves they rustled and the branches squeaked
As I passed through them they began to speak
I heard the babbling brook, a tiny creek
Quite soft spoken in fact I would say meek
I know it was only a moment yet it felt like a week

I was quite taken with the whole scene
As I began to feel like I was a part of everything
Then I saw an Owl as it spread its wings
Taking to flight as it passed through me
Then came the music as the Angels began to sing

Laying in the meadow observing with my eyes
The shadows of the trees under the moon lit sky
As the gentle breeze passed by
Far off in the heavens where the comets fly
The place some know as outer space
Then I realized I was looking at Gods face
In all of creation love unconditional, eternal Grace

I was moved and inspired to write a poem and dedicate it to a few of my inspirational teachers. In the Early 1800’s to the mid 1800’s there was a movement started by a group of intellectuals, philosophers, poets, spiritual beings and loving souls. The “Movement” started in New England known as Transcendentalism is one that I am studying at the moment in more depth.. Ralph Waldo Emerson is given credit as the leader of the movement yet I would say all the main members or founders have shaped the world especially the literary world we know today.  Alcott, Thoreau, Dickinson, Emerson, to name a few are still inspiring and teaching us today.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two. Thank you as well for being the positive change our world sharing your love and your smiles making it a better place for all we share it with.. 🙂