Weathered and worn, callused and torn

Bruised and battered, sometimes tattered


Suits and ties, politics and lies

Lawyers and Bankers, Chefs and Bakers


Some teach and sing, others our goods they bring

Some keep inside everything, not to love what a painful thing


The ones that we see, whether happy or not

Deserve just a little thought, a man


Has a beautiful role that he plays


  A short tribute to the men of our world that seldom get the recognition they deserve. This was pointed out in a post comment I had made to a fellow blogger. It was pointed out and I agree men as they are are a major contributor’s to our world and our well being. As a man I understand how many feel it’s not really necessary to get that pat on the back. As I reflect it is most appreciated however and makes one feel like he has done good. So to the men of our world thank you! 


Thank you for sharing your time with me and allowing me to share some thoughts again as expressed in my way as of late. I have not forgotten the women of our world and will share the same respect and love. I however must really say that I am far more indebted to the women that have shaped me than the men. The hard cold edge of a hard life and days work can be melted with the love reflected in two beautiful eye.s with never a word said.

Once again thank you for allowing me to share with you. I hope we can all share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Be the change positive.

Enough Already! Are you kidding me?

I am appalled as we all should be! Scott Olsen an American Hero and a U.S.Marine serves two tours in Iraq in the name of protecting our country! ( A subject definitely up for debate when did Iraq attack us and could they even have done so?) Stands up for his rights and ours to protest with the Wall Street protesters and gets shot? Then as his fellow protesters attempt to help him the police throw tear gas at them? It is incredible how many people in this country even know that happened and why are we doing nothing about it?

Veterans Day is coming and ” We the People” Had better step and let our leaders both large and small know we have had enough! If the people of this great Nation don’t step up to the plate as we are obligated by our forefathers to do we don’t deserve to live here!!!

I am the farthest from a negative person I can be and although I want to find the silver lining here it isn’t there yet! Help our country and ourselves find and make that silver lining happen! Stand up on Veterans Day and have the courage as well as the strength to say enough Already! ” We the People “have had enough!!!

Standing up and excersizing our rights to freedom of speech and the right to govern our nation is our obligation no matter who you vote for. Honor those who fight and die for you and step up to the plate! I hope that we can have love in our hearts and make positive change in our nation and honor the men and women that are dieing for us!

I am not going to end this page as I have the other many pages with a nice thank you. I am going to say Take action be the change share the love get off your complacent ass’s and stand up be “We the People” and on November 11 2011 be the change stand United and say we have had enough!!!