Gregg Reinke.. A poem and a tribute

Once a broken man held out his empty hand

A stranger in a strange land

No one to hold it empty and bare

Standing alone naked in the cold air

He went to sleep under a tree

Not feeling lonely not in misery

The snow fell and blanketed him as he slept

When he awoke he softly wept

As he softly cried

 His hope and dreams they died

Standing alone not feeling alive

Broken lost his dignity and his pride

The tower fallen death draws near

His cries of sorrow no one to hear

Knowing dying means rebirth is here

Embracing the gift with a falling tear

As the fires burned his flesh and bones

In a pit made of stones

The music crackled as the flames set the tone

No one was there to morn no one to moan

From the ashes as the embers glowed

A magical glittering sparkle in the acrid smoke

As from the flames began to grow

Beautiful powerful a mystical soul

Once a broken man, a stranger in a strange land

Flying gracefully love filling glowing hands

Over the fields and cities where it began

Where as a youth he once ran

Born again out of the fire now cold

Wrapped in robes of silk and gold

His hand no longer empty love it holds

No longer naked no longer alone

He has gone home

I wanted to share a thought or two and express my gratitude and appreciation for life and love. I am grateful for what I have and the many blessings shared with me. I understand and empathize with many less fortunate than I today I would like to pay tribute as a random act of kindness  and shed a tear and morn for one that will be missed perhaps by none . I never met Mr. Reinke in fact I only heard of him today as I came upon a poem in my heart and a story of a homeless man that died in the cold winter wind under a viaduct in Dearborn Heights a part of Detroit. I felt moved to say a few words and share my love with one that died alone and cold. I have had a few deaths in my family recently and as I shared love and condolences with my family and friends I was moved to share some love with one that had none. I am your friend Gregg Reinke even though we never met and I morn your death with love you are not forgotten.

May God welcome you with love and open arms and may you find peace and love within them.

Thank you for sharing your time with me here and for being the change positive in our world by sharing your smiles and your love our world needs it! Please share your love and make our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂