When I left the cave… A poem



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When I stepped out of the cave
Fear no longer did I have of the grave
Loving and living was all I did crave

Out of the darkness light I did see
Truly knowing and being free
The divine love emanating from the heart of me

Thoughts chosen with love and care
Seeing the beauty of all things everywhere
God’s creations for all to share

Every flower every tree
Created with love for you and me
Our souls infinite loved unconditionally

When out of the cave I saw the stream
I stood in awe at what I had seen
Life in abundance shared with everything

The stream it flowed through sands and time
Carrying love and the light divine
Beyond my imagination beyond my simple mind

Every thought chosen with care
Not embracing the feeling in the cave of despair
Breathing in love with every breath of air

The cave of darkness where I used to stand
Ignorant just being a simple man
Now knowing that is what I am

I am nothing yet there is a part of me
A part that is one of divinity
The particle of my maker his gift you see

I am what I was created to be
An extension of God as God created me
To expand in love and beauty for eternity

Contrast in the painting of expression so diverse
Dwelling in the darkness of the cave first
Another brush stroke among the many
On the canvas we call our universe

When we leave the cave and walk hand in hand
Singing from our hearts the song of man
We will be in line with Gods plan

Waltzing through the heavens we human beings
On a beam of light as the Angels sing
God will be smiling when we walk out of the cave
And share our love unconditional for everything
Especially for each other us human beings

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two… Thank you as well for being you and being the positive change our world so needs~! :0





The path of mean…Peace… A poem

Stillness in my mind
Inner peace brings
Quieting my heart
Allows it to sing
Quiet and still
In the dark
From nothingness
Creating the light
From where life starts

The spring
Under the mountain grows
From it the brook
Then the river flows
To the ocean that brings life
To all living things

Still be my mind
Quiet be my heart
Darkness to light
Spring to river flow
Letting the life within me grow
Learning to live with everything
Peace is the path of mean

I choose to share a thought or two, about my journey as I learn who I am and grow. I have studied many things religion, philosophy, history, my own path of travel and experiences have inspired me with ancient wisdom aided by technology. Many lessons there are that have been shared about meditation and stillness of the mind and the inner peace you find.
I found it somewhat Ironic as the trend of follow your heart and reach for your dreams is the path to become what you want and be who you are is one I had so embraced. I had not even considered that my heart may take me to the wrong place. As I learned and studied some very ancient texts and regularly measure my energies in various ways, that the mastery of my mind and thoughts was not the end of the process or the beginning. We not only are what we think nor are thoughts the only way we co create our realities. It seems as we become more aware of the power of our hearts the more we are aware of the influence of our hearts and emotions have on what we create.
I listen to a variety of spiritual teachers and “gurus” and “enlightened ones” I admire their conviction and the way they embrace their beliefs and share their paths and knowledge to allow us the same realizations of inner peace, prosperity, having what we want by attracting it. I believe these things are all true yet one thing for me was missing one teaching un taught.
I consulted an ancient text, a divination tool I use for learning and understanding my own polarity and energy. I had come across an ancient text that resonated in my heart as I have an open mind and have an understanding of the power of the heart. It had mentioned something that no other had referenced and shed some light on my growth and spiritual journey. ‘To quite ones heart is a difficult task yet one that must be mastered to know the superior man and bring success, good fortune for the superior man the end of the inferior man.’ To master my mind is becoming easier with conscious effort and practice, my heart however is quite another story. I am learning a deeper side to inner peace and the laws of my inner being or higher self. Perhaps my heart has been tainted by my ego or perhaps all the natural feelings in my heart are not all for the good? All things are inherently good so perhaps the natural side of my heart is good and has good intentions yet not all good intentions or good things are of a higher nature.
As I learn to be the best me I can be, or as the Eastern philosophies would call becoming a superior man I begin to understand it is not all about silence and the mastery of ones mind. The quieting of ones heart is far more complex and far more valuable to my understanding of my higher self, than I had ever considered. Over the years my heart as my mind have been conditioned in the same way as my mind through experiences and observations along the journey. To quiet the heart is a gift I choose to embrace yet has been more of a challenge than being still in my mind. I can not make my heart still nor can I force it to comply with my mind or my will, to stifle it will cause it to suffocate and become hard and brittle. The only way that has been shared is to gently love away the past and gently rock it and hold it bringing comfort allowing it to become quiet of its own accord.
By a still mind and a quiet heart true peace is found, the path of mean, the line between heaven and earth the way of the Tao, the footsteps of God the path of least resistance the law of the universe the knowing of the higher self, finding my soul. Has been an interesting lesson to find and one I am learning and embracing, everyday I learn how much I do not know. The less I know the more I grow. Just a thought from a simple man and a different perspective some may find interesting and even helpful as they seek inner peace and learn who they are and what is their truth.

Thank you all for allowing me to share some thoughts and perhaps a smile or two. I also want to thank you all for sharing your time with me and for sharing your love and your smiles being the positive change our world needs. You are making a difference and making our world a better place for all we share it with, thank you! 

Gregg Reinke.. A poem and a tribute

Once a broken man held out his empty hand

A stranger in a strange land

No one to hold it empty and bare

Standing alone naked in the cold air

He went to sleep under a tree

Not feeling lonely not in misery

The snow fell and blanketed him as he slept

When he awoke he softly wept

As he softly cried

 His hope and dreams they died

Standing alone not feeling alive

Broken lost his dignity and his pride

The tower fallen death draws near

His cries of sorrow no one to hear

Knowing dying means rebirth is here

Embracing the gift with a falling tear

As the fires burned his flesh and bones

In a pit made of stones

The music crackled as the flames set the tone

No one was there to morn no one to moan

From the ashes as the embers glowed

A magical glittering sparkle in the acrid smoke

As from the flames began to grow

Beautiful powerful a mystical soul

Once a broken man, a stranger in a strange land

Flying gracefully love filling glowing hands

Over the fields and cities where it began

Where as a youth he once ran

Born again out of the fire now cold

Wrapped in robes of silk and gold

His hand no longer empty love it holds

No longer naked no longer alone

He has gone home

I wanted to share a thought or two and express my gratitude and appreciation for life and love. I am grateful for what I have and the many blessings shared with me. I understand and empathize with many less fortunate than I today I would like to pay tribute as a random act of kindness  and shed a tear and morn for one that will be missed perhaps by none . I never met Mr. Reinke in fact I only heard of him today as I came upon a poem in my heart and a story of a homeless man that died in the cold winter wind under a viaduct in Dearborn Heights a part of Detroit. I felt moved to say a few words and share my love with one that died alone and cold. I have had a few deaths in my family recently and as I shared love and condolences with my family and friends I was moved to share some love with one that had none. I am your friend Gregg Reinke even though we never met and I morn your death with love you are not forgotten.

May God welcome you with love and open arms and may you find peace and love within them.

Thank you for sharing your time with me here and for being the change positive in our world by sharing your smiles and your love our world needs it! Please share your love and make our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂

Diversity, writing, writing communities and being published.


Writing and sharing in our world and our communities is a great gift and has great benefits on so many levels for so many. Thursday night I was given the gift and honor of being published in a book titled “The Other Side Of The Window”. The book is the 13th in the series sine cera a DiverseCity Writing Series anthology. Written by writers in the city and state where I currently live. I am grateful for the community writing center for the many things they share and the writers, mentors and coaches for their contributions as they enrich our community.

  It was an honor to be selected, as well as have three of my written works published. I was also quite honored to have been the second writer showcased and the poem/prose chosen was one I shared here and very close to my heart. Words shared are very powerful at times and perhaps have the greatest effect on what we bring to our world and how we affect those around us. I am very fortunate to have learned so much from others, as they share their words especially those that choose to share them in writing. I had intended to share my works verbally and record it to share here. I however didn’t respond to a buried e mail and was left off of the schedule. I was of course still asked if I would like to and after seeing the time period we had I chose to pass and enjoy the words shared by so many beautiful people that I have learned much from.

  I am grateful for the choice I made as writer after writer shared their stories. Many of those that had written came from such places I could feel their pain and their joy, one writer a refugee for 30 years in Nepal. Another battling scars from many surgeries, another 34 years old and just learning to read. I watched and listened to these brave people express themselves in front of a hundred or so people many of them well educated and do so with confidence and self esteem and love. Some of them struggling with other issues such as speech impediments and tears as their hearts and souls shined when they shared their stories and we shared our applause and love with them and their accomplishments. A number of my friends asked why I didn’t showcase my talents as they feel I have a gift as I express myself verbally. I shared this thought with them “ I have a gift to share I share it often and have been given many gifts one of those gifts is letting my love show and giving those beautiful people their time to truly shine. I will have many opportunities to read my poems and stories, some of those writers took a couple of years to learn to write and another year to write their words. I would have never known that by reading those words on a page yet hearing their stories and seeing them in person is a priceless gift to me and our community. It was an honor to let them truly shine! “

  I was talking with many of them at the writers reception dinner and with the awesome members and staff of the Creative Writing Center and shared a few thoughts about some of my other diverse writing communities I have the gift of sharing in and with. One I take great joy in is the WordPress writing community, there are writers of all kinds, from all over our world, that share here. A gift and contribution to our global community, as we encourage and share with one another, information, art and wisdom of all kinds. An act of love for ourselves and our fellow human beings. It is a great honor to be part of such a diverse writing group thank you all for sharing and allowing me to share with you here. The gifts of self-expression and sharing in a positive way are a common gift for all if we are encouraged to do so we all have much to contribute to our world in so many beautiful ways. Thank you for sharing in yours.

  Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and perhaps a smile. I hope we can all be the change positive look within and express ourselves with a smile and show some love making our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you and please share a smile! J

A link to the prose chosen for the second work in the book.


Superman and me… The deeper Love

As I heal after the bleeding has finally stopped it has been a gift to share and exchange thoughts with many friends and it is a greater gift to express some of those thoughts artistically with some friends especially in a collaborative effort. This collaboration with a fellow blogger and a great friend I share although somewhat more prose than poetry I share it as a poetic expression of the conversations I have shared with my friend as he has given me support and encouragement during the healing process of a wound that has bled for many years.  Thank you CK for your support friendship and love!

The Deeper Love

Why did you leave me?
Why didn’t you love me as I needed you to?
I knew unconditional love,
your actions taught me conditions,
you abandon me, you didn’t protect me,
I now am searching outside myself for answers to why..
Left with no answers deep down inside.

As time went by and I grew

The love of me I never knew

The years went by many tears I cried

Wondering always each day that wen by

What was so bad that I did

That you walked away from your kid


All my love was there for you,

Was it not enough to make you true,

I felt the burn deep down inside as though something

Was taken from me with no reasons why.

Knowing the sadness of what I felt I knew inside, the

Painfully looking out the window I would cry.

Growing into this man I would be

Lonely and angered disaster for all to see.

As the years went by the day was buried in my mind

True destruction came as the pain was never left behind

Whiskey, women, drugs, beer and wine in comfort sought

None could undo the damage of the buried thought

As I lost everything more pain and sorrow did it bring

Felt at a loss not knowing as my heart screamed

Lonely and hurt only nightmares instead of dreams

My soul came through to heal all of these violent things,

With love it do so, it did so deep,

No places inside do my dreams await.

I know the pain of what it meant to carry,

It was finally a release I had to give and it was scary.

I can now love inside of the dream that was always hidden

I know this is the path of a deeper love I was given.

As silence surrounded me alone I found me

The prison I was living in a gift you see

Deep in the darkness a gift of light and a dream

 Perceived twisted reality no more did it scream

The depth of love so far below buried now exposed

In the light of my beautiful heart it now glows

No longer bound by the painful prison

The deepest most beautiful love I have been given

By Clark Kent and Joe B.


  I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts as I heal and reach for the stars, I hope we can all find inside the gifts from our wounds stop the bleeding and heal. It is that deeper love that shows us the true beauty of who we are individually and collectively Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.

How we affect our world and each other with our words…

I have to share a few thoughts as I am so moved. The last week has been one of great honor to me and my soul. I have been touched and felt so much love from my fellow bloggers my friends children and the universe with the gifts I have been given and I am ever so grateful and ever so at peace.

I am in awe at the effect our thoughts and words affect those around us and those we share them with. I am not sure how many would appreciate or embrace the thought of light energy or the energy of love and creation Divine Love or whatever your system of belief would call such energy. I only know that in a spiritual sense and a physical sense I am blessed with the gift of love and the energy it brings.


This week has been a week of gifts shared with love from above within and with out and the letter I just got from a friend is a cherished one I would like to share. It is a cherry on top of a great week one in which I have been given much love. I wanted to share this thought…  When you share your words and thoughts from your heart with love you affect many even if you don’t realize or think you are.


A post for you… If you want to share you can.. but this was written for you and all that you have touched us with in your writing and your words….

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I am for change….

How do your thoughts direct your energy?  Everyone remembers the story the little engine that could, do you remember the moral of the story, it was that when you say you can’t, you can’t!  When you say you can, you can!  Either way, you will be right!  This is no different than how you take the concept away from what your thoughts tell you to what your reality is before you.  You see the reason we create thoughts that keep us from doing the unimaginable, is because something inside of us tells us we can’t the only place to point though is thoughts.  There and only there it has to be summed up in the mind to state we can’t!  The survival tool the mind keeps, it’s content as is just a way of saying, energy has to be seen to be real.

Then I say define what is real to you.. Is your hand real, can you hold it over your heart and feel it touch you to feel your heartbeat?  This is not an error to the mind and the mind will instantly say yes before an actual action takes place.  How so, if the mind makes it true it stays true.  This is neither a puzzle to be solved or a diamond in the rough.  It actually is something that you can take to change who you are and who you want to become. Not just inside your mind but in all the things you do in every moment.

A change of direction is a change that brings about the brilliance in you to write the love that you do and why you do. You always had this in you. Even in those moments you were thinking what am I going to do now? Why doesn’t this happen or that happen?  Your ability to think it into not coming always has it’s place in doing so as you are always the energy that is wonderful inside you.  It doesn’t hang on good or bad.. just love..

You are probably reading this saying love… how could love be that… well a degree of love always is in place where energy is. When you focus it, you don’t use your mind, the love uses it to connect you to what it is that you stay in doing in that moment.  For that I am grateful to have your friendship and your love you always find a way to send my way..

For the places in you always seem to change everything in the world of the lives you touch.  Thanks Joe,

Thanks for allowing me the experience of your energy that has such a love inside of it!




From a hug and a shared poem to being re blogged and even having one of my poems shared by a blogger that is very selective and very much an enlightened spiritual being… I was posted between Osho and Einstien now that is an honor indeed for a simple man like me! I wish to say thank you and encourage all of us to share our love for each other and our fellow human beings as well as all life in our world and Universe. Nothing bad comes from the good of sharing love and words of positive expression. Good bad or ugly love is and it is the glue that holds it all together!


Thank you all for sharing your time and your love anf thank you all for allowing me to share mine! I am grateful humbled and honored for the gift of life and the gift of love shared with me every day I am given the gift of being here. Please be the change positive share your smile share your love and know you are making our world a better place for all we share it with.


Thanks Clark for your sharing and the love you share!http://clarkkent07.wordpress.com/

Thank you for love and letting me see…

Thank you for sharing with me

Gifts of love through eternity

Your creations all of them even simple me

Humbled again by my beautiful friends

The love of the universe that never ends

When swept away in earthly pain your love finds me again

Deeper than the oceans blue

Wider than the heavens true

The love of my Lord and God shines through

The wickedness and my demise

Brought me to my earthly prize

Looking at life with love and Seeing Eye’s

Thank you far allowing me to share a thought or two. I have been very busy as of late and as I do appreciate all of you for taking the time to read my words I was moved to share my thoughts at the moment. I am most grateful for the gift of love that we all share within.

Please share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. A smile is love from within shared, share your smile with all you see and live the love you were meant to be. A simple thought from simple me. Thank you for your time and the gifts of love you share with me.