Bright.. A poem

Deep in the depth of all there is

From the depth of the Universe

Light and darkness give

Their purpose for all to see

 Endless infinite for eternity

Energy flowing ceaselessly

Flowing through everything as it should be

 Choose to be shallow Choose to be deep

You plant the seeds of what you seek

The depth of what you choose is what you reap

The depth I choose for me

Deep in the darkness

In the light not many ever choose to see

In the depth of the Universe that resides in me

I wish to express a thought or two in my way, inspired as I shared dinner and conversation with a new friend his name is Paul. I have been wondering at times about my choices and the path I am on as sometimes I don’t seem to be producing the results I had expected or desired to see. I recently watched a video of an Abraham Hicks session that expressed the universe always provides indicators of where you are in relationship to alignment with your inner self or higher being, what ever one chooses to call your soul.

I had the gift of such affirmation when I spent the day helping a friend move and after the move I was taken to dinner. We were about to head out the door and a friend of my friend called saying he was heading out of town after his weekend of National Guard duty and would like to have dinner. What a gift in so many ways was this day.. I have many friends that have very deep spiritual roots they embrace. Several are Native American that happen to be Shamans today I made a new friend that is a Native American and a Shaman. Funny how we ask questions and an answer comes in the most unexpected and mysterious way.

When my friend asked if I minded sharing a meal with a friend I had no idea how that meal and new friend would provide me with such a beautiful gift and energy shared on a grand scale.

Have you ever sat down with someone you just met and had them just know who you were in less than 5 minutes? Have you known who they were in the same time? Paul said” you are very deep” I smiled and responded as are you.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and taking the time to do so. I am grateful and appreciate your presence and for being the positive change our world so needs. Thank you for sharing your smiles and your love they do change the world for you and those you share with. Thank you for sharing some with me and allowing with a little hope me to share some with you. 🙂 Joe

A tragedy… A poem



As I watch her sitting

 I wonder where she is in thought

For in the present it seems she is not

The air filled with sorrow

In its dense presence I am caught

Sensing the pain that it brought

Even with the Television on

Or out in the open air

Birds singing joyfully

She has a blank stare

I can’t help but to hope for her

That she will find peace

Comfort from her despair

Though she is still young

She can’t regain her youth

She wallows in the knowledge

 of this undisputed truth

there is no magic fountain

with water

 that brings it back to you

When she was young

she wanted to live a life of dreams

a dream she never lived

 or so it would seam

living waiting to die

 life isn’t what it seems

to do it all over again

and change so many things

I wonder as I watch her

and listen to her thoughts

the words she shares about

 what her actions brought

I ask her to look around

At all the treasures she has got

The kind that can’t be bought

I shared with her as best as I could

The knowing she was beautiful

 And had lived a life of good

When she was out in the world

Or out in the woods

Her love and compassion

shared like no one else could

She looks at the world through a blank stare

Not seeing the beauty that surrounds her every where

Feeling guilt and sorrow when no one is to blame

The beauty of the love for herself

It to me is such a shame

If only for a moment

She could see the beautiful woman

That I see

She would never feel the same

She would savor every moment

 she has left in life

 cherish being her

and find joy as well as love

for who she is

be the love she has inside

the love she always gives

She started searching for her inner truth

And got lost in the tragedy

Crying over her youth

I hope the truth no longer is a mystery

And she sees the beauty that she is

Love will bring her tranquility

All she has to do is see

What with my eyes I cant see

Life is beautiful every moment a gift

Memories are just that

it’s in the moment that you live

leave those memories behind

and be the love you give

cherish every moment

peace there you will find

I wanted to just express the thoughts than were on my mind as I really thought about many of the women I know and have known. One in particular I hold so dear inspired me to write this as I felt the heavy air when I last spoke to her and observed her blank almost lifeless stare.

To me I feel the tragedy of not loving who you are is the biggest tragedy by far. If you don’t like something about you change it and be happy to thine own self be true. If you don’t like the language that you use learn some different words from which to choose. Change it or not you can not lose how you feel and live is only for you to choose. I lived a tragic life in my past I am told in that aspect perhaps it was true yet that story got old. I chose to change that and now I have a gift worth more than gold… I love who I am and my very precious soul, every minute that I live I am the love that I give to all the gifts I am surrounded by without them all I would not exist.

Thank you for taking the time and sharing perhaps a smile with me as I express a thought or two. Thank you as well for being the positive change our world so needs by sharing your smiles and your love you are changing our world making it a better place for all we share it with. 🙂

Hailey Jean (A Poem)


Hailey Jean

Pure, innocent when you were born

Love will light the way through life’s storms

The love of many will keep you warm

Life will bring you many gifts

Through time, you will make many lists

With the love in my heart, I wish to share this

I will watch in awe as you grow to year one

The toddler years are really lots of fun

After that, you will begin to learn,

 From everything under the sun

People will come and people will go

The love you have in your heart will grow

The love of many you will know

A Princess you are to me

Knowing only love and being free

Beautiful is the world your blue eyes see

Beauty is not always pretty

Anger is not always petty

Knowing this will help make you ready

I encourage you to follow your dreams

Even if others envision different things

Stay beautiful and love, many gifts life will bring

Hailey Jean to your grandpa you are a Queen

A President an astronaut a homemaker

 Whatever you choose to be

Love for you unconditional is your gift from me

I love you Hailey Jean

I share a thought or two and a poem I wrote for my grand daughter as she was born this morning! Just wanted to share and start the month off with a poem and perhaps a few smiles…

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and sharing your time with me. Please share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all we share it with! 🙂 Joe

Wonderous Butterfly

As I flutter by I feel your wonder

Standing on the ground and all down under

I share a thought with you

Beautiful places traveled through

It seems like not so long ago

I crawled along on the ground below

I started exploring branches and trees

Enjoyed the adventure and felt truly free

Somehow surviving through all the storms

Then crawl into a shell to die and be reborn

The chrysalis empty as wings fluttered to dry

Beauty and grace to every eye, everywhere you fly

From the ground and below where I rest my feet

Flowers for pillows, a beautiful treat

To the stars in the heavens, I hope to reach

I could only imagine while chewing on that leaf

As I flutter by, this is the thought that I think

I wonder did you notice that I smiled and winked?

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two. I sometimes feel the stories in nature reflect our own natures in many ways. As it is almost the end of National Poetry Month and I feel inspired by a beautiful thought i chose to share an artistic expression of inner realization of evolution. Change is good and sometimes we need to go in our shells and discover who we are. A trip worth taking for as we come out from the inside we get to share a smile and wink as we pass by. The beauty and the love we share as for the stars we reach with every passer by.

Please share a smile and share some love helping our planet and all we share it with. Thank you for being positive change and making our world a better place. Thank you for sharing your time and smiles with me. 🙂 Joe

Diversity, writing, writing communities and being published.


Writing and sharing in our world and our communities is a great gift and has great benefits on so many levels for so many. Thursday night I was given the gift and honor of being published in a book titled “The Other Side Of The Window”. The book is the 13th in the series sine cera a DiverseCity Writing Series anthology. Written by writers in the city and state where I currently live. I am grateful for the community writing center for the many things they share and the writers, mentors and coaches for their contributions as they enrich our community.

  It was an honor to be selected, as well as have three of my written works published. I was also quite honored to have been the second writer showcased and the poem/prose chosen was one I shared here and very close to my heart. Words shared are very powerful at times and perhaps have the greatest effect on what we bring to our world and how we affect those around us. I am very fortunate to have learned so much from others, as they share their words especially those that choose to share them in writing. I had intended to share my works verbally and record it to share here. I however didn’t respond to a buried e mail and was left off of the schedule. I was of course still asked if I would like to and after seeing the time period we had I chose to pass and enjoy the words shared by so many beautiful people that I have learned much from.

  I am grateful for the choice I made as writer after writer shared their stories. Many of those that had written came from such places I could feel their pain and their joy, one writer a refugee for 30 years in Nepal. Another battling scars from many surgeries, another 34 years old and just learning to read. I watched and listened to these brave people express themselves in front of a hundred or so people many of them well educated and do so with confidence and self esteem and love. Some of them struggling with other issues such as speech impediments and tears as their hearts and souls shined when they shared their stories and we shared our applause and love with them and their accomplishments. A number of my friends asked why I didn’t showcase my talents as they feel I have a gift as I express myself verbally. I shared this thought with them “ I have a gift to share I share it often and have been given many gifts one of those gifts is letting my love show and giving those beautiful people their time to truly shine. I will have many opportunities to read my poems and stories, some of those writers took a couple of years to learn to write and another year to write their words. I would have never known that by reading those words on a page yet hearing their stories and seeing them in person is a priceless gift to me and our community. It was an honor to let them truly shine! “

  I was talking with many of them at the writers reception dinner and with the awesome members and staff of the Creative Writing Center and shared a few thoughts about some of my other diverse writing communities I have the gift of sharing in and with. One I take great joy in is the WordPress writing community, there are writers of all kinds, from all over our world, that share here. A gift and contribution to our global community, as we encourage and share with one another, information, art and wisdom of all kinds. An act of love for ourselves and our fellow human beings. It is a great honor to be part of such a diverse writing group thank you all for sharing and allowing me to share with you here. The gifts of self-expression and sharing in a positive way are a common gift for all if we are encouraged to do so we all have much to contribute to our world in so many beautiful ways. Thank you for sharing in yours.

  Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and perhaps a smile. I hope we can all be the change positive look within and express ourselves with a smile and show some love making our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you and please share a smile! J

A link to the prose chosen for the second work in the book.

Never Give up your Dreams… A reminder from a sweet friend.

I wanted to share some love as I am so loved and have such beautiful friends that share so much with me. I briefly questioned myself recently and was given some great gifts of love as well as some very great reminders as to who and what I am. I am a being of love and inspiration the very products that have shaped me and helped me become the beautiful human being I am as are we all.

I am not one that watches much TV any more and rarely do I watch reality TV so for me the following story was new and as the tears fell with the massage shared as my friend reached out to me I had to once and for all embrace all of the gifts I have been given and be happy and grateful for who I am. I am built for chasing my dreams as are we all, I also have the friends and strength through the life of love I have shared and had shared with me to live those dreams.

There are many inspirational videos out there and many dreamers who have reached for the stars. This one along with the many shared with me out of love and friends wanting for me to succeed knowing at heart I would never give up I had to share. I am so fortunate and grateful for the blessings and the gifts I have and this Video is one of the gifts I share as it is shared with all of us as a gift of love, in the deeper sense. I share my tears of love as I say thank you Dee for sharing the love of Australia, the world and Emmanuel Kelly with me, thank you Emmanuel for reaching for the stars and sharing your loving inspiration with our world!



Please share a smile share your love, follow your dreams and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂 ♥ Joe

A tear a loss of fear and a poem by a thirteen year old girl.

I wish to share a thought or two, as I started to slip into despair peace came upon me once again. The gifts of love from many friends, has given me back my strength of self. Many things have been given me in times of what for me in the past seemed to be a bad thing. Being born into a family and place of little wealth even when I have had nothing I have had much. I was recently reminded as I read a publication of collected thoughts and dreams dedicated to and by future and present Queens.

I had been scared as I shared in an earlier post as to what my future may bring and the thought of giving up on my dreams even if just to put them on hold as I worried about the mounting pressures financially I came upon a story a poem by a thirteen year old girl. I was reminded of being thirteen and homeless I was there by choice as I listened to her sweet tender voice and the tear rolled down my cheek I was embraced in the love of life and the little girls of the poem I embraced in my heart and with my loving strong arms reached for them I know my dreams will come true. Thank you Gaylene for the hug you gave me and the love of your beautiful heart reminding me of how powerful I am.

The beautiful poem I share with you:

Homeless Child

By: Gaylene B. age 13, go girlz

Homeless child

I can see the shame in her little blue eyes

 as she watches others pass, oblivious in their lives

A gentle night breeze brushes her silken hair.

 She looks like an Angel illuminated in the glare.

She hugs herself for warmth under red white and blue,

 holding tight to a single toy that is her friend, loyal true.

She sits in somber silence as people pass her by,

 to busy in their circumstance to hear her silent cry.

Glutton at their table, they pass without a clue

that the little girl may be hungry.

Have we become so calloused?

Are we so blind to the pain that we can pass a child in need,

 and not hang our heads in shame?

Have we so easily forgotten the Lords decree,

 “Whatsoever ye do the least of these, ye do also to me”?

Have we become so heartless, so selfish in our lives,

 that we are no longer moved by a homeless child’s eye?

I can see the happy flush, Her blue eyes show no fear.

As I gather her in my arms,

My brown eyes fill with tears


My fears subside as I embrace the fate that befalls me whatever it may be as I look at a single toy a friend my oldest friend, loyal, true. A toy I have carried my whole life that at thirteen I hugged on a street so cold to keep me warm under the red white and blue. Should I end up on that corner again I think I will pass on my friend true, to a beautiful child with eyes of blue as I hold her tight and share my greatest gift. The love of my beautiful heart the only thing I can give that will always be true. My blue eyes have seen much this I know is true, if the heavens love me as much as I love the Universe and all that dwells within my dreams have to come true. The means will find a way to my door that I may share my love with all I meet the needy and the poor. To share a meal with them even if they have no door many times I have shared even with no means. As it is my greatest gift the powerful gift I am given the gift of words and love the dream must come true. The dream I have of the means to live my life sharing what I have been given.


I would share with you the collected works if you so desired I have many copies and will ask the KUED 7 station if I may post a link to the project and perhaps a pdf file with the book. If you e mail me I will send a hard copy if you would like one. It was a privilege and honor to be included in such a wonderful and touching book.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two. I hope we can all share a smile and share our love making our world a better place for all we share it with.