A personal note and update

Amazing how life is when you are living it! I would like to say that although I have not been as present here on my blog as far as writing and sharing my thoughts I have been trying to keep up with many of the blogs I follow. My attention as of late outside of the chopping of wood has been devoted to research … Lots of research.

Project 1 research: MARKETING, I have been doing research on the various aspects of marketing and branding. I am getting ready to start my new business and am working on a logo and brand as well as the best way to market my products so to speak. Marketing in this age of electronic communications and social media is quite fascinating and has so many new and unique ways of marketing and selling your business and presenting your personal brand. I have been invited to publish on LinkedIn and even have a few followers so I am doing some additional research as far as marketing on LinkedIn.

Project 2 research: Quantum NLP, I have been doing my research, reading the material, watching the videos listening to the audio material and getting to know the owner and founder Christiane Turner. I have been given a win/win proposal to write and manage the Blog at Quantum NLP in exchange for the classes and certifications as an NLP practitioner and life coach.

Project 3 research Metaphysics, I have been studying metaphysics and philosophy for the last seven or so years and have been trying to implement much of what I have learned into my daily life.

Project 4 research: Doing much research and study to find my target market. I have been told that by targeting the masses I may be limiting myself in some ways from achieving the success I desire in my future business endeavors as well as selling my upcoming book. My original target market is not even one that would even consider my book or services..

I was given a few awesome compliments as I attended my first practitioner class this last Saturday that seems to be in line with my research as far as my target market. A practitioner and graduate of the NLP training was in town and stopped by to say hi and sit in on the class for the wonderful energy that is shared in that environment. We stopped for lunch break and this wonderful human being shared a thought and smile with me. “I was so delighted to see you in the class, so many of the practitioners and healers in our society are women, I am so happy to see that there are men that care enough to better themselves and help others. I have only seen one other man in these courses over the last five years, it is not unheard of yet it is quite uncommon, thank you for being here and best wishes in manifesting your dreams as you help and inspire others” she shared with me. I was beaming and radiating pure loving energy for days!

Thank you all for your patience and allowing me to share a thought or two and express my reasons for not being so present lately, I am changing that and as I align more with my higher self and more opportunities begin to manifest it won’t be long before I have chopped my last piece of wood so to speak… Thank you all for being you and being the positive change our world so needs. Keep sharing your love and sharing your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with!

Namaste 

Reinvention of me or aligning with my inner being?

Today I was paid an incredible compliment by a respected friend that caused me to not only smile and say thank you it caused me to ask myself a few questions. Re invention or alignment was the first question I had to ask after the initial smile. The second question was what did I really feel about the compliment and why?

After participating in the Veterans Writing group I co mentor the facilitator and sponsor at the V.A. Hospital, Mike Scott surprised me with a few thoughts he shared. He looked at me and said thank you for participating and being a part of the writing group as both a writer and a mentor. Then he expressed his admiration for my ability and the amazing way I have re invented myself. From carpenter to intellectual, and future life coach, NLP practitioner and public speaker as well as aspiring to spiritual mastery and being an inspirational being.

In the three years since Mike read one of my poems and asked me to be in his writing group he mentioned how much he has seen me grow and change. He was quite impressed with my progress and quite inspired and moved by my adaptability and my transformation especially in my spiritual presence. He asked if I would be interested in a position or would consider being a volunteer in the peer to peer counseling group. The compliments and the offers made me feel good! I know I am on the path I am supposed to be on and where I am supposed to be at this moment in my journey. Good things are happening and better things are yet to come as I assist and give service to my fellow human beings with love from my heart.

Did I re invent myself? I have had several comments on some of my blog posts that expressed the same sentiment. I have to say that I don’t know that that is the case; I am more inclined to say I have become more in line with who I am. The person I am and was meant to be as I came here in this physical form. Since my youth I have had the desire to express myself in an artistic way through poetry and visual art as well as verbally although in my younger years in a very direct and blunt way.

I have always had the desire to be me yet the influences of the world had the effect that peer pressure has on an individual and through fear limited my true expression of self both intellectually and spiritually. How many 9 year olds read Emerson or Thoreau… How many boys enjoyed or had even heard of Emily Dickinson let alone understood the depth of her soul in her expression of thoughts poetically? (She was a loner and rarely left her room) I was the one that walked to the beat of a different drum and rather than be the odd ball I conformed to society and family pressures.

As my former life crumbled and I spent more time in solitude I began to align with and find my inner being. To know and embrace my inner truth, the years of being a craftsman are a cherished gift yet as a young man my dreams were of a higher calling. I was a gifted and intelligent child with no means, from a family of little wealth and a formal education was beyond reach.

I have found that over the years my inner self has been calling me to align and be who I am rather than continue living in fear and succumbing to the expectations of others. Family was one of those that I was trying to live up the expectations of has seen the same change as my friend Mike and now supports and embraces the change and transformation I am going through. They know that the trying times I have been through over the last seven years, has been a good thing even though from the outside perspective seems to have been otherwise. My 100,000 $ + a year job gone and left behind for an uncertain future, my countless hours of study and research as well as the many hours, days , months and years of solitude to find and know “who and what I am”. Have been harder for them at times than it has been for me, yet I am lining up with who I am and what I came to do.

I am here to be a part of and add depth to the evolution of Consciousness and the greater mass conscious awareness of humanity. To help others align with their inner being and inspire them to become consciously aware of who they are and to express their individual and diverse perspectives and add to that mass consciousness.

I admire and embrace the concept that we in our own time have an obligation to contribute to the evolution of humanity in a positive and meaningful way. It is in our reach to become a better human race than we were yesterday and even more so than we were 2000+ years ago in the time of Jesus of Nazareth, and even more so than 3000 years ago in the time of the Greek philosophers and 5000 years ago in the time of Buddha or the times of the beginnings of the Hindu societies and the Great Ganesh. We have all the history and wisdom of the ancients to draw upon and create a better humanity and paint a picture of such beauty and grace that the ancients would be proud of what we create with the loving wisdom they left us to work with.

The first steps to doing so are to become consciously aware of who we are and align with our inner beings or higher selves and make those changes. It doesn’t require anything more than the desire and love of ourselves to do so and the willingness and effort to do so. For me it has taken seven years to unlearn what a lifetime taught me about living for the expectations of others and being afraid to be me.

I wanted to express my thoughts at the request of a friend that asked me to write a post from my heart that was inspiring and would help her find her “backbone” I would like to say we all have the capacity to change that process starts within, while you are there first find who you really are and want to be then know you can do it and do it even if the rest of the world seems to not understand at some point they will step back and say… I am in awe and admire you for re inventing yourself.. You can smile and say no I just lined up with who I am and who I was meant to be.. I am finally becoming me! 

Thank you for being you and being the change positive our world so needs by sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with


Success? Subjective or objective?

Sometimes in life I have wondered if I was a success, I know I am yet success is such an objective word.

noun \sək-ˈses\
: the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame
: the correct or desired result of an attempt
: someone or something that is successful : a person or thing that succeeds


The definition doesn’t necessarily express what is success in some terms such as is a homeless person or can a homeless person be a success? What about a poet that wrote a poem and invested money in frames and various printed versions of that poem and didn’t sell any yet the poem was read by 6,000 people? Or an artist that put a painting in an auction and sold it yet barely covered the costs of the materials used to create the art?
I sold a painting I had put much time effort and heart into I had listed it on eBay, it was the first experience I had in doing so and listed it for a minimum bid that was less than it cost to produce. The suggested price for a beginning bid was .99 cents I chose 10 dollars yet felt I should have started at 40. It was an auction however and I had imagined various people bidding on the painting and making a profit, it was a very beautiful and inspirational painting.
The last day of the auction with no bids submitted a lady put in the minimum bid and bought the painting. I had sold the painting my second painting I had ever sold, I was happy to have sold it yet questioned was it a success, after all the canvas it was painted on had cost me 7 dollars and the paints perhaps another 5 not to mention the time and the heart that had been put into creating it. I was successful however in selling a painting and that made me smile. I was not so successful at making a profit or was I?
The lady that had bought the painting was a very special and beautiful lady that I am fortunate to call my friend. I had met her seven or so years ago on “MySpace” a social networking site I used to use mostly to meet women I would date. I was attracted to her and had the thought of asking her to date me. I learned however that she had brain tumors and cancer, I was not in a position nor did I have the desire to pursue a relationship with her for those reasons. I was not sure how to deal with those kinds of issues and although I liked her and admired her I was not ready for such a relationship. She has gone through much in the last seven years and has come a long way as far as her health is concerned. She has a beautiful daughter from her marriage that ended with her getting cancer as her former husband walked away.
She chose to remain my friend over the years in spite of my weakness, she saw the painting when I listed it and shared the link on FaceBook . She commented within minutes how she loved the painting and that I should charge more for shipping. She also had commented on how much she loved another of the paintings I had listed. When she bought the painting I wrote her a note and expressed my gratitude for her buying it even if I had not made a profit I was happy she had bought it and I hoped she would enjoy having it in her home. She wrote me back and her note made me realize I had in fact profited in a way far more that any money could have given.
She wrote me expressing how the painting was inspiration to her in a very deep way as she struggled to get a home for her and her daughter. The comfort and peace she felt when she saw the painting was one she truly cherished, she mentioned that she had wanted to buy the other painting as she loved it yet it was more important to buy her daughter some shoes. Tears fell down my cheek as I thought about when I had first met her and what she had been through since then. Her struggles and raising her daughter with the lack of solid support in some ways, what she must have experienced and learned in the spiritual sense to have the strength and courage to do so. I knew that that painting had somehow found its way to where it belongs.
When I painted the painting I had not painted it for money, I had painted it as I was inspired to do so and it was painted with love from my heart. As an artist, poet, writer and a creative being it is the hope while creating that others will be inspired or appreciate and enjoy those creations that are created. I took a look at what success meant to me and I would have to say that if I brought one smile with something I created beyond my own smile I am a success in sharing my heart and my love of creating. I looked at the poem I had not sold a copy of as it soared past the 6000 mark in views and smiled deeply from my soul. I knew many that had read it perhaps had no money to buy a gift for their daughters and perhaps printed that poem and gave it to their daughters framed or unframed to express their love in such a beautiful way… I have profited far more again than money could give as the treasures in my heart and the hearts of those that shared as well as those shared with smile and love deeply the sentiments expressed.
I put the second painting that my friend had wanted to buy in the box with the one she bought it should be hers as well and was the first painting I ever finished it deserves a place in a loving home. I hope she truly smiles and feels the love I share as I feel the love of who she is and her heart of gold. I wish I could have bought her daughter some shoes as well… I wish her and her daughter the best and will be a better friend in the future although we are not meant to be a couple she is my friend for life and I am honored she allows me to be so.
Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and perhaps a smile. I would love to hear your thoughts as far as what success means to you… Thank you all for being the change positive our world so needs by sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with. 

Nine hills to climb.. A poeticly expressed thought



The gifts and treasures of material gone
The memories of loves for which I used to long
A journey I took to make me strong

The losses had broken me apart
Then the journey of nine hills was at its start
The losses and gains I take no longer take to heart

The nine hills I have chosen to climb
Those I have come to those hills divine
The nine hills found beyond my mind

The nine hills so rocky and steep
Nine hills in my soul I keep
Nine hills so I may learn not weep

At the summit of each hill I climbed
I paused and reflected as I took the time
A gift of love a treasure there I would find
– –
Pondering in awe at the world I would stare
Knowing it is love and beauty everywhere
Finding love unconditional for all there is for me to share

On top of the hill as I contemplate and enjoy the view
Stripped naked wearing nothing to begin anew
Knowing and loving who I am to myself I am true

Treasures I lost I seek not to find
For I cannot lose what is truly mine
The treasures true to me will return in time

As I sit on the highest one
Hill number nine in the rising sun
I realize the treasures I lost are none

I wanted to express a thought or two in a poetic way. The poem is inspired by a hexagram I have drawn several times in recent weeks while exploring the “Book of Changes” or the “Yi Jing” as it is also known. I have been observing and learning various philosophies from through out history and find myself most intrigued at the similarities and differences in the Eastern and Western perspectives. Even from region to region and philosopher to philosopher the variety and depth of perspectives is amazing and quite to use a miss used phrase quite “enlightening” I would choose to say they all enrich and add to my depth rather than enlighten.

There are as many philosophies as there are people, we all have learned and developed our own philosophies as we journey through life. It is those that choose to share and express their philosophies that inspire us to find and create our own. Plato was one of those that inspired me to seek a deeper insight into my own philosophy. There are actually many that have inspired me to reach for a deeper understanding of myself and in turn my fellow human beings, to be honest of all that exists.

The nine hills are actually a metaphorical expression of Ancient Chinese Philosophy, nine represents good luck and good fortune, the hills are values within a human being, the steep and winding trails expressed are the depths of ones self and  are those preferred by Dragons the light and dark within, the dragon is a very powerful symbol in Ancient Chinese culture and philosophy. I embrace the concepts of the ancient philosophies and cultures especially those of the East the Hindu, Buddhists, The Taoists, the teachings of Confucius and Lao Tzu stand out yet there are many more, the diversity of them especially viewed together creates a very beautiful and deep picture of that part of the world. The western philosophies panted a very different picture just as diverse and just as beautiful only from a more material and out word perspective as opposed to an inward perspective chosen by the East.

I ponder the concept of enlightenment as I sit atop the Ninth hill and create as well as embrace my philosophy. I can not claim enlightenment nor that I have reached Nirvana, I can say I have left the cave and chosen the path I have chosen. For all that has been in my life materially and spiritually is a gift whether, I posses it in the physical sense or not is irrelevant. A car breaks down or gets totaled, people leave or die, money comes and goes, the only constants are change and my conscious awareness of those changes. What I have began to realize as I observe, is that my choice of how I accept those changes is the gift of enrichment of my inner self and the character I am viewed as by others. If I choose to throw a temper tantrum or melt down in the face of adversity I am viewed as a spoiled or weak human being or perhaps an angry human being. If I choose to take it in turn and smile I view myself as a beautiful soul with love and compassion for the many that have Joegone through the same or similar circumstances. A person viewed by others as having good character and integrity. Neither is better than the other, just from my personal perspective I do feel better and feel more aligned with my inner or higher self when I choose to look at things with love and compassion being empathetic with myself and others.

I thank you for allowing me to share a few thoughts and taking the time to read them and let me do so. I hope to have shared a smile or two. Thank you all for being the positive change our wold so needs by sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂 Namaste, Peace, Love and Light… ; ) I share my love and my smile with you thank you for sharing yours with me! 🙂

The path of mean…Peace… A poem

Stillness in my mind
Inner peace brings
Quieting my heart
Allows it to sing
Quiet and still
In the dark
From nothingness
Creating the light
From where life starts

The spring
Under the mountain grows
From it the brook
Then the river flows
To the ocean that brings life
To all living things

Still be my mind
Quiet be my heart
Darkness to light
Spring to river flow
Letting the life within me grow
Learning to live with everything
Peace is the path of mean

I choose to share a thought or two, about my journey as I learn who I am and grow. I have studied many things religion, philosophy, history, my own path of travel and experiences have inspired me with ancient wisdom aided by technology. Many lessons there are that have been shared about meditation and stillness of the mind and the inner peace you find.
I found it somewhat Ironic as the trend of follow your heart and reach for your dreams is the path to become what you want and be who you are is one I had so embraced. I had not even considered that my heart may take me to the wrong place. As I learned and studied some very ancient texts and regularly measure my energies in various ways, that the mastery of my mind and thoughts was not the end of the process or the beginning. We not only are what we think nor are thoughts the only way we co create our realities. It seems as we become more aware of the power of our hearts the more we are aware of the influence of our hearts and emotions have on what we create.
I listen to a variety of spiritual teachers and “gurus” and “enlightened ones” I admire their conviction and the way they embrace their beliefs and share their paths and knowledge to allow us the same realizations of inner peace, prosperity, having what we want by attracting it. I believe these things are all true yet one thing for me was missing one teaching un taught.
I consulted an ancient text, a divination tool I use for learning and understanding my own polarity and energy. I had come across an ancient text that resonated in my heart as I have an open mind and have an understanding of the power of the heart. It had mentioned something that no other had referenced and shed some light on my growth and spiritual journey. ‘To quite ones heart is a difficult task yet one that must be mastered to know the superior man and bring success, good fortune for the superior man the end of the inferior man.’ To master my mind is becoming easier with conscious effort and practice, my heart however is quite another story. I am learning a deeper side to inner peace and the laws of my inner being or higher self. Perhaps my heart has been tainted by my ego or perhaps all the natural feelings in my heart are not all for the good? All things are inherently good so perhaps the natural side of my heart is good and has good intentions yet not all good intentions or good things are of a higher nature.
As I learn to be the best me I can be, or as the Eastern philosophies would call becoming a superior man I begin to understand it is not all about silence and the mastery of ones mind. The quieting of ones heart is far more complex and far more valuable to my understanding of my higher self, than I had ever considered. Over the years my heart as my mind have been conditioned in the same way as my mind through experiences and observations along the journey. To quiet the heart is a gift I choose to embrace yet has been more of a challenge than being still in my mind. I can not make my heart still nor can I force it to comply with my mind or my will, to stifle it will cause it to suffocate and become hard and brittle. The only way that has been shared is to gently love away the past and gently rock it and hold it bringing comfort allowing it to become quiet of its own accord.
By a still mind and a quiet heart true peace is found, the path of mean, the line between heaven and earth the way of the Tao, the footsteps of God the path of least resistance the law of the universe the knowing of the higher self, finding my soul. Has been an interesting lesson to find and one I am learning and embracing, everyday I learn how much I do not know. The less I know the more I grow. Just a thought from a simple man and a different perspective some may find interesting and even helpful as they seek inner peace and learn who they are and what is their truth.

Thank you all for allowing me to share some thoughts and perhaps a smile or two. I also want to thank you all for sharing your time with me and for sharing your love and your smiles being the positive change our world needs. You are making a difference and making our world a better place for all we share it with, thank you! 


I have been learning to trust myself, not my ego self my inner self and in doing so learning to let go and in turn learning to trust my creator. Sounds kind of odd to say that in a way, my lack of trust in myself was a dis respect to my creator and to the beautiful human being I was created to be.

I have been observing as I learn and travel my journey how much of what I have been doing I have been doing on auto pilot so to speak or what is expected by society or family and friends. Do I really choose what I want or do I just conform? There are things I have brought upon myself by doubting and not trusting me and in turn not trusting my creator in doing so.

I am learning as I have been getting to know who I am to trust who and what I am, auto pilot has been my most chosen form of transportation on this journey. I have allowed the outside world to bounce me to and fro, rags to riches, riches to rags not good enough too good…. I met a friend on here a couple of years ago as I was really trying to understand and change my life in a positive way. He asked what did I really want, from life, in a relationship, to be happy. I was intrigued by the question and have thought much about it, I finally sat down and answered one of those questions. It took much thought more than one would think as there are so many options and directions to choose from. I suppose it takes knowing who I am and from there I could decide what I really want from life.

As I pondered I began to notice my thoughts were tainted with the outside influences and conditions I learned and embraced over the years. It has taken years to sift through all those influences and find my truths and will be a process that I will be doing till I am no longer here. Most of the outside influences have been those that say it isn’t possible to have that or be that. As I have found who I am, I know that anything is possible, In me is the energy and love that created me. That same energy created all that is, I am here and exist, nothing created has no purpose or it wouldn’t have been created. To not trust who I am and trust the outside influences has been the biggest lie I have embraced. Many years learning from the lie I embraced and in fact created by doing so  has taught me to trust in being me. I trust that I was created to be me, I trust the process of becoming and being me as I was created and exist for a reason.

Funny things happen when we choose to be who we are rather than who society and our friends and family think we should be or are. We feel alive!

I would like to share a link to a friends blog  http://relationshipreinvented.com/

The posts this month are about Trust and as I have been learning to trust myself I thought it might be of interest and even some help if you have questioned yourself about trusting yourself and others as you journey through life. I am learning and have great trust in the process of becoming and being me.

Thank you for sharing your time with me and allowing me to share a thought or two. I am grateful for your doing so as well as your support friendship and smiles. You are all a great gift to me as you share your thoughts and your hearts with a smile. Thank you for being the positive change our world deserves and needs making it a better place for all we share it with. 🙂  Your smiles and your love are changing our world and universe in a very beautiful and positive way, thank you for being you. 🙂 🙂 Joe


Life is a mystery

As we live and create history

You are on the right track

When you find synchronicity

I would like to say thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share a thought or two. I have been reaching for and learning how to find and live my dreams or my new reality as it is. I find that I have much to be grateful for and much to be happy about as I am in the moment as I breathe.

I was once told that I would never find my life in all the books I was reading or all the time I spent in silence or alone. I myself have questioned at times as I looked at my physical material reality and the friends I had lost along the way. I had chosen to change and become a beautiful man and human being, the only way for me to change the person I was, was  to know who I was. People at times ask me who do I want to be if not me. I choose to be the best me I can be.

For me to embrace the change and not know how I am getting where I want to be, is a unique feeling kind of scary at times yet I know I will get where I want to go. I believe in and trust in the journey, sometimes as we travel we have a bit of a slip or slide, other times we find the most beautiful coincidences… Synchronicity for me the meeting of spiritual, physical reality or signs confirmation of being where I am supposed to be.

I have been busy lately as I take steps in the direction of my dreams, my new life so to speak. I have started the ground work to connect better through social media and opened an etsy shop. I have been asked to share some of my art in an exhibit and will share a blog post on both as the details become set. I have been reading a number of books lately and will be sharing thoughts on one by a fellow blogger in a couple of days.

All that said, I would like to say, that the blogging world has been and is a gift by sharing with me the gift of my fellow bloggers. Inspiration, joy, knowledge, smiles, beauty, heart and souls, love in many shapes ways and forms… For me well 🙂 Thank you all for being the positive change our world so needs sharing your smiles and love making our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your time with me. 🙂 Joe