The most important post I can share please stand up and do the right thing

This is without a doubt the one post I wish to share.

I am an avid reader of blogs and books as well as anything that may enrich my mind, heart and soul. I had recently written a post on the Women and Girls roles in a changing Global society. A fellow blogger had stopped by and shared a like on my post. I visited her page and have had the profound desire since reading it to share my thoughts.

Her post was one of a very heart felt nature to me and should be to all of Mankind it was about the torture and mutilation of one of our greatest treasures “Women and Girls”. As I read this post I was reminded of a movie the hardest movie for me to sit through and in fact it took three times for me to finish watching it I was so hurt and full of pain. The movie was “Tears in the Sun” and the vivid and horrific way that the evil creatures treated women and then mutilated their bodies sickened me so deeply that my vow of nonviolence would have been broken had I a way to travel to Nigeria where the story took place.

I am appalled to think that these things happen every day in some of these Nations where the media and technology is limited and controlled by some of the most evil beings to be on our planet. The fact is that these things are still being done and the global society still does not make a move to change it and eradicate the evil as well as those that perpetrate such acts. I had been reading about the Gang rapes of little girls in India and the rapes and murders of women and girls in the more technologically advanced nations where these issues cannot hide from the media or perhaps these society’s have enough courage and outrage in mass to affect change by showing the world that they are no longer going to tolerate such behavior even if it means firing their leaders and protesting in mass stopping their economies and standing together for equality and justice as well as the dignity of the Victims and their own dignity by standing up for what is right.

I for one will not just sit on the side lines as women and girls who have no voice are mutilated, raped and left to live with the evil consequences of evil beings that have no consequence for their actions as no one holds them accountable. I would ask that we as human beings step up to the plate and hold them accountable and see that justice is served and that the Women and Girls of our Planet have the Equality and dignity as well as are cherished and recognized for the gift they are.

I am sharing the link to the blog post that moved me so and ask that all who share on WordPress please take action and stop the evil of these vile creatures who would commit such heinous acts. Standing together as a Global community we can ask that our own Governments and our own citizens take action in such a way that these evil acts can no longer be done without consequence and justice being served by those that perpetrate such acts where ever they may try to hide or perpetrate them. True Justice and true equality for women girls and all mankind demands that all mankind participate and end such evil.

Stop Abuse of Women

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What is Female Genital Mutilation

Please read share and re post or share in your own way this post as well as mine or your own just take action. Call your newspapers and TV stations and ask why we are not hearing about these atrocities ask you Government officials why no action is being taken ask your religious leaders to help and speak up for the Women and Girls with no voice and representation. Represent them and stand up for all mankind in a positive way. I would challenge all the men who have families as well as mothers to just take a few seconds and think about some evil creature mutilating your mother or children and no one even seeming to care as she lays there in a pool of blood and the vile semen of some evil creature mingled in it as her tears fall.

I am not going to ask to share a smile and share your love as I traditionally do. I am going to ask that you please share your love and stand-up be heard for those with no voice and change the world! One time in our lives we can make a difference no matter what race, creed religion, no religion, man woman or child from what ever country or space on this planet please be the change positive and take action.

Women and girls changing roles in a global society

I was in a fortunate position at a lucky time and had the gift of meeting three artists and very beautiful human beings. I didn’t have the time to attend my creative writing class and took a few minutes off of work to check in with the instructor, I didn’t have the codes for my submission to the arts festival, competition. I am glad that I didn’t as I got the opportunity to expand my group of peers and share with more of the community. They were representatives of the community writing center at the Salt Lake Community College they had come to the class to encourage the participants to get more involved in the local writing community.

One of the projects was an invitation to the local community to share their written stories of women’s changing rolls in a global society. As the young Lady Ahmyah shared the topic and the concept I was moved to share some of the thoughts I have gained on a global perspective through blogging. As I expressed my thoughts to the group I had committed to submitting a few written words and submit them. I only have a few days so it has been on my mind. I share with you on the WordPress Site the words I share first as many of the beautiful posts shared here are written by women.

Most of the women I know in person are from the United States or Europe, they are in a way the most fortunate of the women on our planet. They for the most part have equal rights and opportunity. The governing bodies of democracy and freedom of speech have started to destroy the walls of hypocrisy. This has a number of great effects on our society and the betterment of humanity. It also shines a light on the bigger issues that affect our global society.

I read blog posts from all over the world and am quite shocked and appalled at some of the ways and even more so the reasons for some of the ways women in other parts of the world are treated. The biggest factor seems to be outdated tradition, religious beliefs and the outright disrespect and abuse of women and girls. After reading perhaps hundreds of blog posts from India for example it is my impression that the male dominated government and traditions dating back centuries treats the women of that country like property or even animals to be kept like pats and given away like work horses or slaves.

From my perspective in this age of information and technology we all should know that we as human beings especially women have much to contribute and do contribute much to our global society. It is through efforts like the SLCC Women & Girls Lead writing Project and those of other communities that we can affect positive change.

The largest factor it would seem is to bring the men and women together in a way so as they work together. As a group effort true change can happen on a large scale. Religious leaders can also help by recognizing the value of equality and contributions of the women in their communities and that the value of those contributions is far beyond just the physical. Unfortunately men are the greatest barrier to opportunity for women in most countries. I wonder why the fear of equality imprisons their minds and hearts. It would seem that if there were more women involved and more perspectives shared we could create better societies and governments.

I think the women of my country are moving forward in a very positive way as they reach out to each other and women of other nations encouraging education and cooperation. I am very proud of the women in my life and must say they are stronger than I in some ways as well as for the most part more educated. The wisdom shared for instance by my Grandmother has gotten me through some dark times and the love she shared in doing so helped me grow and become a better human being.

The freedom of expression and free speech is however a double edged sword and as I observe the many changes occurring around me it seems at times that progress reverts. In my observations of young women they seem to be going backwards through a lack of self respect and the respect for each other. The vulgarity and lack of dignity at times is just as appalling as the treatment of women in some of the poor nations by men.

I would like to as a final note just say that if we work together as human beings and encourage the women of our world to shine as the beautiful gifts they are, many of our issues especially those of violence may one day be non existent.  The shared perspectives of both male and female would finally balance the scales, create better governments and laws, as well as provide a dignified life for all human beings.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

The dream of a beautiful world where we are all equal and empowered is part of our future I am grateful for the women that choose to reach for and make that dream a reality. I am honored to have the opportunity to share in the dream as well as the reality. Thank you to all the women of our world and a special thank you to the women that choose to become leaders and examples for the future generations as well as ours. Your voices and words are changing our world in a positive way.

My thoughts briefly shared as well as my perspective. I hope we can all share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.

Page 3

Have you ever felt like a black cloud was hanging over you? I choose that thought though many others over the course of time have been used to describe why me. Every negative thing that can happen, will happen. “Murphy’s Law” it is quite ironic how it seems to happen to all of us at times no matter who, where what color what creed, what country city or farm. For some that cloud lingers for a long time I was one of those fortunate or perhaps hard headed ones. That would be up to your perspective.


I was at about the lowest point I felt a man can get several times in my life it is unfortunate in some ways, and I can just share the end result of my story now. Yet where would the fun be as well as the substance of my words and thoughts. I will begin upfront with a short heartfelt apology to the English Scholars that may choose to allow me the gift of sharing with them. I am not an English Major I was fortunate to receive a gift of education that may even allow me to finally get that English degree.


The story I am choosing to share is one of my perspective and my journey and realizations through the gifts of those black clouds and for me the way they formed and the gifts of my Heavenly Chest so to speak. Heaven on Earth is the greatest treasure one can possess in our lives’ on this planet. I would like to share my story from the perspective of my first step above the clouds. It is my treasures found, the pots of gold or the silver lining. The lightning the thunder the floods and the pain are part of the story. I share the point of the treasures as they are my path the rungs on the ladder, the stairs on the circular staircase to the sea of blue.


When I went to seek help for my children I went to school. I had been learning my whole life and at forty I thought I had the proverbial “Tiger by the tail”. I remember coming home from work on many occasions and the sink being full of dishes as well as toys and children’s things everywhere. My children where ten and thirteen, I worked every hour I could so my children would have what I only could wish for like a Cinderella. Like many I never met my fairy godmother. Why didn’t they show more respect not only for their things but to me? School was in session, my life as I knew it was indeed over.


From the time I was born it seems there was a black cloud over me. I say that for a few reasons. My father as it is told was a “Street Rat” so to speak. A bastard child of a, “Goody Two Shoe Mormon” leader. Wealthy and if I may say not a Saint of the latter days or any days for that, matter I can only speculate however, never having met him. My mother a fifteen year old porcelain doll a child having a child. It was the era of change and abortions were legal. I would have to say the greatest gift from a black cloud came from my mother. The first rung on my ladder the first silver lining was the strength of my mom in choosing life for me.


My story I share from my view today, above those black clouds every day a little higher I rise and greater the view. The pockets of sunny days and fond memories and the dark clouds of obscurity, lucid and glowing with treasure.


I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, I have been working on many projects and started a book a few years ago, the story is one I am compelled to share. I choose to share a page as it is what I have been doing with a great deal of my time lately. I also feel that in our world of so many issues that affect our lives in a negative way there is always a positive lesson we can learn within ourselves. Those lessons learned within help shape our world without in a positive way if we choose to have the strength to go within and learn them.


I thank you for allowing me to share with you and ask that we please share our smiles and share our love making our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you all for being the change positive and sharing your smiles and love.

Hidden truth, the occult and its lessons shared with me.

One of the gifts I cherish the most is consciousness as it leads to awareness. On that note I choose to share a little more of myself on a deeper level. I grew up surrounded with religion and hypocrisy, getting glimpses of goodness being surrounded by good people that walked through life with the blinders on. Tunnel vision clouded by selfishness.

I asked the questions that they were afraid to answer or confront the truth of the answer. I asked why were Tarot Cards evil? Why are psychics considered evil? Why is divination the work of the devil? My youth was a gift in many ways. As I reflect on growing up in a place where religion ruled, even in the country where there is supposed to be separation of church and state. Utah is a religious state! The L.D.S Religion in fact controls all that happens within its borders and has since it was formed by the Pioneers that devotedly followed their leaders and settled down in the beauty of the land.

Being somewhat of a rebel and Pandora’s Brother so to speak I had to open the box. The gifts in the box have been many and have added great depth expanding my nothingness to greater nothingness. For many my studies may seem evil yet the evils of my studies have given the gift of reality and love of all that exists.

The occult has fascinated me and I have reached the conclusion that the occult is in fact what we fear most.


adj.1. Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena.

2. Beyond the realm of human comprehension; inscrutable.

3. Available only to the initiate; secret: occult lore. See Synonyms at mysterious.

4. Hidden from view; concealed.


a. Medicine Detectable only by microscopic examination or chemical analysis, as a minute blood sample.

b. Not accompanied by readily detectable signs or symptoms: occult carcinoma.


Occult practices or techniques: a student of the occult.

v. (-klt) oc·cult·ed, oc·cult·ing, oc·cults

1. To conceal or cause to disappear from view.

2. Astronomy To conceal by occultation: The moon occulted Mars.


To become concealed or extinguished at regular intervals: a lighthouse beacon that occults every 45 seconds.

[Latin occultus, secret, past participle of occulere, to cover over; see kel-1 in Indo-European roots.]

oc·cultly adv.

oc·cultness n.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

The occult for me has been finding the hidden truth within thus allowing me to be me. I am a true unique as we all are and we hide our uniqueness with fear. Fear of what is hiding within ourselves that which we choose not to seek or acknowledge. Hidden within from our selfish views or perspectives is our inner truth.

I am grateful for the stories of others and the fear of the occult shared by my family and friends. The truth for me is that the occult is my questioning of myself to find my inner truth hidden within. If knowing my inner truth is evil then I am one evil individual. However I would ask those that would call me evil how well they know their inner self? I included the definition of occult that perhaps another perspective may lessen the fear of the occult in some aspects and reveal the true meaning for us as human beings. Are you hiding your inner truth behind the fear of the occult? Fear not your inner self and stop hiding it question and find your inner truth rather than fear what is hidden there.

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and a little more of my inner truth. I recently posted a poem called “Within, and used the term “Chung Fu” it comes in the context used from the book of changes and means “Inner Truth”. I hope we can as human beings reach for our inner truth and share the love that we find there. Thank you for allowing me to share and it is my hope that we all can share some love and a smile making our world a better place for all we share it with. Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Be the change positive know yourself and share your love.


Flowing gently sands of time

Hour glass of the Divine


Internal joy from sorrow

Love deeper today and tomorrow


Precious, grains of sand many yet few

Moments gifts of love shared with you


Peace and tranquility in your mind

When within you connect with the divine


From love and devotion, tranquility in motion

We can each bring peace across oceans


Precious sands of time crossing every line

Every continent every creation every mind

Passes through the hour glass of the divine


Flowing gently sands of time

Living with love what’s left of mine


I am grateful to have opportunity to share a thought or two. It is a gift to read all the wonderful posts on here as well as in our world as many share great acts and small acts of love every day helping make our world a better place. We all contribute in one way or another it is as it is. I do however take encouragement in the fact that so many are indeed being such positive beings and role models for others with their inspiring words and actions.

Thank you for sharing your time and a smile. I hope we can all be the change positive and help our world become a netter place for all we share it with. Please share a smile and share your love it all starts within, share a smile and let the change begin.


After the fall

Lonely, solitude, emptiness, Gratitude

Forgiveness, passion, change of attitude


Loving, learning passage earning

One who is gone, soul yearning


Perhaps never more

Heart not bitter, love for sure


Though the Heart may long

Love of the soul is strong


Bright for all to see

Standing tall with Dignity


Even when you feel wronged

Let love and your soul be strong


Walk the path that few find

Be at peace within your mind


Live and love as we were designed

Love as inspired the love of the divine

Love everything and all human kind

Love knows no boundaries nor space and time


Know love in your soul

No fear in your Heart



Share the Love of yourself

With everyone else   


Instead of living in despair

For someone who doesn’t want to be there

I share a thought or two in reflection and expressing in n artistic way my smile and some smiles to others that may enjoy the thought expressed. I hope we can all share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all that we share it with. Positive change begins with love within, please be the change positive and remember a smile begins within. Thank you for allowing me to share with you.

Heaven and Earth the Battle within

Dragons fighting high above

Heaven and Earth fight with love


Not to main or to kill

Drawing blood against their will


Gentle Kind and discipline

How they fight a win, win


Sparks and Lightning all around

Emanating on the ground


Grounded deep within

Change begins we all win


Dragons fighting high above

Bringing light to darkness with love


Heaven and Earth

The Realm within

Joe Bradshaw (c) 2012


My thoughts expressed as influenced by a very treasured set of writings. I was actually doing to post a poem about sailing on a ship that came in and well that one one in my mind written I shall share another time. That Ship has great sails and the winds blow enchanted breezes.Some rather erotic poets on here..

I thank you for your taking the time and allowing me to perhaps share a smile and even some love. I ask that we all share a smile and share our love and make our world a better place for all we share it with.