I wonder what is our biggest fear that stops us from looking within and knowing who we are?

I believe we have all heard the expression that” we are afraid of our own power “and that limits many from looking within themselves to find and be who they are. I would like to share an observation from my recent experiences that says otherwise. Not that the expression of being afraid of our own power isn’t true, it may be we are afraid to see what is inside of us for another reason.

A few people have asked me recently how to find who they are or getting to know themselves. One in particular stands out and is the inspiration for this post. His name is Dennis; he is a very beautiful human being with a kind heart. He like many of us has done some things he is not proud of; his fear is that he will find he is ugly!

I can embrace and understand that fear and see how it may limit many in a way as well as discourage many from seeking the truth about themselves. We all have our own inner demons so to speak that we must confront in order to know who we really are.

Unfortunately some of the perceptions about ourselves come from places that we hold in high regard such as our religions and our communities as well as those very close to us such as our partners or our family. Guilt is the largest single hurdle for many it seems in truly going deep enough to know who we are. I personally had a difficult time in learning how to deal with guilt and losing the labels as well as the fear placed on my actions and choices by religion and my loved ones.

Guilt makes us feel ugly and unworthy, to hang our heads in shame and hide our other qualities from the world. With your head hung in shame it is hard to look someone in the eye even yourself in the mirror. Guilt is a form of feedback not a sentence… Take the feedback and modify your thoughts, stop looking at your past choices as sins, or shameful acts and accept that they were perhaps not the best choices to make. They however do not define who you are, that is where the perception of being ugly comes in for Dennis and to be honest it was a slippery slope for me to climb as well. For years I sought relief by confessing my sins and dwelling in shame rather than looking for the beautiful side I was staring at the ugly side mesmerized. My mind screaming somebody find me a Priest, knowing that the Priest could not take away that feeling of guilt or the shame I felt for having done those things that were labeled ugly and sinful.

My way of helping Dennis as well as a few other people with the same issue lately was to encourage them to look into that mirror deeply and then see what they find. Go within beyond the ugly and see what they find. It takes a great amount of courage to go so deep through that darkness that you find the light on the other side. The beautiful thing is as you do so with the intent of knowing who you really are a light glimmers even if it is faint at first to light your way through that darkness. How we let go of the pain and the guilt for each one of us is different yet as we do so the light grows stronger and the ugly transmutes to beauty.

So I would like to ask you the questions…

Do you fear that you are a powerful spiritual being?

Do you fear that you will find that you are Ugly?

Do you know who you truly are?

Are you going to find out?

How deep inside of you have you traveled? Only as far as your love of yourself has allowed you to go!
Thank you for allowing me to share a few thoughts and perhaps even some inspiration on your journey to see the beautiful human being you are. I hope you look deep into your eyes in that mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and love the beautiful you that you see!

Thank you for being you and for making our world a better place for all we share it with you are the positive change our world so needs!


Is religion an excuse to not be responsible for your spiritual growth?

I thought I would go way out of the box today in a way so to speak, and ask a question that may inspire some of you dear readers to ask a question.

Does religion limit your spirituality? Is it a crutch or an excuse to not be responsible for your spirituality or the nurturing of your spirituality?

Do you get your spirituality by reading a book, like the Bible or the Koran or the Torah? Do those books actually bring you to your soul within?

Have you looked within to find your soul or your higher self? If you have did you see and recognize your ego on the way?

Do you recognize the ego in your non acceptance of other religious beliefs? Beliefs are taught and can be transmuted over time and they can be distorted. Can we distort our souls?

Spirituality exists, it is not taught, egos are taught and conditioned by our existence our spirits are not. Love is not taught it is what it is, hate is learned and taught it is an ego based practice.

Just because the book says it is so do you ever question the book? What does your heart say?

Because your religion says it is the only way does that allow you to not be responsible for your individual actions?

You cannot tarnish your soul.. You can recognize it and embrace it, take guidance from it yet your ego can not tarnish it or harm it. It is the divine within and it loves you anyway in spite of your ego.

Do you hide behind your religion? The good book said.. What do you say?

If the good book wasn’t there for you to quote, what would you say about many of the issues in our world that plague humanity?

Most of the issues that plague humanity are brought about by religion! Does that make religion spiritual? Or do we base our religious beliefs and defend them because of our ego?

My dad is better than yours, nananana… My church is better than yours, na na na na na

I am not anti religious I am however responsible for my spiritual growth as a human being and wonder how many use their religious beliefs to avoid taking personal responsibility for their own spiritual growth…. After all the book says it all, what do I have to learn, all I have to do is read the book. The way to knowing your soul is to look for it within you! I commune with mine as I meditate and in turn I commune with all that exists as the divine is in all that exists it is part of my soul and yours…

Have you found your soul within?

Do you nurture your human self with the love of that soul?

Thank you for allowing me to share a few questions… I also wish to thank you for being you, you are quite amazing and I am grateful for your sharing your love and your smiles in doing so you are making our world a better place for all we share it with.


Me, “The Way ” Gaza, Israel, and Desmund Tutu

There are times when I question myself as far as what my place is in regards to causes and the injustices in our world. I empathize with the young Buddha as he explored the world outside his palace for the first time as a young child. He saw the plows opening the earth and was amazed with what he saw, he saw mother earth being cut open and violated. He saw the poor and the helpless all the while questioning why and how or what he could or should do about it. I am of course not Buddha I am a spiritual being living as a simple man.

I have been studying so many different spiritual perspectives shared by so many spiritual beings past and present as well as the laws that govern our Universe as the great Lau Tzu or Buddha may have expressed it “The Way or the Tao” as a more modern perspective it may be the” Law of Attraction or Physics” Metaphysics as it were covers all of it. Buddha knew the laws as did Jesus well enough to alter the path of mankind perhaps even enough to change the immediate environment yet they could not change the laws themselves. The laws are what they are Universal and not alterable they may be understood and embraced as well as leveraged yet they are not alterable by man as that is the way.

I wonder at times what I may do with the knowledge and understanding I have of those laws in order to serve the higher good. I can not change the world and embracing negative energy only brings more negative energy. I can change my thoughts and feelings in regards to me and my situation yet the thoughts and feelings of my fellow spiritual beings in their human forms are not mine to control. I have spent a great amount of time learning to change and be in line with my greater self or spiritual self and know it is my place to walk in the middle with love and compassion and empathy yet in joy as for the gift given me to live and enjoy my human form.

I will say that for me as a human being it is at times hard to walk the” Path of Mean “not choosing to embrace the negative aspects of being a human. One of my heros shared a quote we may all learn from “When we choose to hate our oppressors we become like them” Desmond Tutu speaking in reference to Apartheid and the murder and torture of the humans of color in South Africa.

Today I was quite frankly proud in a way to see a protest in the city I live in Salt Lake City Utah is a predominantly right wing religious city in a religious state. I have never seen a protest like the one I saw today on State Street in the middle of downtown. It is not that there are no protests here it was the kind of protest. It was a protest against the conflict in Gaza and Palestine, I would have actually participated if it was for peace yet as I heard the chants of end the Apartheid in Palestine and the negative aspects of the crowd it reminded me of the words spoken by one of those most responsible for the end of Apartheid.


The Jewish people have endured much as a people, so have the Arabs the Palestinians the Jewish side seems to have become very hateful and the oppression of the peoples of Gaza is reminiscent to me of the Nazi treatment of the Jews. Like the Jews in Nazi Germany the Palestinians have been herded into a small area and controlled in every way concentrated so to speak so they can be punished at will, even exterminated if that would serve the purpose of the Israeli Government. The Palestinian side seems to be just as hateful much like the Jewish people were when Hitler rounded them up and concentrated them in areas to be controlled and punished at will even exterminated if it would serve the purpose of the Nazi Government.
A perpetual loop, until someone breaks the cycle how many women and children have to be killed before we as human beings find our spiritual beings and break the cycle? How many times is Hamas going to show up at a gunfight with a pocket knife before they come to their senses and extend a hand of love.. How many times is Israel going to swat a fly with a howitzer before they say “we love you quit with the pocket knife lets be friends there has been enough killing on our planet especially of our wives and children.” How much more will it take before the world says enough… and stops giving Israel the howitzers if they are going to swat flies with them? It is almost surreal to say you are defending your country and attacking with an army a country that has no army… Reminds me of another situation my country was involved in based on lies and a war fought in our defense with a country that couldn’t even attack our country if they wanted to.. Not one jet, not one tank, not one missile could they have hit us with… Now I am trying to stop a T rex with a bb gun.. 🙂

Any way the hate has to stop and the negative has to be transmuted or it will be a never ending loop.. That is the law of the Universe… The other alternative is for the human beings of this planet to consciously and spiritually offset and even more so drown the negative with such love and compassion that the Universe transmutes it and breaks the loop, which would take many of us more than four billion, could turn the tide.

Kudos to those that protested in Salt Lake City today, I would have joined you if your message had been of love and peace… I am however proud you put yourselves out there for your cause.


Thank you all for allowing me to share some thoughts on a subject that is hard to swallow.. I will never understand the killing of human beings by human beings, I may have to accept it yet I will walk the path of mean and say it is not the way!

Thank you for being you and being the change our world so needs by sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with.. 
Namaste with love

Ancient wisdom shared… from the Doctorine of the Mean

The Grandson of Confucius comments on the “Way” and Human Nature.

“Therefore, the superior man cultivates a friendly harmony, without being weak.– How firm is he in his energy! He stands erect in the middle, without inclining to either side.– How firm is he in his energy! When good principles prevail in the government of his country, he does not change from what he was in retirement.– How firm is he in his energy! When bad principles prevail in the country, he maintains his course to death without changing.– How firm is he in his energy!

From the 中 庸 Zhongyong


I wanted to share a bit of what I have been learning and studying for the last seven years. I shared this in a spiritual group discussion on LinkedIn about love, not religion,  not philosophy from the heart love of all that exists no matter what is going on around a person. We can be true to who we are when we stand in the middle as who we are we can be the love we are meant to be.

Thank you all for being you and for being the change positive our world so needs, thank you for sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with!



Reinvention of me or aligning with my inner being?

Today I was paid an incredible compliment by a respected friend that caused me to not only smile and say thank you it caused me to ask myself a few questions. Re invention or alignment was the first question I had to ask after the initial smile. The second question was what did I really feel about the compliment and why?

After participating in the Veterans Writing group I co mentor the facilitator and sponsor at the V.A. Hospital, Mike Scott surprised me with a few thoughts he shared. He looked at me and said thank you for participating and being a part of the writing group as both a writer and a mentor. Then he expressed his admiration for my ability and the amazing way I have re invented myself. From carpenter to intellectual, and future life coach, NLP practitioner and public speaker as well as aspiring to spiritual mastery and being an inspirational being.

In the three years since Mike read one of my poems and asked me to be in his writing group he mentioned how much he has seen me grow and change. He was quite impressed with my progress and quite inspired and moved by my adaptability and my transformation especially in my spiritual presence. He asked if I would be interested in a position or would consider being a volunteer in the peer to peer counseling group. The compliments and the offers made me feel good! I know I am on the path I am supposed to be on and where I am supposed to be at this moment in my journey. Good things are happening and better things are yet to come as I assist and give service to my fellow human beings with love from my heart.

Did I re invent myself? I have had several comments on some of my blog posts that expressed the same sentiment. I have to say that I don’t know that that is the case; I am more inclined to say I have become more in line with who I am. The person I am and was meant to be as I came here in this physical form. Since my youth I have had the desire to express myself in an artistic way through poetry and visual art as well as verbally although in my younger years in a very direct and blunt way.

I have always had the desire to be me yet the influences of the world had the effect that peer pressure has on an individual and through fear limited my true expression of self both intellectually and spiritually. How many 9 year olds read Emerson or Thoreau… How many boys enjoyed or had even heard of Emily Dickinson let alone understood the depth of her soul in her expression of thoughts poetically? (She was a loner and rarely left her room) I was the one that walked to the beat of a different drum and rather than be the odd ball I conformed to society and family pressures.

As my former life crumbled and I spent more time in solitude I began to align with and find my inner being. To know and embrace my inner truth, the years of being a craftsman are a cherished gift yet as a young man my dreams were of a higher calling. I was a gifted and intelligent child with no means, from a family of little wealth and a formal education was beyond reach.

I have found that over the years my inner self has been calling me to align and be who I am rather than continue living in fear and succumbing to the expectations of others. Family was one of those that I was trying to live up the expectations of has seen the same change as my friend Mike and now supports and embraces the change and transformation I am going through. They know that the trying times I have been through over the last seven years, has been a good thing even though from the outside perspective seems to have been otherwise. My 100,000 $ + a year job gone and left behind for an uncertain future, my countless hours of study and research as well as the many hours, days , months and years of solitude to find and know “who and what I am”. Have been harder for them at times than it has been for me, yet I am lining up with who I am and what I came to do.

I am here to be a part of and add depth to the evolution of Consciousness and the greater mass conscious awareness of humanity. To help others align with their inner being and inspire them to become consciously aware of who they are and to express their individual and diverse perspectives and add to that mass consciousness.

I admire and embrace the concept that we in our own time have an obligation to contribute to the evolution of humanity in a positive and meaningful way. It is in our reach to become a better human race than we were yesterday and even more so than we were 2000+ years ago in the time of Jesus of Nazareth, and even more so than 3000 years ago in the time of the Greek philosophers and 5000 years ago in the time of Buddha or the times of the beginnings of the Hindu societies and the Great Ganesh. We have all the history and wisdom of the ancients to draw upon and create a better humanity and paint a picture of such beauty and grace that the ancients would be proud of what we create with the loving wisdom they left us to work with.

The first steps to doing so are to become consciously aware of who we are and align with our inner beings or higher selves and make those changes. It doesn’t require anything more than the desire and love of ourselves to do so and the willingness and effort to do so. For me it has taken seven years to unlearn what a lifetime taught me about living for the expectations of others and being afraid to be me.

I wanted to express my thoughts at the request of a friend that asked me to write a post from my heart that was inspiring and would help her find her “backbone” I would like to say we all have the capacity to change that process starts within, while you are there first find who you really are and want to be then know you can do it and do it even if the rest of the world seems to not understand at some point they will step back and say… I am in awe and admire you for re inventing yourself.. You can smile and say no I just lined up with who I am and who I was meant to be.. I am finally becoming me! 

Thank you for being you and being the change positive our world so needs by sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with


Inspirational people and causes series.. “Doc Mishler”


Inspirational People
A series of articles about people and their causes

I would like to share a few thoughts and part of an incredible story as well as an amazing journey as shared with me recently by my friend “Doc Mishler”. I would imagine some reading this may know him or perhaps have seen him in your city or town. As he crosses back and forth across the country with his three companions “Chief-Free-Spirit” “Keep-the-Faith” and “Hunger-no-More”. They are his friends and his transportation three beautiful horses that have been across the country from what I gather several times. I am in awe and inspired by Doc and his mission to feed those that are hungry and make sure children will stop going to bed hungry.

Doc is a survivor and a beautiful human being I asked him how old he was and he just laughed, I am guessing he is in his early 70’s. He has survived cancer, a quadruple bypass a complete hip replacement and a broken pelvis which was expected to end his horse riding days. He was told he could not ride anymore after a trip from Choteau, MT. to Washington D.C. by way of California. It was said he broke his pelvis walking down the steps of the Capital Bldg. after he spoke to Congress expressing that every weapon we create and spend money on that belongs to the hungry children is stealing from our world the gifts that those children are to our future and our world. His pilgrimage across the country in an effort to make people aware was one that focused on the churches he passed along the way.

I met Doc after this journey had been completed in an Office Max at the print shop, I go every Wednesday to a particular store in downtown Salt Lake City UT. I stop and have my writing project for one of the writing groups I participate in printed. I was quite taken and surprised when I got off the train and saw three horses tied to a tree. I smiled and my imagination took over as I wondered what was going on and who might be responsible for the scene I was viewing. I walked to the back of the store and as I got close to the print shop I smelled horse.. I was not too surprised when I saw a man in ragged chaps and an old dusty hat, vest and a mane of long grey hair with a beard to match.

I asked him if he was aware that his vehicle was improperly parked and we laughed, I asked him where he was headed. “I am going to see the Grand Puba, the head muckity muck, the big chief, and tell him I would like to see him honor Jesus and sell his temples. There are starving children all over the world and if he is a Christian and the Saint he and his followers claim to be they will do as the Jesus would do and feed those children. “ I smiled and asked him did he have an appointment or was he just going to ride right up to the Temple Doors and walk in like Moses meeting the Pharaoh? I asked about his luck with the other churches and the Congress. He smiled and although none would contribute to the cause many people he had met along his journey did contribute and help in many ways.

I know the Mormon Church, “The Church of Jesus Christ the Latter Day Saints didn’t help or contribute either. I also know for the price of one of their Temples they could feed every hungry child in the world for a year or more. Just as I know that for the price of one battle tank our Government in the U.S. could feed every hungry family in the world for a year. I wonder when the big religions with the big pockets that claim to be doing the work of “God” or even more so the work of Jesus will become conscious and aware of what Jesus would want rather than the things they want.

As Doc was getting ready to ride the last mile or so to the Temple of “Mammon” I asked him how I could help other than writing this story. He smiled and said in his lifetime he had only met a few that would do the right thing and keep nothing for themselves as far as his contributions and his heart were concerned. Only one church had shown him the genuine desire to do as they said and would take the donations and do as intended keeping nothing and feeding the hungry children.

He has asked that you give from your heart and contribute as you can here:
Maple ridge Community
10 Hellbrook Ln.
Ulster Park ,NY 12487
Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two about an inspirational man his companions and his cause. Thank you as well for being the positive change our world so needs as you share your smiles and share your love, making our world a better place for all we share it with.
Namaste 

peace in love

I would like to share a thought or two as I haven’t done so for a while. Life sometimes takes us places we are not expecting even if the place is familiar or the people we are sharing with are ones we love. Many things in my life have been in what to many of my friends is chaos. To me it is change although it may seem disorderly and quite a bummer for most. For me it has been most beautiful and transformational in some aspects.

I suppose all is relative to ones perspective and what they choose to perceive in any particular situation. I have been given many gifts through the darker of clouds, in the past  I always wondered when the sun would again shine. I share with many and many share with me and have contributed to and shaped the process of knowing and loving who I am and who you are as well as all that exists. The depth and height of such is beyond what my mind could ever fathom the narrow and width, the smallness and vastness beyond my comprehension of love is what lets me know this?

We as humanity have contributed to who every one of us is has become or will become, we have been given the ultimate gift. Our minds in a way are what to many would say is our ultimate advantage and gift.  I had questioned that in the past as well as the ego, many of the great spiritual Gurus share different perspectives, as does the Mental Heath community. Through the gift of knowledge and wisdom shared by many and through the deepest lessons of love I can say this…

The sun is always there shining, the clouds of perception and my mind stopped me from seeing it. I think the greatest gift I have is knowing my mind with my soul. my mind perceives my soul knows. My soul knows as science knows the sun always shines, the rotation of the earth and our perspectives hides it. It is the same for love and hate peace and war our perspectives are either in darkness or or in the light. The tree with leaves or the bare tree in winter doesn’t have a perspective it just knows the sun is shining and today the leafs are green then they are gone. The sun still shines on them every day.

In the near future I would like to share a little more about the experience I am having as I learn with unconditional love. The lesson is deep yet as I walk through the black clouds of today I smile knowing the sun is shining.  As I talked with my son although not by blood I raised him as my son i asked him a question. If you were to die would you like your last minute to be filled with joy and a smile on your face?

Yes? If you choose to answer yes as I have ask yourself if you know when that minute will be?

My answer it doesn’t matter I know not nor do I worry about it I choose to know the sun shines, love unconditional is a gift divine. We were all created and our creations are changing the sands of time. The illusions of anything other than good are perceptions of our narrow minds. The pain in our world is created by fate a destiny we help create, when we fail to accept and appreciate the beauty of love and hate. Hate brings about change as in our souls it is a feeling thats strange to our souls with our minds deranged.

With love unconditional of who I am not my mind or the body you see. I live with the love of the moment every second I breath with the love of all creation and gratitude for all of creation and what it shares with me. Love is what I choose to contribute as it is what is shared with me. I love unconditional as my mind I see, from the soul that lives the one I call me.

I am grateful to share a thought or two. I have just traveled across the country to spend some time with my children and get organized with a quiet mind, my time online has been very limited and many things have happened. I will be getting back to this in the very near future. Just a thought as I ask for a smile… Sometimes I have chosen the path through hell to get to heaven, now as I walk that road the sun is always shining!  Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Better to help shape our destiny and share the fate of sharing love and begin to appreciate. Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and your time and the smile you bring by sharing that time with me.