70, 000 words … Homework? My last black cloud! :)

Six years and 70,000 words later, what I learned and what I gained from a book I wrote about black clouds and rain is, I have seen my last black cloud. The word count is an underestimate as is the amount of times I have written the book it was actually four times and three ways of writing the book to share a story. I even dabbled at it poetically, many people have encouraged me and I have spent much time not only writing and editing, I have been to coaching groups, coaches and sent samples to many friends. I would like to say thank you to all of those that have helped and shared thoughts and insight as well as encouragement.

I have composed an amazing reminder that I shall not open nor go any farther in creating… Funny how amazing I feel and how happy I am. I had breakfast with a good friend that had just read my latest revision of the book summary. He knew I was preparing a letter of inquiry to find an agent and get my book published. My fellow writing coaches were quite excited and quite looking forward to reading the letter and were anticipating my long awaited and hard work to be finished and published. I smiled as he asked was I done with the letter and did I want him to read it and share his thoughts.

I smiled as I told him I was done with the book, literally and thoroughly as I chose to not share that story. He smiled as I said it and laughed as shared one of his favorite quotes by Hunter S. Thompson the author of some of his favorite books. “When the going gets tough the weird turn pro” he said half laughing. I smiled and shared with him where I was and what I was feeling. My friend is a fellow writing mentor a good friend and an inspiration in many ways. He knows much about my spiritual side and journey as well as my life as it was and is. I told him that the last six years of writing re writing and hundreds of hours were a gift as they helped me learn to become a better writer.

Seven or so years ago I drew a Tarot spread with a spiritual reader, the basics of the spread were that I had to give up everything and then I would have abundance and prosper beyond my wildest dreams. I did give up or lose everything or so I thought and I had thought the prosperity and abundance would come as I wrote my book and told my story. Funny how what I really needed to give up was the story, every word I wrote every time I edited every time I re hashed my life was just like swimming upstream in a fast moving river. Working my ass off getting worn out and getting nowhere, living in a reality that I didn’t even want to be in trying to embrace the past and show what I had learned as I wrote about it and repeated it vicariously with 70,000 words. I did get stronger however and I did learn to appreciate the contrast, as I grew, I learned to crumple up the pages, gesso my canvas and paint a new picture.

While writing I have been doing what all the masters do and have done throughout time, reading and learning. For me I have been learning a spiritual path as well, something I was sharing in the book I was writing. The lessons I have been learning I am actually learning and knowing that it was time to let the book go… Like the homework I did in school it served its purpose and it is time to move forward. The spiritual lessons have shared that with me in a profound way as have all those hours writing, mentoring, coaching and being coached as a writer.

One of the ways I can express this from the heart is to share with you a lesson I learned as I taught a writer in a writing group. For two years a writer in this group has shared the same two chapters of his book. A very sad and depressing story to say the least, after 80 or so weeks of this I encouraged Joe to re write his book and this time before he started I asked him to tell me how the book he was writing now ended. He was quite bright when he said it ended with a happy ending he got published became a bestselling author got rich met a gorgeous lady and lived happily ever after on a tropical Island. I and the other group mentor challenged him to share the last two chapters or two fresh chapters of a new book painting that picture the next time he came to group. His first three paragraphs he shared at the next group meeting were the best thing I had seen him write and quite worthy of a best seller.

I have given some advice spiritually as well expressing that if things are so negative in your thoughts change the record. Play a different song paint a different picture, change the track think about something that makes you smile, think about breathing. As I was writing my letter to inquire and ask for representation from an agent I felt a smack on the back of my head. It was as if all the words of wisdom and all the things I had been studying came flowing through me. I knew it was time to take my own advice.

Thoughts become things, every invention everything that has ever been created started as a thought somewhere. The spiritual lessons and the time spent in meditation, divination, the study of the occult, the study of the Universe, the law of attraction the laws of nature and the adventure of living have shown me that everything gets where it is supposed to get to. The path of least resistance is the shortest path even if at times it seems the longest. It is easier to go around the rock than go over or through it, water flows down hill, the flower blooms when it is supposed to, the bird will fly when it is ready, the butterfly used to be a caterpillar and we as humans are capable of changing ourselves and our world with our thoughts and we do whether we believe we do or not. I have chosen not to fight the current and embrace the thoughts that will create the future I want not dwell in a past that I don’t want with thoughts that no longer serve me.

I would like to end this post with a thank you all for allowing me to share my thoughts and perhaps a smile. I am very grateful for the gift of sharing here with so many wonderful people it is a gift and honor to have the privilege of doing so. I am painting a new picture and as I do so my blog is sure to change with it as each stroke of the brush and the pen paint in a new perspective the things I wish to share. Thank you for being who you are and being the positive change our world so needs as you share your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with.