Ancient Wisdom.. Renovation!

On the bathing tub of Tang, the following words were engraved:— “If you can one day renovate yourself, do so from day to day. Yea, let there be daily renovation.”

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大 學 Daxue – The Great Learning

I find this very true as I aspire to be the best me I can be! I am responsible for my actions and my words I can always find something I can improve about myself every day!

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and thank you for being you.. You are awesome and I would like to say thank you for all you do as you are the positive change our world so needs. By sharing your love and your smiles you are making our world a better place for all we share it with! 


4200/4200= Humanity united…


In a group I participate in discussions in on LinkedIn, the Spiritual Writers Assoc. I came across an interesting discussion and thoughts  being shared. So I thought I would share a few thoughts and a Mathematics Equation to a problem as it was noted by a participant in the group. The law of Mathematics is quite undeniable and is used to verify everything in science so I would like to share an answer to a very important issue in a mathematical way.

The discussion is titled:
Can all religions be considered as different pathways to know God?
The comment shared below inspired this post and the math;
Abdo Salem
Writer at Google
It is clear that all pathways to God, founded by the prophets of the past, are ideal. But in reality they became a reason for fight and killing. There is no choice. You inherit your belief from your society and rare are those who choose after that. Now all beliefs are growing in parallel lines and their meeting is impossible unless they reached the eternity or infinity. This is the logic of mathematics which prevail this age. So we need one equation that can gather all pathways in one way.

Gregg Anderton Religion & Spirituality Supervisor
There are more than 730 established Religions in the world which are broken out into more the 3200 different sects. Other sources say there are 4200

My answer is this 4200/4200= 1

4200 Religions and sects divide humanity if 4200 religions and sects were to unite then we would once again have one united humanity.

There is only 1 humanity of which we are all a part of one planet we live on one solar system that planet exists in one galaxy that solar system is part of one Universe that humanity, the Earth, the Solar system, the Galaxy and many other galaxies are part of. Even though the Universe seems to be divided it is one Universe. As I would like to share in my way that as divided as we are by our religious beliefs we are one, humanity.

Funny thing about all those religions, sects and the division they cause is that they all share a common belief that we should all treat each other as we would be treated…

Perhaps it is time we as human beings did some simple math divide your religion by one and what do you get for an answer? That answers is the same as my answer 1 apply that to our world and our one common ground no matter religion, race, creed, health, wealth, where you live how you live, clothed, naked, hungry or full/// we are one Human Race.. one Humanity it may be that we appear divided yet what divides us?

The power of one, the power of one humanity united Imagine that and what we could accomplish and how we could change our world. Imagine if religion were not part of the equation yet the values of our combined religious beliefs were actually practiced instead of preached where we could be as far as human evolution. Imagine a world where kindness prevailed and there was peace in all corners of the globe.

Thank you, Abdo Salem for asking the question and expressing the need to present the problem in a mathematical way. Thank you, Gregg Anderson for your statistics.

Thank you all for allowing me to share my thoughts and my math skills in the hope of inspiring a solution to the largest dividing factor of our collective Humanity…Thank you all as well for being you and being the positive change our world so needs. By sharing your smiles and sharing your love you are making our world a better place for all we share it with. 


I wonder what is our biggest fear that stops us from looking within and knowing who we are?

I believe we have all heard the expression that” we are afraid of our own power “and that limits many from looking within themselves to find and be who they are. I would like to share an observation from my recent experiences that says otherwise. Not that the expression of being afraid of our own power isn’t true, it may be we are afraid to see what is inside of us for another reason.

A few people have asked me recently how to find who they are or getting to know themselves. One in particular stands out and is the inspiration for this post. His name is Dennis; he is a very beautiful human being with a kind heart. He like many of us has done some things he is not proud of; his fear is that he will find he is ugly!

I can embrace and understand that fear and see how it may limit many in a way as well as discourage many from seeking the truth about themselves. We all have our own inner demons so to speak that we must confront in order to know who we really are.

Unfortunately some of the perceptions about ourselves come from places that we hold in high regard such as our religions and our communities as well as those very close to us such as our partners or our family. Guilt is the largest single hurdle for many it seems in truly going deep enough to know who we are. I personally had a difficult time in learning how to deal with guilt and losing the labels as well as the fear placed on my actions and choices by religion and my loved ones.

Guilt makes us feel ugly and unworthy, to hang our heads in shame and hide our other qualities from the world. With your head hung in shame it is hard to look someone in the eye even yourself in the mirror. Guilt is a form of feedback not a sentence… Take the feedback and modify your thoughts, stop looking at your past choices as sins, or shameful acts and accept that they were perhaps not the best choices to make. They however do not define who you are, that is where the perception of being ugly comes in for Dennis and to be honest it was a slippery slope for me to climb as well. For years I sought relief by confessing my sins and dwelling in shame rather than looking for the beautiful side I was staring at the ugly side mesmerized. My mind screaming somebody find me a Priest, knowing that the Priest could not take away that feeling of guilt or the shame I felt for having done those things that were labeled ugly and sinful.

My way of helping Dennis as well as a few other people with the same issue lately was to encourage them to look into that mirror deeply and then see what they find. Go within beyond the ugly and see what they find. It takes a great amount of courage to go so deep through that darkness that you find the light on the other side. The beautiful thing is as you do so with the intent of knowing who you really are a light glimmers even if it is faint at first to light your way through that darkness. How we let go of the pain and the guilt for each one of us is different yet as we do so the light grows stronger and the ugly transmutes to beauty.

So I would like to ask you the questions…

Do you fear that you are a powerful spiritual being?

Do you fear that you will find that you are Ugly?

Do you know who you truly are?

Are you going to find out?

How deep inside of you have you traveled? Only as far as your love of yourself has allowed you to go!
Thank you for allowing me to share a few thoughts and perhaps even some inspiration on your journey to see the beautiful human being you are. I hope you look deep into your eyes in that mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and love the beautiful you that you see!

Thank you for being you and for making our world a better place for all we share it with you are the positive change our world so needs!


Do you meditate? Is not knowing how stopping you?


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit[1] or as an end in itself.[2]


I was inspired to share a few thoughts in regards to the practice of meditation. I have been teaching a few people as of late how to meditate. I personally did not learn to meditate until I was in my early 40’s although I had thought about it for many years, I didn’t know how. I had seen it done in many movies in which the Chinese Master and his students would sit in a particular fashion in silence or chanting as I had also seen the Hindu monks and Tibetan monks in movies or documentaries do the same. Legs all crossed and arms placed in a particular way fingers forming circles backs straight and well it seemed like a strict kind of thing. Meditation seemed like something that took training and years of practice to actually accomplish like it was a something only for monks and the holy.
Phooey! Not only Phooey, Hong Kong Phooey!

I was introduced to meditation the first time by a friend and a therapist her name was Nancy. She asked me one day as we talked about anger if I meditated, I was embarrassed as I said no, I don’t know how. She explained that it would help me with an issue I was dealing with.  I had learned a behavior in regards to dealing with anger and I as she put it needed an alternate plan. My examples growing up were not the best when it came to dealing with anger in fact they were quite destructive and violent. I have always been a compassionate and empathetic being that was not one to embrace violent reaction. Even though I would yell at times I tried to just suppress my anger. I swore a pact of non violence in my late twenties after years of being a tough guy and macho idiot.( I was raised to be a brawler and was at heart a lover!)

Meditation she said is easy, relax and be.. Picture your favorite place one where you go for peace and quiet. Imagine you are there. And just picture it peaceful and being there in peace. I asked if I should sit a particular way, hold my hands a special way what else should I do. She said just be comfortable and find that place… Easy! Well it was easy in a way yet did not bring me the satisfaction I thought I would get, yet what did I expect? I had never meditated before. I started to do some research on the subject and found the first big breakthrough for me was “Breathing”. I was introduced to a fact that changed meditation for me and took it to a new level. Breathing is a natural instinctive thing. It requires no thought, a quiet mind or no thought is the objective of spiritual meditation is to find inner peace or clarity for many practitioners of meditation on a spiritual level.

“Nirvana” “Wang Chung” Peace, perfect pitch, alignment, oneness… All require a quite mind; the easiest way to empty one’s mind of thoughts is to think about something that requires no thinking. Breathing is an instinctual operation, when you concentrate your thoughts on breathing; your mind is now in a place it rarely goes, in fact it would not go there at all most likely if you didn’t take it there. In doing so you are quieting your mind from its state of random thoughts by focusing on an instinctual operation, like throwing a curve ball in a way. As you focus and observe your breathing it is for many an easy way to relax and transition into the meditative state of an empty mind. An empty mind is a clear mind, clarity, silence and peace, a state in which one may hear and be at one with their inner self, the higher self that hears the thoughts and hears the universe. When you are in meditation like that you can go anywhere you choose and find what my friend tried to teach me.

There are many forms and styles of meditation find the one that works best for you and serves your purpose. Some people I know don’t like the stillness of a sitting silent meditation and prefer a walking meditation, or perhaps the practices of Yoga, Tai Chi or Qui Gong.

The truth is whatever way you choose is the way that is best for you. I feel that any type of meditation is awesome and brings you closer to the divine and all of us closer to the love we all wish for our collective humanity and our earth. Meditation brings you into the present moment the here and now in the most beautiful way. If you want to start just start, if you need help remember to just breathe! Or call me and I will be more than happy to hold your hand as you take those first steps!

Thank you for your time and allowing me to share a thought or two. Mediation is the greatest gift you can share with yourself! Thank you for being you and sharing your love and smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with! 


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Daily Reflection and Peace

Tseng Tzu said, ‘Every day I examine myself on three counts. In what I have undertaken on another’s behalf, have I failed to do my best? In my dealings with my friends have I failed to be trustworthy in what I say? Have I passed on to others anything that I have not tried out myself?’

Do you think about your day and what affect your day had on who you are as well as how you may have affected others?

I added a fourth count in my daily reflection that actually supersedes the three shared by Tseng Tzu… Have I done the best I can to be my true self with love and dignity in regards to my higher self as it is who I truly am.

I also wish to share a thought about the meditation for peace that was held globally on Friday, I am not sure if a billion people participated. I know that many did, it was quite an amazing energy I personally felt as I joined with the millions who participated in the IAMPEACE Global Meditation for Peace sponsored by the Chopra Center, Unify and 1GiantMind. Thank you for the gift of participating with you all!

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two. I also wish to thank you for being you, you are truly amazing. Thank you as well for being the change our world so needs as you share your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with 


Nine hills to climb.. A poeticly expressed thought


The gifts and treasures of material gone
The memories of loves for which I used to long
A journey I took to make me strong

The losses had broken me apart
Then the journey of nine hills was at its start
The losses and gains I take no longer take to heart

The nine hills I have chosen to climb
Those I have come to those hills divine
The nine hills found beyond my mind

The nine hills so rocky and steep
Nine hills in my soul I keep
Nine hills so I may learn not weep

At the summit of each hill I climbed
I paused and reflected as I took the time
A gift of love a treasure there I would find
– –
Pondering in awe at the world I would stare
Knowing it is love and beauty everywhere
Finding love unconditional for all there is for me to share

On top of the hill as I contemplate and enjoy the view
Stripped naked wearing nothing to begin anew
Knowing and loving who I am to myself I am true

Treasures I lost I seek not to find
For I cannot lose what is truly mine
The treasures true to me will return in time

As I sit on the highest one
Hill number nine in the rising sun
I realize the treasures I lost are none

I wanted to express a thought or two in a poetic way. The poem is inspired by a hexagram I have drawn several times in recent weeks while exploring the “Book of Changes” or the “Yi Jing” as it is also known. I have been observing and learning various philosophies from through out history and find myself most intrigued at the similarities and differences in the Eastern and Western perspectives. Even from region to region and philosopher to philosopher the variety and depth of perspectives is amazing and quite to use a miss used phrase quite “enlightening” I would choose to say they all enrich and add to my depth rather than enlighten.

There are as many philosophies as there are people, we all have learned and developed our own philosophies as we journey through life. It is those that choose to share and express their philosophies that inspire us to find and create our own. Plato was one of those that inspired me to seek a deeper insight into my own philosophy. There are actually many that have inspired me to reach for a deeper understanding of myself and in turn my fellow human beings, to be honest of all that exists.

The nine hills are actually a metaphorical expression of Ancient Chinese Philosophy, nine represents good luck and good fortune, the hills are values within a human being, the steep and winding trails expressed are the depths of ones self and  are those preferred by Dragons the light and dark within, the dragon is a very powerful symbol in Ancient Chinese culture and philosophy. I embrace the concepts of the ancient philosophies and cultures especially those of the East the Hindu, Buddhists, The Taoists, the teachings of Confucius and Lao Tzu stand out yet there are many more, the diversity of them especially viewed together creates a very beautiful and deep picture of that part of the world. The western philosophies panted a very different picture just as diverse and just as beautiful only from a more material and out word perspective as opposed to an inward perspective chosen by the East.

I ponder the concept of enlightenment as I sit atop the Ninth hill and create as well as embrace my philosophy. I can not claim enlightenment nor that I have reached Nirvana, I can say I have left the cave and chosen the path I have chosen. For all that has been in my life materially and spiritually is a gift whether, I posses it in the physical sense or not is irrelevant. A car breaks down or gets totaled, people leave or die, money comes and goes, the only constants are change and my conscious awareness of those changes. What I have began to realize as I observe, is that my choice of how I accept those changes is the gift of enrichment of my inner self and the character I am viewed as by others. If I choose to throw a temper tantrum or melt down in the face of adversity I am viewed as a spoiled or weak human being or perhaps an angry human being. If I choose to take it in turn and smile I view myself as a beautiful soul with love and compassion for the many that have Joegone through the same or similar circumstances. A person viewed by others as having good character and integrity. Neither is better than the other, just from my personal perspective I do feel better and feel more aligned with my inner or higher self when I choose to look at things with love and compassion being empathetic with myself and others.

I thank you for allowing me to share a few thoughts and taking the time to read them and let me do so. I hope to have shared a smile or two. Thank you all for being the positive change our wold so needs by sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with. 🙂 Namaste, Peace, Love and Light… ; ) I share my love and my smile with you thank you for sharing yours with me! 🙂

Spiritual Mastery and what I aspire to (part two)

My latest post was becoming very long as I felt inspired by the words of  Sri Chimnoy a Spiritual Master I recently was introduced to through his writings by a fellow blogger. As I read many of his writings I found myself fascinated by his way of sharing the wisdom of many Masters before him and his perspective of Mastery. The last page of the website dedicated to his teachings and writings that I was exploring shared something I felt was quite true and profound. I appreciated its point and its powerful message. What do you expect from a Master of Himself and a spiritual being who lives in the presence of the divine? I have been asked many times, was I learning Alchemy to turn lead into gold? What did I hope to gain from divination the winning lottery numbers? Did I hope to become a preacher or start a church? The truth is none of the above, I only want to hear and understand the voice of God and my soul that I may live and do as my maker wanted when I was created.

A friend and I talked recently about the subject of that still small voice, She said she heard it often and followed it regularly. I have questioned many times what I felt was my inner voice and free will. The ego of my human self and my desires as opposed to my soul and my aspirations and throw in what did God have in his heart as I was created. Much like a child I expressed are my desires, or my free will compared to what my maker wants. I the child wants to dip my French fries in my chocolate milk instead of catsup and play at the dinner table while I should be eating my dinner. My Father would rather I dipped my fries in catsup and sat nicely at the dinner table and eat my dinner with my best manners. What di God want for me and what was my soul sharing with me rather than what my ego wanted and shared with me. The Ferrari I could have been driving or the wonderful children I chose instead, a no brainer for many yet I still wonder what it is I should be doing rather than what I want to be doing.

The fact is as I read somewhere that “once you drink the water from the well of spirituality you will forever be thirsty”. I have had great thirst and have from my birth and will till I die I would venture to say. I had asked an uncle of mine once as I felt overwhelmed with the amount of spiritual reading and studying I had been doing is there such a thing as too much knowledge? His response was no, if you feel overwhelmed or confused listen to your still small voice. The one I have been trying to learn to hear I responded. Some people have the gift of just knowing or they never ask as I which of the voices in my head should I hear?

The final thought shared on the website of Sri Chinmoy’s teachings summed up for me the same truth for which I felt and have been learning as I have studied and searched so long and expressed my thoughts in a way I choose to share here. I am still a child in the spiritual realm and shall be forever as it were. I can not even begin to imagine the depths of our Universe nor the wonders it contains and as far as God… well I can only say I am a living creation for his purpose. I choose to embrace and seek my inner truth and aspire to be the best person I can be.

When a man realises the highest Truth, he tries to offer the highest Truth to humanity at large. Most often unrealised people or unspiritual people think that a realised person, if he is truly realised, has to perform miracles at every moment. Miracles and God-Realisation need not and should not go together. When you stand in front of a spiritual Master, what you expect to see and what you do see is Peace, Light, Bliss and divine Power. Now, where does he hold this power? Not in his arms or legs, or in his head, but deep inside the inmost recesses of his heart. Enter into him and you are bound to feel infinite Peace, infinite Light and infinite Bliss. But if you expect something else from a realised soul, if you come to a spiritual Master thinking that because he has realised the highest he can fulfil your teeming desires, make you a multimillionaire in the twinkling of an eye, you are totally mistaken. These are the kinds of things he does not do. If it is the Will of the Supreme, the Master can easily make someone a multimillionaire overnight. He can bring down material prosperity in abundant measure, but this is not the Will of the Supreme. What you can expect from a Master and from a Master’s realisation is Peace, Light and Bliss.

Sri Chinmoy, Eastern Light For The Western Mind, Agni Press, 1973

by Sri Chinmoy
From the book Eastern Light For The Western Mind, made available to share under a Creative Commons license

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and perhaps a smile. Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you for being the change positive and thank you for sharing your love.