My Friend….

I sit cold and alone

My freezing heart turning to stone

I reached for your hand in despair

It wasn’t there

I slip into the abyss

No longer wanted or being missed

In the darkness I reach for the light

Overwhelmed I choose not to fight

Forsaken as I feel

I know God is real

I ask in genuine humility

Help me take away the pain

Let me live again

With love as my friend

Thank you all for your time and your smiles… I had to just let it out! I am happy, spiritual, and living!

The bend

As I travel the path I am on

The twists and turns I can’t see beyond

The day is here now it’s gone

What’s around the bend? carry on

The dreams like rainbows shine

The past gone the storm left behind

Treasures gifts sublime

The pot of gold in my rainbow mind


As the stars some streaking shoot by

Spreading mystical wings through the heavens I fly

Like the eagle and goose high in the sky

Such a beauty such darkness fills my eyes


Time and space and my place within

Before the sun shines I begin

The morning with a grin

As I look ahead to where I have been


Dreams like eagles flying with the goose

Only let you fall if you let them loose

It doesn’t matter where you eat or where you roost

Live your dreams give your soul a boost


Sometimes I may take a bumpy ride

Be forced to swallow my foolish pride

Sleep on a bench no one to wipe the tears I cried

Yet I always come up standing as I rise


If I never reach my elusive dream

I have the treasures serene

Gathered along the way it would seem

From the things around the bend

I can’t yet see

 Thank you all for allowing me to share a thought or two, sometimes it seems we wait to long to follow our dreams. Things happen and challenge us sometimes doing damage to our self esteem. Someone commented to me the other day as I tore out carpet soaked in dog urine from a rather large house that I seem like I feel above that work and entitled to something. I smiled and said I am entitled to the 100 dollars I am getting paid for the days work it will take me to get the carpet out. I smile and hold my head high in dignity I am obviously doing this and you are not. How can you say I feel I am above doing this I am doing it and have busted my butt to do a good job. I suppose I am sharing the thought that even the crappiest jobs don’t have to take away your dignity or self esteem.. I find sometimes it makes me a better person than I was before the experience by not being above or below anything, even nasty carpet and curious observers.

I hope we can all share a smile and share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you for your time your smiles and for being the change positive our world needs to be a better place for all we share it with!:)

At the crossroad


As my world collapses I smile

All will get better after a while

As it comes to an end

I have in heaven many friends

I recently learned of an artist that couch surfs

From her I have learned love and happiness first

As I reach for the stars

After having traveled so far

I look to the heavens inside of me

I know in my heart I have been set free

With the future quite in doubt

The road I have traveled is what it is about

Love of my fellow human beings

I have no choice but to follow my dreams

As once again on the verge of no home

I walk with the love of all I have known

One day in the future perhaps not in this life

I will live in comfort with a beautiful wife

I am grateful for where I am

A simple humble loving man

As the weeks of the future unfold

I have the hand of my Lord to hold

I do believe with love in my heart sings

Magic and hope for the future it brings

As I look at the road ahead

It doesn’t matter if I have a bed

I have a gift deep inside

Love of myself with no foolish pride

I will have the life of my dreams

Even if now impossible it seems

I reach for the stars as I share

Tomorrow a way for me will be there

I am so grateful for the gift

Of living this moment and making the best of it

  I share a thought or perhaps a few in a way that is becoming more comfortable than just raw words expressed in a heart felt way. Sometimes emotions are overwhelming and the feeling is one of despair. I am not subject to despair anymore yet can’t help but momentarily feel as if I am slipping. I reached out for a hand the other day as I was finishing up my awards page. My friend reached back and I recovered without falling on the slippery slope I am on.

  Last night I went to a spiritual gathering with a friend, it was somewhat like going to a church service without the religious aspects. It was quite intriguing as well as enlightening as the various speakers spoke on their take of spirituality. I listened to the harp being played in the back ground and allowed the energy in the hall to pass through me and must say… The people of our world are for the most part very beautiful.

  One of the speakers a specialist in alchemy spoke on the topic of following your dreams, I was quite taken aback by his perspective of not following them as they become nightmares in the end. I wanted to ask him why he shared such a thought yet in listening to his words I understood his logic. Dreams are however not about logic nor is magic nor for that matter is the one gift I most cherish.. Love!

I know not where I am headed in my new adventure in a short time I may be jobless and could even end up on the street again, I am putting much effort into changing my career and my way of contributing to the betterment of myself as well as sharing inspiration and love with my fellow human beings. My contributions to our world are many and I have much more to contribute in a positive way. I may not be the most logical person I do however know that logic doesn’t buy nor does money buy love nor does it buy happiness. I do know that I am happy and even though I don’t have that special lady in my life at the moment I have the greatest gift of all Love of myself and my fellow human beings!

  I was reminded about a post shared a few weeks ago that was about following your dreams and not living a JOB Just Over Broke that has been playing in my head over and over. Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer, Teddy Roosevelt was a rancher and Abe Lincoln ran for president and lost many times. Many great people have followed their dreams and with no thought of being logical inspired and shaped the lives of many in a very positive way. Mine included!

Logical or not I follow my dreams and smile! Please share a smile and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Share a smile and share your love and be the change positive. I am working on responding to the many comments shared form so many beautiful people after my sharing of some love and awards with some 400+ bloggers it took almost four days to post and comment on all of those blogs so please bear with me as I catch up. Thank you all for the many smiles and the time you take sharing them! 🙂

PS Anyone who would care to share a thought as to where a beautiful human being with a few gifts and talents may find a way to use them and live a dream would be a greatly appreciated help. As Abraham Hicks would say its in the vortex and the circumstances will lead me to meet them perhaps one of you can share with me that circumstance. 😉

Diversity, writing, writing communities and being published.


Writing and sharing in our world and our communities is a great gift and has great benefits on so many levels for so many. Thursday night I was given the gift and honor of being published in a book titled “The Other Side Of The Window”. The book is the 13th in the series sine cera a DiverseCity Writing Series anthology. Written by writers in the city and state where I currently live. I am grateful for the community writing center for the many things they share and the writers, mentors and coaches for their contributions as they enrich our community.

  It was an honor to be selected, as well as have three of my written works published. I was also quite honored to have been the second writer showcased and the poem/prose chosen was one I shared here and very close to my heart. Words shared are very powerful at times and perhaps have the greatest effect on what we bring to our world and how we affect those around us. I am very fortunate to have learned so much from others, as they share their words especially those that choose to share them in writing. I had intended to share my works verbally and record it to share here. I however didn’t respond to a buried e mail and was left off of the schedule. I was of course still asked if I would like to and after seeing the time period we had I chose to pass and enjoy the words shared by so many beautiful people that I have learned much from.

  I am grateful for the choice I made as writer after writer shared their stories. Many of those that had written came from such places I could feel their pain and their joy, one writer a refugee for 30 years in Nepal. Another battling scars from many surgeries, another 34 years old and just learning to read. I watched and listened to these brave people express themselves in front of a hundred or so people many of them well educated and do so with confidence and self esteem and love. Some of them struggling with other issues such as speech impediments and tears as their hearts and souls shined when they shared their stories and we shared our applause and love with them and their accomplishments. A number of my friends asked why I didn’t showcase my talents as they feel I have a gift as I express myself verbally. I shared this thought with them “ I have a gift to share I share it often and have been given many gifts one of those gifts is letting my love show and giving those beautiful people their time to truly shine. I will have many opportunities to read my poems and stories, some of those writers took a couple of years to learn to write and another year to write their words. I would have never known that by reading those words on a page yet hearing their stories and seeing them in person is a priceless gift to me and our community. It was an honor to let them truly shine! “

  I was talking with many of them at the writers reception dinner and with the awesome members and staff of the Creative Writing Center and shared a few thoughts about some of my other diverse writing communities I have the gift of sharing in and with. One I take great joy in is the WordPress writing community, there are writers of all kinds, from all over our world, that share here. A gift and contribution to our global community, as we encourage and share with one another, information, art and wisdom of all kinds. An act of love for ourselves and our fellow human beings. It is a great honor to be part of such a diverse writing group thank you all for sharing and allowing me to share with you here. The gifts of self-expression and sharing in a positive way are a common gift for all if we are encouraged to do so we all have much to contribute to our world in so many beautiful ways. Thank you for sharing in yours.

  Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and perhaps a smile. I hope we can all be the change positive look within and express ourselves with a smile and show some love making our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you and please share a smile! J

A link to the prose chosen for the second work in the book.

What broken promises hide

Promises broken often perceived as lies

Anguish, painfully battering our selfish pride

Ripped open is the heart to reveal a gift inside

A twist of fate a chance we take

To grow with love or fail with hate

As we dwell in thoughts that resonate

Pride crushed and battered

Fleeting feelings that all is shattered

The promises broken taking all that mattered

The wound so wide nowhere to hide

Gaping hole large and deep exposing all inside

Emotions overwhelming feeling something died

Deep within the flowing sea

A chance to be truly set free

The chance to find who you are to be


At the point of give and take

The time to pick the choice you make

You deal the cards and draw your fate


The golden gift is inside you see

Choose love not hate and be free

Put away the pride find dignity


Promises broken perceived as lies

Revealing what within hides

Love with your soul and rise

If inside your thoughts you find

Love and being kind resides in your mind

You  have tranquility, love and sublimity divine

JB 2013

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two in an artful form of self expression. We have all been hurt by another’s promise broken, sometimes both side share words that perhaps should not have been spoken. I have found as I have been hurt that forgiveness is the way to heal, the path to love and the gift if you look deep is ones dignity as given a gift divine. Pride is a product of ego, perhaps not a bad thing yet with pride you place yourself above others and with dignity you stand side by side. If you embrace pride you embrace shame, if you embrace dignity there is no shame for in dignity we are all the same.

I hope we can all share a smile and some love and make our world a better place for all we share it with, please choose love and not hate. Share your love and change our planets fate. I appreciate the love and thoughts as well as the smile we share thank you for sharing them.

Superman and me… The deeper Love

As I heal after the bleeding has finally stopped it has been a gift to share and exchange thoughts with many friends and it is a greater gift to express some of those thoughts artistically with some friends especially in a collaborative effort. This collaboration with a fellow blogger and a great friend I share although somewhat more prose than poetry I share it as a poetic expression of the conversations I have shared with my friend as he has given me support and encouragement during the healing process of a wound that has bled for many years.  Thank you CK for your support friendship and love!

The Deeper Love

Why did you leave me?
Why didn’t you love me as I needed you to?
I knew unconditional love,
your actions taught me conditions,
you abandon me, you didn’t protect me,
I now am searching outside myself for answers to why..
Left with no answers deep down inside.

As time went by and I grew

The love of me I never knew

The years went by many tears I cried

Wondering always each day that wen by

What was so bad that I did

That you walked away from your kid


All my love was there for you,

Was it not enough to make you true,

I felt the burn deep down inside as though something

Was taken from me with no reasons why.

Knowing the sadness of what I felt I knew inside, the

Painfully looking out the window I would cry.

Growing into this man I would be

Lonely and angered disaster for all to see.

As the years went by the day was buried in my mind

True destruction came as the pain was never left behind

Whiskey, women, drugs, beer and wine in comfort sought

None could undo the damage of the buried thought

As I lost everything more pain and sorrow did it bring

Felt at a loss not knowing as my heart screamed

Lonely and hurt only nightmares instead of dreams

My soul came through to heal all of these violent things,

With love it do so, it did so deep,

No places inside do my dreams await.

I know the pain of what it meant to carry,

It was finally a release I had to give and it was scary.

I can now love inside of the dream that was always hidden

I know this is the path of a deeper love I was given.

As silence surrounded me alone I found me

The prison I was living in a gift you see

Deep in the darkness a gift of light and a dream

 Perceived twisted reality no more did it scream

The depth of love so far below buried now exposed

In the light of my beautiful heart it now glows

No longer bound by the painful prison

The deepest most beautiful love I have been given

By Clark Kent and Joe B.

  I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts as I heal and reach for the stars, I hope we can all find inside the gifts from our wounds stop the bleeding and heal. It is that deeper love that shows us the true beauty of who we are individually and collectively Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.

Chapter one as I change the format… Change is good!

Infancy from birth as seed

Son of a bastards fathers deeds

My greatest hero abandoning me

From birth a growing flower was I

The choice of life the sun shined

Water enveloping me tears love divine

The lessons on the journey of mine

The life of a simple beautiful flower

Having many black clouds seen

The fiercest wind and rain

The tears of joy the tears of pain

The sun that always shined again

The gift of a life mine


My life from the gift of love of the divine

Artfully expressed as from my heart I find

I choose to share my story in poetry and rhyme

Should I stumble and fall from time to time

Forgive me for I have although it took

A life of beautiful tragedies

 Lessons learned enough to fill a book

First glimpse of the sun my tiny leaves

Exposed to a storm it began

To shape the life of a simple man

My father a street rat so to speak

A rebel son a father never claimed

Not responsible for such a treasure

His loving Grandfather proclaimed

Took the sprout to a very treasured place

The love there embraced


 Put a smile on my face

From one to three, love is all I feel

 Love is all I see my time of growth

 My stem beginning to grow

Green as green after the fresh fallen snow

Melted by the sun above

The gift of my Grandparents

The first love I knew that forever would be true

From that gift the flower grew

Chapter two

The wind blew a new reality


My mother had two children new

The leaves on the stalk grew a few

Thunder struck by my hero the first I ever knew

The memory that strikes me most

As me in the pool he threw

 The first fear I ever knew

The fear of drowning as he walked away to prove

If you care enough you’ll figure it out

If it’s life you choose

Swim or drown if you sink you lose

The first gift of love the universe displayed

As the thunder struck the winds fiercely they blew

In the height of my dismay

My lungs beginning to fill with water

My soul full of pain my heart feeling broken

The very first display

A gift from a neighbor girl I do not know her name

Helped me to the shallow part my first taste of shame

In my heart she is the first in my hall of fame

A gift of love shared as the stalk it bent

The sun it shined again

After a torrential spring rain

I chose to share a bit of what I have been working on. Originaly I had wanted to express my story in a standard way. I find it easier to express myself when it comes to emotion through poetry as it allows a different deeper perhaps even more heart felt display of such emotion. At least for me some of the greatest stories have been shared in poetic form and as my son told me the other day. Be you dad raw and uncut don’t sugar coat what you feel.

I am changing as I have chosen to do so, I am becoming and am who I am an artist a poet a writer and a beautiful human being. As such and with respect of who I am I choose to honor the greats and share my words in the most respectful way I can for all who are part of my story. All that are reading this now are part of my story and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share with you this moment in time.

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and a part of my latest creation I do hope you may have shared a smile. I hope we can all share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all we share it with! 🙂