Before I upset the apple cart…

I started this blog I suppose to try and be a part of the solution and support the movement that seems to be trying to take hold not only in my home of the US but on the planet earth as a whole.

Much of what I have to say regarding wealth so to speak as far as money is concerned and how corporations distribute that wealth is bound to be taken negative at times yet my goal is positive change. It is my feeling that with being big or being at the top or being the best of anything comes a certain responsibility. If a corporation wants to be large a leader in the field so to speak they like our sports hero’s have a responsibility that go’s beyond just the field.

We expect our athletes to have moral character and be role models for children. We love them when they get out and participate in our communities help those less fortunate, educate and inspire our children. These individuals achieved their greatness not through the dream of big money “profit” but through sacrifice and heart. Most of our Super Stars from any venue are humble gracious people that give generously to their communities and charities in the sums of millions of dollars.

Not only does the money do a great amount of good their are many other contributions made by these individuals that provide moral support and give glimmers of hope to those perhaps have none. Their support often brings many to support as well that were inspired by their hero or idol or just plain folks that weren’t even aware of an issue till it made the news because Mr. and Mrs. X were in town for such and such a charity. We all are touched at times and challenged by some of the things that we see them doing and admire as well as respect the effort and heart it takes to do what they do.

Corporate entities both large and small are the country’s hero’s, idol’s Super Stars. Some corporations I am quite sure contribute and support many a good cause and help in their communities. Being Citizens which in theory corporations are they have a responsibility to our communities and society as a whole. Corporations just like our communities and or country are not made of money they are made up of people sometimes many, sometimes few. People of all walks of life those that have and those that have not. Different in many ways yet with at least a few common bonds like the need for food water and shelter as well as love and the fact we share the one thing that provides all of those things we absolutely need our planet.

It is my hope that through some of these posts inspiration may be found for some who may have ignored the conscience or maybe put it aside intending to pick it up again at a latter date when they have secured their profit or made billions that they could never spend and won’t be taking with them. Or perhaps some may take the time to reflect on where they are how they got there and what they can do to maybe help all that live in our great country have a fair piece of the pie for some even just to have a piece of the pie so to speak.

America was built on a foundation of good values and team work I hope we can continue to grow and leave no one behind as we advance on the many issues we have in this country and on our planet.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for being a part of positive growth and change…

Regardless of our individual wealth or our religious or no religious beliefs we have consciences. In the history of our country and the history of our planet conditions for mankind have improved over time through evolution, science, religious values and many other factors and events that have gotten us to where we are today. Compassion and acceptance have made the world a better place. Charity and empathy have transformed and shaped many lives, cities, countries and whole continents have been affected by the caring actions and words of people sometimes many sometimes few. The values passed down from generation to generation instilled in most of us since childhood  are a combination of many lessons learned. Lessons that came from experience and from words spoken by religious leaders of many religions. The Golden rule, the Ten Commandments, The teachings of Confucious, the writings in the Tao Te Chung, the words of the Koran. There are many more then there are those individuals the super stars so to speak, the Jesus of Nazerath’s, the Martin Luther’s, the Ghandi’s, The George Washington’s, The Abraham Lincoln’s, Martin Luther King’s and the Mother Theresa’s. There are many among us now who are doing the same kind of work reaching out and helping those less fortunate to be on a more level playing field and have those basic needs met. Every one deserves the basic needs of food shelter water and love in America our heritage is one that would make one question it’s values.