Are we creating a Utopia or a Nightmare? Do the ploice have too much power?

Hello world!

I have decided to take a few minute break from my novel writing project. I am in the home stretch with over 53,000 words on virtual paper. There are still probably another 10,000 to 15,000 words to go yet I am feeling quite good about my progress. Like running a cross country race when I was in High School I am catching my second wind.

It is funny that my mom, the local newspaper, and another tragic shooting of a child inspired me to write a blog post. Writing a blog post is a break?

I was chatting with my mom about an article in the local paper “The Salt Lake Tribune” the article and headline titled “Are 45 deaths at the hands of police a cause for alarm?” was about the number of citizens killed by police in the last five years 45 of them “Ranked second only to homicide of intimate partners” (quote taken from sub headline) local law enforcement watchdogs (who they are is a mystery to me) say it is time to treat deadly force as a “Potentially Serious Public Safety Problem.”

The article goes on to say “The numbers reflect that there could be an issue and it is going to take a deeper understanding of these shootings” and “It definitely can’t be written off as citizens groups being upset with law enforcement” quotes shared in the tribune by a former police lieutenant that served in Washington D.C. and Utah six years of his law enforcement carrier were on SWAT teams.

As I was reading the article I mentioned the shooting today of a child in Cleveland Ohio, to my mom asking her if she had heard about it. It appears, police had received a call about someone waving a “probably fake gun” the young man was 12 years old.

My mom said the most shocking thing I have ever heard her say and it broke my heart as well as opened my eyes as to part of the problem with our Utopian police run society. “He wanted to get killed, waving a gun in a police officer’s face” WHAT? “I am the Law”?

I looked at her and reminded her that when I was a kid I used to wear a cap gun and play cowboys and Indians with my friends all the time, if it wasn’t cowboys and Indians it was war the Americans against the Germans or the Japanese. We didn’t even think about being shot by the police. She said”Times have changed “in a very nasty tone. I replied in my most loving reverent voice “Yes they have we have made it against the law to be a kid.”

I am not a fan of guns and certainly not a fan of violence, I do think that kids should be able to play and have fun even if it is acting like a soldier, a cowboy, an Indian, a pirate, or even a Knight of the round Table. Without the fear of being shot by the police, or a neighborhood watch group.

Do you remember the old western movies where the Sheriff shot the gun out of the bad guy’s hand?

Why are the police choosing to “Shoot to kill” rather than using an alternate shot? Most of the victims of police killings are un armed and those that are armed are usually carrying a pocket knife or wielding a dull sword, some even armed with a toy gun, they pose no real harm to anyone other than themselves. It seems to me if the officers are required to pass a shooting test and can hit the kill zone ten out of ten times they should be just as able to hit a leg or arm ten out of ten times and to be honest even a gun from a person’s hand more often than not.

I am a veteran and actually have medals from shooting competitions, I do understand gun control, I also understand that the police are under a lot of stress. I just hope that they know our streets are not the battlefield and our children are not the enemy.

Is there a real cause for alarm?

Is there a legitimate reason to be concerned that our police are killing so many of our citizens?

Are the police and their methods a “Serious Public Safety Problem”?

It seems that of the many cases I have seen over the last twenty years including one of a young man shot 40 + times by multiple officers who was un armed on his porch in Brooklyn NY while reaching for his wallet have been clearly a case of manslaughter at minimum, murder for many of them. Yet the courts and the officials of our towns and choose not to prosecute those officers, stating they were within the limits of the law and protected by the badge they wear.

Are the Police above the law? It would seem that our police have 00 status and the license to shoot to kill!

We need police, I am grateful for the most part we have them, the majority are truly looking out for our communities and well being. I would ask them to perhaps remember that this is not a war zone, even the criminals are not the enemy, and shoot to kill should be the last choice not the first!

Thank you for being you and thank you for visiting my page… I will be back with my normally scheduled inspirational posts in the next couple of days! I do have a special post for the Thanksgiving Holiday we -are about to celebrate here in the U.S.

Special request… The next page :) from my new book

Things started burning and the flames began to rise on of all days Thanksgiving, I was setting the table for dessert when the fire alarm went off its blaring screech started the eye opening process although I didn’t quite know it yet. I asked my daughter who was 13 at the time to bring the sugar bowl and creamer to the dining room table. It was not wrong for me to ask for her help, I rarely asked her to do anything hell I was rarely even home so I guess when she told me to wait as she was busy I snapped. I yelled so loud they heard my in town some three miles away. My guests were quite shocked as my voice echoed and the walls shook, not only at my reaction, also in reaction to my daughter’s rude response. All that were present were raised to do as they were told when they were asked by their parents. I would have gotten an immediate smack and a beating later if I ever told my parents to wait. My step daughter was the first to speak she was also the reason my daughter was busy (they were talking) she turned and said “You are an abusive as!@#%*e and need to go get help.” The family was divided at that point between my rights and choice of yelling and the rights of my daughter to be disrespectful. In my mind I was however asking if I was abusive.

The next day as I drove to work I decided to get help for my children, obviously they were not being raised properly. Since I was always working it was my former wife in my mind that was to blame. What could I do? I had no clue so I decided to ask for the help of a professional. I called several social workers from the yellow pages, not one of them answered yet they all had answering machines asking for a brief message regarding the issue and the promise of a return call. It took two days before Nancy returned my call; she was a Clinical Social Worker that specialized in children and family therapy.

In truth the greatest most beautiful renovation and valuable renovation I have ever undertaken began the moment I chose to make that phone call. My meetings with Nancy that were intended to help my kids actually lead me on a path of discovery to help me let me become a kid and eventually help my kids. Nancy actually never had a therapy session with my kids, they spent time with another therapist that however is another story. My meeting with Nancy was to be the biggest eye opening experience of my life so far. In fact that is where the story I wish to share begins…

In any major renovation the foundation is the most important part of the project. The foundation I would say is the most important part of any project. If the foundation is weak or in need of repair it is best to get that assessment done first. My time with Nancy taught me how to see my foundation, from the first meeting the cracks in my foundation showed and the wiring of my structure were exposed, for the first time so I could see them. The first hour with Nancy I shared with her my perceived issues with my children in regards to their disrespectful behavior and their seeming lack of care or concern for the material things they had in addition to their neglect of doing the few chores they were responsible for doing.

When Nancy said that I was the issue not my children I lost my composure even started to walk out dismissing her like my parents did when I was 13. My step dad’s words echoed in my head as I heard the bone jarring truth and felt the sting of the slap across my face that the words carried with them. “You are a quack all you psychologists are quacks this is all Bullsh!@$ I am not the one who is out of line my kid is. I am leaving and you are all idiots” I remember him saying after the social worker told him he was responsible for the way I behaved. I had taken the family car for a joy ride; I had done so a few times until one night a neighbor saw the car rolling down the driveway in the middle of the night and called my parents to say they had forgotten to set the parking brake. When I got home I didn’t want to take the beating I had coming so I called the police and asked them to take me to jail. They didn’t take me to jail however they did order an evaluation by a psychologist and family services. That experience left a bad impression tainting my young mind; it took many years before I would appreciate the fact that my step dad was in a sense “an idiot”.

“What the hell do you mean I am responsible for how they are acting” I asked? Nancy responded with a question that really set me on fire “do you read?” she asked.

“What the hell does that mean now you are insinuating that I am stupid? Of course I can read, just because I am a carpenter doesn’t mean I am illiterate.”I yelled! The walls reverberated with the aftershocks of my scream, she was visibly shaken as she responded carefully choosing her words. “I was asking if you were a regular reader in your free time, I was not trying to insult you. I was going to ask you to read a book and let me know if you wanted to continue seeing me. I will see your children after we have a few sessions and I get to understand their needs a little better if you want.”

What the heck.. I need a complete renovation!

I left Nancy’s office and went straight to Barnes and Noble to get the book she had recommended it was a book about parenting. I must say it made sense to read a book about parenting to help my kids. I had no idea where it would take me however as far as changing my life and perspective. At the same time I was working on getting my former wife Janet to see a marriage counselor with me. Janet agreed to do so as I had taken the steps to get help for my children and as she saw it” Nancy had put the blame on me for the kids” and she knew I was the problem in our marriage as well. She thought it would be awesome to see a therapist shred me in person.

Between my first appointment with Nancy and my second one I had arranged for a marriage counseling session with Carla. Carla I must say had indeed shredded me in our first session; I walked out feeling truly battered and in all honesty a little bit ashamed. She seemed to know every button to push in order to see my darker reactions. I took a bit of consolation in the fact that she was willing to help us work on our marriage. Taking a page from Nancy I had looked at the books on Carla’s shelf seeing a few of the titles I chose to make a trip to Barnes and Noble on the way home and pick a couple of them up. After all the book Nancy had recommended was a true eye opener and was already pointing the way to why I was responsible for my kids behavior. The books the marriage counselor’s shelves would be just as eye opening I had no doubt.

Parenting!!!! Was the root of my problem, not just the way I was parenting my kids, the way I was parented and my parents were parented was a major issue. I want to share something and make something perfectly clear at this point in my story.

” I am responsible for” who” I am, how I behave, as well as what I do and say!”

My parents did the best they knew how as they raised me, the key is what they knew. As it was with my parenting I had thought I knew what I was doing and never bothered to learn to be a good parent. I did as many people do decided that some of the things my parents did sucked and that I was going to do things different. I did do many things different yet I didn’t learn how to do things the best way for my kids. Just did things different, the things they did like grounding me for weeks at a time, hitting or even beating me, bed without dinner… Those things I would not do ever yet I did not do what would have been best for them and learn how to be a good parent.

Inspirational people and causes series.. “Doc Mishler”


Inspirational People
A series of articles about people and their causes

I would like to share a few thoughts and part of an incredible story as well as an amazing journey as shared with me recently by my friend “Doc Mishler”. I would imagine some reading this may know him or perhaps have seen him in your city or town. As he crosses back and forth across the country with his three companions “Chief-Free-Spirit” “Keep-the-Faith” and “Hunger-no-More”. They are his friends and his transportation three beautiful horses that have been across the country from what I gather several times. I am in awe and inspired by Doc and his mission to feed those that are hungry and make sure children will stop going to bed hungry.

Doc is a survivor and a beautiful human being I asked him how old he was and he just laughed, I am guessing he is in his early 70’s. He has survived cancer, a quadruple bypass a complete hip replacement and a broken pelvis which was expected to end his horse riding days. He was told he could not ride anymore after a trip from Choteau, MT. to Washington D.C. by way of California. It was said he broke his pelvis walking down the steps of the Capital Bldg. after he spoke to Congress expressing that every weapon we create and spend money on that belongs to the hungry children is stealing from our world the gifts that those children are to our future and our world. His pilgrimage across the country in an effort to make people aware was one that focused on the churches he passed along the way.

I met Doc after this journey had been completed in an Office Max at the print shop, I go every Wednesday to a particular store in downtown Salt Lake City UT. I stop and have my writing project for one of the writing groups I participate in printed. I was quite taken and surprised when I got off the train and saw three horses tied to a tree. I smiled and my imagination took over as I wondered what was going on and who might be responsible for the scene I was viewing. I walked to the back of the store and as I got close to the print shop I smelled horse.. I was not too surprised when I saw a man in ragged chaps and an old dusty hat, vest and a mane of long grey hair with a beard to match.

I asked him if he was aware that his vehicle was improperly parked and we laughed, I asked him where he was headed. “I am going to see the Grand Puba, the head muckity muck, the big chief, and tell him I would like to see him honor Jesus and sell his temples. There are starving children all over the world and if he is a Christian and the Saint he and his followers claim to be they will do as the Jesus would do and feed those children. “ I smiled and asked him did he have an appointment or was he just going to ride right up to the Temple Doors and walk in like Moses meeting the Pharaoh? I asked about his luck with the other churches and the Congress. He smiled and although none would contribute to the cause many people he had met along his journey did contribute and help in many ways.

I know the Mormon Church, “The Church of Jesus Christ the Latter Day Saints didn’t help or contribute either. I also know for the price of one of their Temples they could feed every hungry child in the world for a year or more. Just as I know that for the price of one battle tank our Government in the U.S. could feed every hungry family in the world for a year. I wonder when the big religions with the big pockets that claim to be doing the work of “God” or even more so the work of Jesus will become conscious and aware of what Jesus would want rather than the things they want.

As Doc was getting ready to ride the last mile or so to the Temple of “Mammon” I asked him how I could help other than writing this story. He smiled and said in his lifetime he had only met a few that would do the right thing and keep nothing for themselves as far as his contributions and his heart were concerned. Only one church had shown him the genuine desire to do as they said and would take the donations and do as intended keeping nothing and feeding the hungry children.

He has asked that you give from your heart and contribute as you can here:
Maple ridge Community
10 Hellbrook Ln.
Ulster Park ,NY 12487
Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two about an inspirational man his companions and his cause. Thank you as well for being the positive change our world so needs as you share your smiles and share your love, making our world a better place for all we share it with.
Namaste 

A tear a loss of fear and a poem by a thirteen year old girl.

I wish to share a thought or two, as I started to slip into despair peace came upon me once again. The gifts of love from many friends, has given me back my strength of self. Many things have been given me in times of what for me in the past seemed to be a bad thing. Being born into a family and place of little wealth even when I have had nothing I have had much. I was recently reminded as I read a publication of collected thoughts and dreams dedicated to and by future and present Queens.

I had been scared as I shared in an earlier post as to what my future may bring and the thought of giving up on my dreams even if just to put them on hold as I worried about the mounting pressures financially I came upon a story a poem by a thirteen year old girl. I was reminded of being thirteen and homeless I was there by choice as I listened to her sweet tender voice and the tear rolled down my cheek I was embraced in the love of life and the little girls of the poem I embraced in my heart and with my loving strong arms reached for them I know my dreams will come true. Thank you Gaylene for the hug you gave me and the love of your beautiful heart reminding me of how powerful I am.

The beautiful poem I share with you:

Homeless Child

By: Gaylene B. age 13, go girlz

Homeless child

I can see the shame in her little blue eyes

 as she watches others pass, oblivious in their lives

A gentle night breeze brushes her silken hair.

 She looks like an Angel illuminated in the glare.

She hugs herself for warmth under red white and blue,

 holding tight to a single toy that is her friend, loyal true.

She sits in somber silence as people pass her by,

 to busy in their circumstance to hear her silent cry.

Glutton at their table, they pass without a clue

that the little girl may be hungry.

Have we become so calloused?

Are we so blind to the pain that we can pass a child in need,

 and not hang our heads in shame?

Have we so easily forgotten the Lords decree,

 “Whatsoever ye do the least of these, ye do also to me”?

Have we become so heartless, so selfish in our lives,

 that we are no longer moved by a homeless child’s eye?

I can see the happy flush, Her blue eyes show no fear.

As I gather her in my arms,

My brown eyes fill with tears


My fears subside as I embrace the fate that befalls me whatever it may be as I look at a single toy a friend my oldest friend, loyal, true. A toy I have carried my whole life that at thirteen I hugged on a street so cold to keep me warm under the red white and blue. Should I end up on that corner again I think I will pass on my friend true, to a beautiful child with eyes of blue as I hold her tight and share my greatest gift. The love of my beautiful heart the only thing I can give that will always be true. My blue eyes have seen much this I know is true, if the heavens love me as much as I love the Universe and all that dwells within my dreams have to come true. The means will find a way to my door that I may share my love with all I meet the needy and the poor. To share a meal with them even if they have no door many times I have shared even with no means. As it is my greatest gift the powerful gift I am given the gift of words and love the dream must come true. The dream I have of the means to live my life sharing what I have been given.


I would share with you the collected works if you so desired I have many copies and will ask the KUED 7 station if I may post a link to the project and perhaps a pdf file with the book. If you e mail me I will send a hard copy if you would like one. It was a privilege and honor to be included in such a wonderful and touching book.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two. I hope we can all share a smile and share our love making our world a better place for all we share it with.




Possible solutions, thank you, and Safari?

I wish to share a few thoughts as to my somewhat ignorance in a few matters regarding some of the Nations where the worst of atrocities are committed against Humanity and human beings. Especially and for the most part women and girls as well as young boys forced to join in or die consumed by an outdated system long ago abandoned by the rest of humanity. The tribal and feudal systems that prevailed in Ancient times. There are many lessons from the pass that may be part of the solution to ending such evils in mass.

As I talked with my co workers sharing some of my thoughts as to how to find a solution or at least help in some way with more than just words two of my co-workers shared a few brilliant thoughts. My original thoughts were how does one start a fund raiser and perhaps hire professional help that would use extreme measures to eradicate the problem. A friend of mine and a former Marine had brought about several points that I had to consider, the system of Government and the society is based on a system of war lords and families or tribes and clans. Who are the targets how do you identify the targets

And how much money can you raise, it would have to be done in another country as it is illegal to even advertise something like that in most countries even the land of the free. Then he said to bad you can’t find a way to get men to pay for it like a safari or something. I walked away thinking about his words and where you could get the best information as to who was committing such atrocities. Remembering some episodes of 60 Minutes, Nightline, and many other news stories from many other media outlets I thought I would start some research.

Then I spoke to another co worker inquiring how much a hunter like himself would pay to hunt the most dangerous predator on our planet. His eyes got as wide as they could get and he actually started to smile there is no amount in the world what the hell would you of all people ask that for. I expressed that with his knowledge of outfitters and how the big game hunters will pay 40, 000 to 60,000 to hunt a big Game animal and predators like the Grizzly and Lions, Rhinos, mountain lions etc. are the most valued by the trophy hunter. The possible and real rush from an encounter with possible bodily harm or even death facing natural predators almost as high on the food chain as us. His smile became a real smile as he then shared a real and occurring pirate hunt cruise where for a fee of a few thousand dollars you could take a cruise rent any kind of weapon even rocket launchers. With a guarantee of at least being attacked twice on the trip by pirates you could literally blow out of the water. The crew watched the videos and looked at the prices as well as the weapons available. Quite a deal for an adventurer with some time to kill so to speak and a few thousand dollars for a cruise is quite reasonable.

Then I woke up in a sense, as I remembered the Ancestors and the most documented of feudal systems and the gift of many treasures is in the East the cultures of China and Japan teach many lessons through the eyes and hearts of the Warlord the serfs, the women, the wise and the wicked the young and old. The battles fought. Combined with the fact that most who would rule in such societies want wealth and power yet have major opponents and rival clans and warlords have the same desire. I would plant a seed.

If there are several warlords or even one that doesn’t approve of and is saddened by the evils that surround him he could infect do as that Pirate warlord did and let your distant enemies pay you to dispatch your enemies. If a Grizzly is worth 60,000 how much is an evil vile creature the ultimate predator. Or there are many hunters who would certainly pay for the gift of hunting and killing such a predator. Or use the resources that are in these regions now.

My thank you to the many countries and governments and citizens of many Nations that are taking action. There are soldiers from many nations on the ground in some of the worst of those regions, like US Marines, French Foreign Legion as well as the British elite and many other nations providing the best hunters in the world. If I was a warlord that despised the ignorant ways of my enemies and the treatment of the people, I would make friends with my very powerful enemies from a distant land and help them eliminate my enemies while saving my people. Then perhaps peace will be the people of your countries ally peace within and a society where peace and human life are cherished rather than destroyed and chaotic.


Thank you for allowing me to share a few thoughts and a special thank you to all the brave fighting men and women who risk their lives to help those in faraway lands and regions where the law and justice are not to be found and the inhumane treatment of our greatest treasure the women and children is prevalent.  Thank you for sharing your time and reading this post I hope to have brought a smile or two and ask that we as human beings share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.