A treasure worthy of heavenly chest

My thoughts are of a lacking of love in the lives of our young especially the young men and boys I have met in the last few years. I had a special occasion recently when I had the privilege of sharing some time with a group of young men five in total from the age of 17 to 3. It was a gift for all of us I will cherish as a treasure in my Heavenly chest. Men in our world are as far as my personal experience and those of the many women and children I have known are the most missing in their lives.

I speak of this in a way that may seem negative to some yet inspirational to others and those are the ones that are listening. Many men don’t pay their child support for their own selfish reasons and never considering the welfare of their child. That sends the most powerful message to both his child and most importantly himself. The pain he must feel when he finally realizes what he has done, and the damage done how does one make amends? I suppose they meet their maker with that on their souls I wouldn’t want to pay that price. The damage done to our society and our children as well as the mothers that must now work two jobs and not be there for the children as well as for themselves is devastating.

Then there are those that pay yet neglect to share love with their children and are disrespectful of their mothers. Can’t wait to get them home and get back to their own worlds, with another woman and giving “love” to children that are most likely not even his own. While his children, would be happy with a phone call, here and there and a card on their Birthdays. Some just want that picture for their wallet so they can brag about the great son they never see or help make him the great son of whom they speak.

My thoughts are that it would be very refreshing and very strong of the men in our world to choose to become better men every day seek to make yourselves a better man and human being enlighten yourselves learn to love in more than one way find your core your soul your heart whatever you choose to call it. Your conscience if you will and know you are a being of love, be responsible for your heart and your children teach them love your love.  In one evening those young men experienced as did I genuine love from the heart those hearts so needed and was a gift to mine.

Talk to your children, not at them, treat them with respect as they are as human as you. They are not possessions they are gifts. Teach them don’t be weak and beat them they are beaten far more often than not with words than fists. Actions however do the most damage, neglect and abandonment is a big wound and leaves a terrible scar. Actions however do the most good and love is the most powerful force on the Universe and loving from your heart your children is the catalyst of positive change. I hope that the men that would be better dad’s will take the steps to make that change for me it was through the help of many and a Book or two. PBS endorses a few books on being a loving responsible parent and raising loving responsible adults that I enjoyed amongst others. Find one that fits your personality and style just take action what ever it may be for you, enlighten yourselves and help the change positive with love.

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and feelings with you. With all of the children in mind and in my heart I choose to share these thoughts to give those children all the support and love we can. The world as it becomes smaller seems to grow darker for them, the light is being overwhelmed with the dark side of love and the men that stand tall in fear, anger, bitterness and lack of desire to change are the ones that are blocking it out. Embrace your darkness and overwhelm it with love of yourselves and your children be the light. Share a smile share the love be the change positive thank you again for your taking the time to allow me to share the love and my thoughts.