Lincoln… The movie and some thoughts shared.

I am breaking out of my box so to speak and sharing some thoughts on a movie I watched recently. The movie “Lincoln” directed by Steven Spielberg staring Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones and many others. I was so moved and shook as I watched the movie I chose to take the time and express some thoughts.

The acting and the scenery were superb, as was the story although for some may be disturbing. The use of words that are very negative and the thought of slavery is quite dis heartening although portrayed in such a way was inspiring. Much like another movie I embraced with my heart Amistad has a way of bringing the human side of darkness into light. The love of our fellow human beings is expressed as well as the dark and hateful side in hopes that the lighter side will prevail in the end.

I admire the courage and strength of not only President Lincoln but of our congress and those members especially Thaddeus Stevens a Republican Congressman from PA. His fight for racial equality and his love of our nation as portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones was felt through my person as I watched in amazement and wonder. I am grateful for the work and courage of our forefathers as I enjoy the freedoms we have as individuals and Americans. The world was indeed watching as the most heinous acts of human beings was debated and brought to an end when the 13th amendment was passed.

The movie was not of Lincolns life as a whole it was more of a glimpse at the soul of our new country and the torn country it had become due to the evils of slavery. I was most fascinated by the changing roles of the political parties from the time of the Civil war and our modern times. The democrats being the ones that chose to embrace slavery and the republicans taking the moral ground and siding with the original intent and founding principles of our great nation. Being that all men are created equal and have the right to be free.

How the tables have turned I thought as I watched the terrible thoughts and vulgar expressed words and sentiments were portrayed on the floor of congress. How the Democrats of that time must be rolling over in their graves at the Democratic President of our Nation sits in the White House today. A nation that stepped up to the plate and not only ended slavery, allowed the former slave the right to vote and even allowed women to have the same right.

I am proud of our nation, proud of our gifts as they were to be able to speak our minds and make a difference in our world by example. I do however question where we are going as a Nation as our politicians no longer seem to represent the majority of our citizens. I suppose that the rewards of helping the working class and the poor are not of a material nature so are less desired that in the past when it meant something to be a representative of the people for the people.

Both parties seem to be for big business and for projecting our country as a world leader in financial power, rather than taking care of our own nation in a positive way. I wonder if Lincoln were president we would be on the world stage undoing the gains of social equality that some of our past Presidents, Senators and Congressmen had fought so hard to achieve. Social Security, Union Representation, Equal Rights, an America where all had opportunity to have the American Dream seems to be in the past as the new world order takes the front seat.

The America I was born in no longer exists, a country now torn and divided by wealth wars and parties that seem to have forgotten its people. One Nation under God for liberty and justice for all? Or just the wealthy?

My thoughts are that the movie was an excellent one to watch and the story was one that changed our world through ugly in a beautiful way.

I hope we can all share a smile and share our love making the world a better place for all we share it with. I also hope we can all have the courage and strength to help our fellow human beings by sharing such love and compassion.