Whats Up with me?

Well Hello there,

You’re right it has been a while. I realize that some of you may have been wondering where I am and what I am up to. Some may even have been wondering if I am still alive after my last post expressing that I would be more present here on WordPress.

Actually, I’ve been quite busy on WordPress, just not on my blog as I originally had intended to be.

So, what the heck have I been doing on WordPress, if I haven’t been posting on my blog you ask?

Developing and building websites for companies and individuals.

One of which is a soon to be published state of the art E-zine. I share this because “Destinations Journal” is looking for submissions….

cover sample

Destinations Journal is a multi-cultural adventure, travel, adventure and lifestyle E-zine that will feature user contributed articles about living, adventuring and overcoming obstacles as we make our way to the many destinations we experience on life’s journey.

They are willing to pay for your story; how much they pay is dependent on the quality and length of the piece. A professionally produced and written story will obviously pay more than an article one of the editors will spend an hour working on to make it readable, but all stories are accepted for submission. That said not every story will be selected for publication.

Although the “Premier Edition” isn’t scheduled for release until the first week of December the website is active, and the submissions page is operational.

Another project I had the honor and privilege of working on is a regional on-line magazine/newspaper, Hurricane Valley Happenings. Hurricane Valley is nestled in between some of the Nation’s most scenic State and National parks in Southern Utah.


Those are the biggest projects of note outside of the content I produce for my bread and butter clients, that I have been working on with the exception of some ghost writing projects that I have been given the honor of working on. One of the projects I have been hired to work on is an action/thriller novel being written by a well known Hip-Hop artist. Stolen money, crooked FBI agents, drug dealers and lots of action and of course some rather steamy romantic moments.

That’s the short version of what’s been happening in my world work wise. The best part of the last few months has been spending time with my family and friends in various regions of the country.

As I write this post and reminisce about the last seven or so months I realize how synchronistic it was for me to be developing a couple of travel and adventure websites while traveling and adventuring.

If I could sum up what I have observed over the last few months after a lifetimes worth of experiences is that; “Life is a gift, we have been given that is to be experienced and lived with passion in a way that fulfills our desires as well as our needs.”

One of my passions is expressing concepts, ideas, thoughts and emotion in written words. Another of my passions is creating state of the art websites with my team, that meet or exceed our client’s expectations. The thing I am most passionate about however is being a participant in the adventure we know as life. Live long, laugh loud and love deeply while you journey through life on your adventure to reaching your destination wherever that may be.

Thank you for being you and doing all the things you do that make our world a better place for all we share it with.

Until next time Namaste with love,