No words to say… a poetic thought


Today was one of those days
So beautiful silent and nothing to say
Nature filled me with awe and took all the words away

The Mountain top lake so blue
The trees and flowers covered in the morning dew
Love of the divine shared with me and you

Just wanted to say hi and share a smile on such a perfect day that words could not do justice to.


Thank you all for being you! 

Fresh Start… A poem shared from a healed heart

Today is a new day a chance to start a new
A canvas fresh with a background, bright and baby blue
The composition one of me and what I choose to do
A beautiful scene, one I would like to share with you

The sun as it rises sharing warmth across the land of green
Showing the beauty of new life the first day it has ever seen
Reflecting off of the ocean its deep beauty the color aqua marine
Bringing to manifestation the reality of a dream

The day created is one of beauty, quite beyond compare
One of thoughts that from my heart I share
With each stroke of the brush on a day so fair
I paint the picture one of beauty that truly shows I care

Today is a new day a chance to begin a new
The canvas fresh with a background bright and baby blue
I paint a beautiful picture as the day I live through
A smile on my face as I share this day with you


Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share a thought or two and perhaps a smile. I appreciate and am grateful for your time and want to thank you for being the positive change our world so needs. Please keep sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with.



A classic done re-done in a classic way… one of my faves!

I have had a very busy day and still have much to do, yet as I type away and listen to some music I felt moved to share with you a thought or two on a bright note. The song “Stair way to Heaven” Is one of the all time classics of Rock and Roll history and many may even argue it is the greatest of all time. I love and am moved by music of any genre and it is true from the heart expression for the most part. I sat in a writing group today and rap came up in a conversation as one of the writers shared a song from a musical he is working on. He had expressed his love of music except for rap, which he said needed a C in front of it as he only listened to A and B music. I laughed as he is entitled to his opinion and thoughts yet the first thing that came to my mind was FLARF and a fellow blogger Charliezero oh my how well it would have been to hear a conversation between “Harley: and Charley”

I wanted to share this classic with you in a re do yet with a classic twist, it is one of my favorite songs and one of my favorite versions. I was tempted to share the remake of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” yet time does march on. I have a few special posts coming up and hope you can join me in supporting some very special causes and some very special people that are representing them… How about a 68 year old man with one arm swimming 10,000 yards the equivalent of Everest that he climbed… An amazing man swimming for Cancer research. I have a book unveiling to attend next week where I am speaking/reading as the representative of the Veterans Writing Group of Salt Lake City even though I didn’t contribute to this years anthology. (Wasn’t here for the deadline). It was an honor to be chosen and even more so for the support of the group and mentors in sharing the opportunity and giving me the exposure in the public speaking world.

With no further commentary here is the song thank you for sharing your time here and allowing me to share a thought or two. You are awesome and I would like to say thank you for being the positive change our world so needs as you are making our world a better place for all we share it with. Please keep sharing your smiles and sharing your love, you are making a difference one smile, one hug one act of kindness at a time Thank you for those smiles you share with me! πŸ™‚



Tina Turner… Peace


I came across this on you tube and was moved to share it. I am undergoing some dental work and am not up to writing a real post of any substance. I do however wish to say thank you all for your support and the smiles you bring. I will be better able to share my beautiful smile in a couple of days… lol a smile I am looking forward to once again sharing πŸ™‚

Thank you all for allowing me to share a thought or in this case a beautiful side of Tina Turner I had not seen from such a beautiful and talented Tina Turner before I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for being the positive change our world so needs sharing your smiles and your love making our world a better place for all we share it with πŸ™‚ Joe

On my first day of business…. I didn’t sell a thing

I would like to share a thought or two as I smile at the good fortune of my first day of business. I opened an Etsy shop “Artisticlyxpressed”

I was sure something good would happen and knew I would sell some of my art. I will smile and say I didn’t sell a thing. Sounds kind of odd to say that yet I was the happiest I have been in some time as far as where and how I will transition my life to what I choose rather than what I have to do.

Sometimes life gives a bigger gift than we had hoped for. I had been hoping for a sale a few dollars in my pocket and validation that I was on the right track to living and being me. Dreams? No I choose to be me and make my choices and desires reality a path I took years to find.

On my first day of business I didn’t sell a thing! πŸ™‚ I got scouted and invited to showcase my art! I have been trying to get in local galleries after many ” we are not taking new artists and you need to be recommended” statements I am happy! I wanted to share this smile and perhaps a few more.


Better than a sale!

If you are in the areaΒ  it would be awesome to see you stop by and say hi! I could use and would be grateful for your support. I also have to sell 20 tickets the proceeds are used to help upcoming artists of all types by hosting shows like this one. So if you are in the area please come and see the exhibits and support the artists as well as the arts. If not and you want to just help me and or the art community please buy a ticket. If you buy one from my first art showcase not only will you be investing in the arts you may find satisfaction in knowing you helped me become famous! lol πŸ™‚

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two… IΒ  couldn’t resist sharing my joy with you all. Even a day when you start a new venture and don’t sell a thing can be a day of great joy in a very unexpected way!


Thank you for being you and being the positive change our word needs by sharing your smiles and sharing your love you are helping make our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you! πŸ™‚ Joe

Silently sitting… a poem

Isolation silent

Innerness, innocence, deliverance

Divine, eternally

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, your time is greatly appreciated and I am grateful you choose to spend some of your time here. Thank you for sharing your smile and love being the positive change our world needs. πŸ™‚ Joe