My name is Joe and I am interested in sharing with others what stirs the sea of my mind. A being of love and light with a serious desire to make the world a better place. I am  open for suggestion and direction as to where I may best be of service.

I am not formerly educated and actually quit school to rescue the hostages taken in Iran hostage crisis and the Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. At 17 I passed the GED test and followed my heart and one of my hero’s (Audie Murphy) path’s and joined the U.S Army.

The education after traditional schooling has been earned through millions of interactions with people of many various cultures groups and organizations as well as the day to day dealing with life. I have read and studied many things from which apple is tartest to why we still cage animals and show them at zoo’s. Religions and philosophy, psychology, politics etc.

Since my late teens, I have been across the great nation in which I live at least twenty times and have been to every state except Alaska. Being a lover of undisturbed nature I guess fate has seen to it that the last place I would visit, Alaska would be one of the most spectacular. I spent time in Germany, and have stayed in various parts of Holland, Canada, and Mexico. I also spent a few years of my youth on an island named Guam where my father was stationed during part of the war with Viet-Nam.

I have been very fortunate in life being born in the US has it’s privileges. For me money wasn’t one of them however access to books( I have read thousands of them) and people to ask questions of has enriched my life in a way that although a formal education would be nice can not match. I have planted trees with Tongan’s picked crops and planted crops with various kinds of Spanish speaking peoples from places like Nicaragua, Peru, Argentina. Worked with people from various Eastern European Nations, native American Indians the US has many different peoples. Most I have worked with were legal many however were not. The biggest lesson I have learned from all of them is that we are all very much alike in that for all of us Love is universal language and it doesn’t take words to share it.

I am as my blog is titled “I am for change “and positive change is the objective. I can and would help any cause that betters humanity, society and the environment. My hope is that through my blogs I may be so fortunate to meet others that have similar feelings that we may share ideas and come together to reach for positive growth and humanitarianism. We share the planet with many other nations and we as a global society have an obligation to all that share and will share it in the future to care for it.

“Take care of yourself first and all will fall in line” was one of my grandfathers favorite sayings  his other was” love yourself otherwise why would anyone else want to? “Lets Love our world and all that live on it with our hearts and share the light of our maker the gift of love.”  We will make our world a better place for all through the power of our hearts live a life of love and be the change positive share your light.

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  1. Joe, thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the support for the newly formed Veterans Project starting in Nebraska. I would very much like to add your a link to your blog if you’d let me?

    • Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment and thank you for the compliment. I am honored to be an American and grateful to have had the opportunity to serve.

  2. Hello Joe,

    Thanks for stopping by my quiet corner of the web. Have our paths crossed elsewhere on the web? You’re name is familiar, but I can’t place it. You do seem to have a story to tell. What am amazing life you lead. Having not had a formal education either, I know firsthand that there are plenty of lessons to be learned just by living a curious life. We are not bound by books, but instead freed by them and all of life’s experiences.

    Keep up the good work! I’m going to go dig into your writings now for a bit.

    Thanks again,


    • Tracy, I am honored and apologize for the delay in a return comment… I thank you and must say I follow your blog as well you are an amazing person and one of a very Beautiful soul!

    • Zahir, my friend I hope I offend you not for that is the farthest from my hearts desire.. I am quite honored and flattered that you choose to nominate me, I am quite Grateful and quite undeserving of such an award. It is my true reward that you have felt so inclined to share such with me and to be quite honest your reading of my posts especially my earlier ones that speaks volumes of your heart and being. Allowing me to share such things with you and sharing your comments and likes are the reward that touches my core and you have given me many smiles as I read and you share your posts as they give many smiles and fill my heart with love. Thank you Zahir! My heart felt wish for great love in your life here and beyond my friend!

  3. I have been moved by your story/background.Your uniqueness gives me special interest in your blog.Have you ever been to Africa? I would love to know what you think or your experiences of Africa. We have humanitarian interest in common and I look forward to discussing humanitarian issues with you.

    • Thank you for the comment as well as the compliment, I am sure we will have much to share as far as humanitarian issues and being good people. I have not had the gift of having been to Africa. I will say that Africa and the issues there have been inspirational since my childhood. One of the greatest tragedies that we as human beings fail to act upon is that of helping those far less fortunate especially the children of Africa. I will share my feelings in a post soon as I redirect my thoughts to a much larger scale and inspire those of our world to make positive change. Thank you my new Friend and I look forward to sharing with you.

  4. Thank you Joe, for your visit in my blog. I highly appreciate it. What a wonderful heart you have for sharing your thoughts and for serving your country. I’ll be looking forward to all of your writings in your blog.


    • Thank you Hanna, I am honored for the nomination and must respectfully decline. The reward you give by visiting and commenting on my posts is a cherished one and the true reward I seek so thank you for the gifts!

      Happy Holidays to you as well!

  5. Hello! First I want to thank you for your service, truly honored to have met you through your writing. I count it a privilege to meet others of different cultures and backgrounds. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say and think. May we all be so willing to learn from each other. Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you, your comment is a big smile in my heart. I have been meaning to edit the about section for a while and am working on it. As far as Cally mostly the southern half although this summer I hope to make the trip up the coastal highway. As far the Deutsch… a little. I am way out of practice, the last time I had the opportunity was in a bar in Manhattan while I and the visitors where totally intoxicated according to my friends I spoke fluently and my Italian wasn’t to bad either. Thanks for the smile and the comment I am grateful.

  6. Joe, thank you for stopping and liking a recent post. Your blog looks rich and deep with the experience of a life fully lived in many ways. I look forward to following and learning more from you and about you.

    Take care,


    • Thank you Ivon, I enjoyed your pages that I have read and look forward to learning from and about you as well. We learn and grow together in a world of constant change it is an honor to have the compliment and the gift you share expressing it. Thank you, my friend.

    • Thank you my Friend I follow your blog as it is inspiring and enlightening. Knowledge and wisdom shared are gifts to be cherished. Thank you for sharing yours and the honor of sharing your thoughts and love through your words here. I am grateful and humbled for the gift.

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    • Thank you very much I am honored and at the moment quite busy and trying to figure out how to do this award thing is a work in progress I should be on track this weekend and will post it then. Thank you for the award and your understanding.

  8. Hi Joe!
    What amazing experiences you have had in your life! Your idea for positive change is so inspiring! Can’t wait to sit down and read through more of your posts! Thanks for stopping by my site as well; I’m honoured by your nomination 🙂
    Keep up the blogging!

  9. Hi Joe – one of my early memories is watching the news about the Iranian hostage crisis. Thank you for everything you have done for us … and thank you for your wonderful blog. 🙂

  10. Joe, I loved reading your ‘about’ page – you are a fascinating person with so much of yourself that you generously offer the world; thank you for being who you are and doing what you do! I am so remiss so be learning more about you just now, when you have been graciously following my blog for so many months – please forgive me for the long delay? I look forward to reading more of your posts and learning about your work. Sending you love and blessings for a wonderful day! ~ With much gratitude, Julie

    • Thank you Julie, I am honored that you sent such a wonderful comment. No apology is necessary there fore forgiveness is not required. I am however honored again for your sentiment, I love your pages and it is a great gift you share. It is I that am grateful and with love I share my wishes of great blessings and love in all your days.

  11. Hello Joe,

    Happy Holidays, poet! Got a lil news…:) In lieu of an acceptance post for the meme you were kind enough to bestow, I’ve fashioned a blogroll–complete with intro post to it–on which you are included. If you want to come lookee loo…:) Berry Very Merry…

  12. Hi I nominated you for the one lovely blogger award. Thanks for the 2012 award too! I am truly honoured. I will post that award next. Once again thank you so much.

  13. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will find something that will interest you in the future.
    Be Blessed- David

    • You are welcome and thank you for visiting mine and taking the time to share your thoughts. I am quite sure that I will find many things you share quite interesting and look forward to having you share them. It is an honor to have the privilege to read your works. Thank you for sharing them and your time spent here.

      We are both quite blessed,

  14. Hi Joe, thanks for following us. We definitely appreciate your worldview and your generous actions, and look forward to exploring your site further. If you’re a facebook user we’d love for you to visit our page. See you there! (p.s. I was born in Alaska so hope you have the opportunity to make it an even 50!)

    • Thank you and what an awesome comment! I am quite confident I will make all 50. I will be on face book soon and will look for your page. Thank you and I quite enjoy your pages! 🙂

  15. Hi Joe,
    I hope we can continue to share our thoughts and together make this world a better place for us all to live, a world filled with humility,kindness, compassion and love.
    Take care and thank you for being my cyber friend.

  16. What an amazing person you are. You make me feel very little. I have enjoyed reading your inspiring posts and look forward to more of them. Finding a blog like yours is a treasure.

    • Thank you for your compliments and your comments, I am very grateful. I would not want you to ever feel little especially on my account, I truly enjoyed reading the pages of yours you chose to share and look forward as well to reading may more and learning from you and with you! Thank you:)

  17. thank you for always supporting my blog. i went through some personal crisis…that’s when i seldom update. but i can not ignore this voice in my mind telling me to be persistent and never lose hope. reminding me that our God is a victorious God.

  18. Hi, Joe. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following it. We have one unusual thing in common. I actually lived in Iran in 1975. My oldest son was born there. I escaped before the Iranian Revolution. What a story you must have to tell! Thank you for serving our country. Blessings, Peg.

  19. What a thrilling privilege for me to find YOU! Your perspective from having truly lived life “hands-on” is as beautiful as it is inspiring. Thank you for sharing and enlightening the world with your well-rounded mind!!!

    • Thank you for sharing such a lovely comment. I am grateful and honored you shared such wonderful thoughts. Thank you!!! for sharing with me the words and the smile! 🙂

    • Awesome, Thank you I am quite honored and will be posting this soon as I am working on an awards apge it should be soon and congratulations. I will be by your page soon. Thank you again my Beautiful friend keep that dust flying please! :0

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  21. tonight I was drawn back into your world…
    not sure why or even how…
    chaos seems to be my partner at the moment
    so many changes, so many lost moments coming back to haunt me
    Your energy always has a smile…a haunting one sometimes….
    I hope you are well in your world and know you are thought about
    with only best of yet to come for you….
    worlds collide here in cyberspace….and some would say imaginary friends for
    any energy can be anything they choose….
    your thoughts are of kindness…so I think you must be so very kind in deed
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • I am both honored and touched. Thank you as you too matter and very much I am grateful you chose to share that with me, I kind of need it in a way. Thank you LadyBlue, I feel the love from you and hope you feel it coming back to you!

  22. Hi Mr.Joe
    Thank you for following my blog, also commenting on post.I really appreciate it. just a bit exploring your blog. you have an awesome blog. Will exploring more your stuff 🙂 Blessing

  23. Your grandfather was very wise, a man after my own heart… You have created a wonderful blog and I hope we can enjoy each others journey into being the change we want to see in the world… Barbara

  24. There are many things cannot be taught at school, only life provide this kind of knowledge. People ‘s skills I call it; it’s what we learn every day through our interaction with others but If I may ask, many people have nothing to teach you, I mean if you knew they’d never add anything for you, would you still need to be in touch and deal with them?

    I like what you wrote here, it’s clear through your writings. I am so looking forward to read more of your poems. 🙂

    • Thank you for your beautiful expression and the gift you share with your kind words. I am quite honored and quite delighted that you choose to share such positive and loving energy. Thank you again! 🙂 Peace! Joe

    • Thank you Irene.. I had imagined you visiting my other blog.. I am grateful you chose to stop by and share your thoughts as well as follow my pages. I love to create as well. Painting and poetry are my favorite after smiles!
      I appreciate your visit as well as your time and sharing your wonderful words! 🙂 Thank you!

  25. Joe, you know the greatest thing about this world of blogging is the fantastic connections that get made. My rather long-winded (I am a Brit you know!) way of saying thank you for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Hope to see your comments and, even better, if you have a post that you would like to share on LfD, go for it! Best wishes, Paul

    • Paul, thank you for such a wonderful comment and the compliments you share as well, I may take you up one day on sharing a post with you on your space and well the comments and compliments are assured I enjoy the visits to your pages and look forward to many. Thank you Paul for the smiles you bring they are indeed priceless… 🙂 Joe

    • Mary, I am honored as well and appreciate the comment and especially the compliment as your following and reading my pages is a great compliment. Thank you and I quite look forward to reading more of your posts and the thoughts you share from your beautiful heart! 🙂 Joe

  26. Thank you for the visit, Mr. Bradshaw!
    I admire your message; I would say that I’m for change too, but my socks disagree with me.
    That was a joke.
    I change my socks.
    Wishing you happy days!

    • Thank you so very much for your visit and your wonderful comment as well as taking the time to share it. I laughed as did your socks.. 🙂
      I look very much forward to many visits to your pages and hope to see you here again!
      Happy days and may they be peaceful as well,:)


    • Thank You Jadi, and congratulations to you as well. I am in the process of a new revised awards page and will post this wonderful award soon! Thank you for you kind sentiment and for sharing your time here with me and on your wonderful pages with us all! 🙂 Joe

    • Thank you I will accept and share this award with some deserving bloggers as well. I appreciate and am grateful you feel I deserve the honor and will say you are deserving as well you are indeed very inspiring and very kind, the smiles you bring are priceless and cherished gifts!

  27. Hi Joe — I’m keeping a list of positive blogs on my site, and have added yours to it. I hope my readers will also enjoy your inspiring posts. Thanks for being a voice for kindness and peace!

    • Thank you so very much for your wonderful gift and the sentiment and kindness you share by doing so. I appreciate the gifts and cherish them as well as your taking the time to share and express such a beautiful sentiment! 🙂

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  29. Joe, thank you for sharing your vision and visiting my blog and seeing mine. We both are on the same page with regards to life and making it a better place. Keep on inspiring my friend!

    • I am truly humbled and do believe we are on the same page and am honored you took the time to share the comment and share the visits and follow with me I enjoyed very much reading and feeling what you share. I shall keep inspiring as shall you as in our hearts we must be true. You are awesome and it is an honor to have you as a new friend it will be even more so when we are old friends… in say 50 or so years 🙂 Thank you my friend!

    • Thank you Xena, I shall stop by soon and do so, I am truly honored and grateful I appreciate your support, you my friend are very much an inspiration as well and very deserving of the award… Congratulations! 🙂

  30. Let your light shine on and one Brad. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog recently and I look forward to reading more of yours. All good things to you!!

    • Thank you for sharing your smiles and your thoughts! I loved your posts! I must remind you of someone it would appear named Brad or we were friends in a previous life and my name was Brad you did make me smile and laugh… Just don’t call me Sue! well no Offense Sue… I suppose you can call me Sue just don’t call me late for dinner! 🙂

      • I appreciate your sense of humour at my error Joe!! Please accept my sincerest apologies. Yes, I can promise not to call you Sue!! Light & love sweet soul and keep on laughing:)

    • Funny thing your comment and what it says to me… I pondered what to say if anything at all. I will share this with you first you have never visited my blog, didn’t even hit the like button on my page, and how did you find my blog? By going to the perceived offenders page and seeing who gave them likes and then going to the people that gave them likes and commenting on their pages what does that say about you? “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…. ” Just an observation! I do not condone stalking, do not condone negativity, do not ask someone for help that I do not know, and certainly would at least offer a token of appreciation if I did.

      What else can I say? I can ask if you are calling the kettle black and I can ask that you refrain from using my about page as your “sounding board”

      Peace my friend I have a great love for you as a human being! I question your common sense and motives.

      Namaste ♥

      • I’m sorry you feel that way. I had no time to read through your actual page so I apologise for that. I wasn’t visiting you to explore who you are and I admit that. I cannot click a like on something I have not read. I needed to draw your attention to something and your About page was the best place.

        Maybe I should have been clearer in my communication. The short of it is that the blogger continually attacks other bloggers and your like on at least one of his attacks is like a seal of approval from you regardless of whether or not that’s how you intended it to be.

        I think my motives are clear… to do everything I can to starve the perpetrator and surely there is sense in that.

        Thank you for your time.

      • Two wrongs have never made a right… Stalking him or her is just as bad.. Involving me in my book is worse! I will check out the blog and read the “post more thoroughly” to be honest many times the reader shows only a limited view of the post and unless I really am interested I don’t go to the original post and read it all!

        I suppose you don’t see anything wrong with you being a stalker as well? You my friend are just as guilty of the same crime so to speak…. At least from my perspective, it appears you don’t know how to fix the issue without doing the same thing? You both need help I would say!

        If you need to say something say it to the WordPress team of moderators and leave me out of your drama! Please!!!!

      • Fair enough.

        You aren’t being dragged into the drama, you are only being alerted to it in the hope that you actually stay out of it, if that makes sense.

        I don’t need your help or for you to side with me (I’ve read your page now by the way… you’ve lived a fascinating life), all I wanted from visiting you was for you to be aware of what you were approving with your like. I like is a stamp of approval… it’s a like!

        Unfortunately you put yourself into the drama you wish to stay out of by applying your like and, by the sound of it, gave the approval without actually reading what you were stamping. I guess we’re both guilty of not reading something first. 😉

        All the best to you and I’d love nothing more than for you not to be part of the drama. 🙂

    • Thank you Sindy… You have had quite an interesting life as well It is truly my pleasure to meet you as well…
      Funny thing is a tarot reading and horoscope said I would meet you today! 🙂


  31. Hi Joe,

    you have led an interesting life and often we learn so much more by living each day being open to receive… The Street Art really caught my eye, wonderful..

    thank you for the follow

    peace, litebeing

    • Hi Linda, thank you so much for the lovely comment, it is so true and such a gift to actually live the day than just let it slip away! Being open of mind and heart makes life seem so much more fun even when it appears to be dark it is still a true gift with that open perspective and acceptance. Namaste 🙂 And thank you again I am grateful you stopped by and hope you will again sometime. 🙂

    • Terri.. You are awesome thank you for sharing such a beautiful comment and the sentiment you expressed with your wonderful words! Yes I enjoyed the posts I read and enjoyed the audio of the poem Desiderata as well thank you for sharing them! Namaste and thank you for being beautiful you! 🙂

  32. I liked your about page very much. I am glad I met you, we have similar feelings. My life has been different than yours, but we have come to the same conclusion. Love is the most important thing.

    • Thank you Wilson! I am quite honored that you chose to comment and for the compliments. You have led and lead quite an inspirational and fascinating life! Thank you for being you, with the greatest of love, Joe

      • Thank you Joe, I’m also honored by your kind words. I feel you are a beautiful and loving person. Whenever you write to me, you make me feel good. Thank you for being you too.

    • Hi Mitch, thank you for the wonderful comment and taking the time to share it! I have been enjoying your posts and look forward to reading many more of them. Thank you for being you and sharing the inspiring words you choose to share!

  33. wandering …and thought i would stop by to say hello… 🙂
    Hope you and your world is doing good these days….
    Take Care…You Matter…

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