Ghosts… Really?

Joe, you’re a day late and a dollar short if you think that ghosts are an appropriate subject to write about this time of year. Halloween was over a month ago, and frankly we are ready to embrace a different season, one filled with love and joy, not scary and frightening. So, what on earth would possess you to write about ghosts?

That’s a great question, but first I would like to say hello to all of those that take the time to read my blog posts, especially those that have written to me to inquire about my wellbeing. My blog although neglected as of late isn’t dead neither is the writer, even though it’s been so long since I have written a post that it may appear to have been the case.

The inspiration for this long overdue post is my favorite ghost story, and arguably the most well-known ghost story of all time, the Dicken’s classic A Christmas Carol. The Victorian era tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, being haunted by the apparitions of his dear friend Jacob Marley, and the spirits of Christmas past, present, and future serves as an inspiration for us all to make a more meaningful contribution to the world. The letters and notes from my friends here on WordPress have inspired me even though I have been making my way as a ghost writer to make a more meaningful contribution to the world through my writing.

I am grateful to the WordPress community for bearing with me and supporting my efforts as I master the craft of writing. It is the experience gained from writing blog posts that opened the door to my writing career. Thank you all for your kindness in liking and commenting on my posts. Your support has been very inspirational and given me the confidence I needed to reach higher and pursue my dream of making a living as a writer.

As we all know in the digital age we live in, if you hope to make a living as a writer you must get as much exposure as you can, in order build your personal brand. Although I have been making money writing, and editing the objectives of exposure, and brand building are difficult to achieve when the content you produce is as a ghost writer. Until recently I had been questioning the value and purpose of this blog. That is until I realized that it is a way to share my love of writing, and a tool that has been helping me build my brand.

That said my being merely a ghostwriter is not sufficiently representing who I am as a writer or a person.  So, it’s time to implement the skills I have been learning over the last few years while attending online writing classes, participating in webinars, and taking marketing courses. In other words, it’s time for me to step onto the world stage and be recognized as the writer, and person I have become. It’s time to contribute to our world in a more meaningful way through my writing.

As I move forward it is my intent to introduce you to some of the mentors and organizations that have helped me as I learn to master the craft of writing. Becoming a good writer is only possible if you learn the art of writing from those that teach the art of writing. I guess what I am trying to express is that becoming and being a good writer comes from being a part of a great community. I am honored to be a part of this writing community.

Thank you all for being beautiful you and sharing the things you do. You are all making a difference in our world and making it a better place for all we share it with. Namaste.

One thought on “Ghosts?

  1. This sounds like the beginning of a very exciting new journey for you! I look forward to following your progress and it will be very interesting to encounter some of the mentors and organisations that have helped you along the way. It would also be helpful if W.P would actually send me notifications somewhere from your blog!!!

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