California, dreamin, oh it’s just me chasing a dream!

Hello, how are you? I am in California DREAMING!

It has certainly been a while since I have really dedicated much time to this blog. It’s kind of a shame because I learned so much about life vicariously through the stories and information shared here on WordPress it truly is a family kind of community that I am grateful to be a part of.

I opened this post with a popular song on my mind yet I had another reason for sharing that I am currently in spectacular Southern California. After an amazing year of adventure and interacting with many incredible people, and exploring places from coast to coast and back I am wintering out reaching for the stars in sunny California. I found myself reminiscing and looking for the future with my shades on :).  My fellow bloggers you are on my mind as oddly enough are the women that have touched my life and taught me what love is as I listen to the song!


Life for me is a gift I cherish even though things rarely go as planned. In many cases those plans go out the window somewhere along the line and we improvise. Good bad or ugly at one moment can appear beautiful and loving the next. I think the true treasure is found in our interactions with our fellow people and the place we are interacting.

“Philosophy? Come on now you’re not going to jump right into that are you? The depth of the subject to take forever to explore.” I had intended to share a little about the people I met along the way this past year from Seattle, WA on 420 day, to Boca Raton, FL on the 4th of July with stops in Atlanta, Denver, Las Cruces, NM, Truth or Consequence, NM and for the moment in one of my favorite places on the planet Earth…. Sunny California. One of those people is from LA a very talented and gifted writer and human being Ms. Jocelyn F. Wright.

Actually I was heading for the deeper subject of modern religion. You see my good friend Jocelyn, wrote a script for a new TV series. It’s about a “Catholic Nun” and a group of teens she looks out for in the dormitory that seems to be more of an orphanage in a way. When she told me about the project I had envisioned a modern day “Flying Nun”, however that was not the case at all…. Having spent twenty years in NY,NY with some pretty devote Catholics it was nice to see their world from a new perspective. Drama!!! Oh my but what a captivating story!

It is my pleasure to share with you the works of other artists I have met along the way the first of which I would like to share with you…

Hope you enjoyed the video and perhaps caught the video and hit the like button… If not that’s cool too!

Just wanted to share a little of what’s happening in my world and let you know I will be around more often now that I have chosen to jump… Starving artist sale or upwards and onward stay tuned and find out in upcoming posts. The possibilities are infinite and things don’t always go your way because some things are out of your control.

Roll with the flow avoid the rocks and be excited for what is coming around the bend and grateful for what you find! Thank you all for being you and contributing to the world your presence as a major player in the making our world a better place for all we share it with.

Namaste! With love and acceptance.

5 thoughts on “California, dreamin, oh it’s just me chasing a dream!

  1. Hello! My friend long time no talk. I see your enjoying my home town California. 🙂 It’s really nice and the weather is excellent.

    I enjoyed reading this topic. I missed you stopping by my blog post.

    Well, hope to hear from you soon and hope to see you post more often. I will be posting up a new poem first thing tomorrow morning at 3:00am. 🙂

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