A tribute to a little Angel …



Little Angel spread your wings
Although you were only here for a moment
You have made my heart sing
Love is what you brought and all you knew
Love is what I give back to you
Your time though short on this earth
Only moments from
The time of your birth
I love you forever for what my love is worth
Love is beyond a moment in time
I carry you in this heart of mine
The love you shared is a gift divine
I see you flying with your angel wings
A tear of sorrow and joy the vision brings
I love you is the song my shattered heart sings
Thank you for sharing your love
My little Angel up above


Sometimes the smallest things are only there for the shortest moments, those moments are sometimes the greatest gifts and teachers. My life has been touched by a young soul that was in it only for a few moments yet those moments have affected me and my family forever.

If you only had ten minutes left of your life what would you do with them? If you only had ten more minutes to live I hope you have the gift of being held by someone you love and someone who loves you. If I had ten minutes right now although I sit alone my heart would be and is filled with the greatest of love. I have no words to truly express what that means, other than a tragic moment fills my heart with a reverence and love in this moment that I shall cherish and embrace as long as I am able. Joy is hard to find in my mind, yet joy and peace are found in my presence this moment. Fly little Angel fly I am watching you with a tear of joy in my eye!

Thank you all and may peace love and joy fill your moments as you are present in them.


8 thoughts on “A tribute to a little Angel …

  1. Aww dear Joe.. I am so sorry that your little Angel only touched earth briefly… I had one of my own.. and my Son had two that didn’t quite make it.. So my heart is with you and your poem touched my heart..
    Much love your way Joe.. and sending you Love and Peace to you for all of 2015.. … 🙂

  2. Sue, thank you for your kind words and the feeling I get as a I read them. So many feelings and such emotion wells within me at the moment. My daughter is the one I truly wish and desire to send love and peace. I can only imagine as I remember holding her and cutting the cord as it were the beautiful being I was given the gift of holding and loving. The only consolation is knowing that in the ten minutes he was in this world he was held and loved so deeply. He will know nothing other than that love for his short stay. That is a truly wonderful gift in a way. A life only knowing unconditional love.

    Thank you for sharing your unconditional love… I am grateful and touched by your heart and for taking the time to share it with me.

    I send love and peace back to you and yours, I am going to catch up on your posts shortly as I could use a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day!

    • My love and heart is with your daughter and all of your family Joe… And I am sure your Grandson will have felt that unconditional love that he himself brought with his limited time slot on this Earth..
      But his presence will be felt into eternity.. Love and Healing are sent Joe.. ❤

    • Thank you Irene… The best thing to know and feel in our world and our Universe is Unconditional love! I am not looking for people to feel sorry for me or my family I was hoping to express the love I feel even in the sorrow. There is no sorrow in a sense as the best gift one can have and share in life is unconditional love even if it is only for a moment. Thank you for sharing your kindness and your love Irene,,, You are awesome!

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