Taking the time to smell the flowers!


I wanted to share a few thoughts. It is my first post of the New Year; In fact it is my first post in a few weeks. I was reminded recently of my past, I lived a fast hard life during my twenty’s and thirty’s. Work consumed my time and money was all that was on my mind. So much so that I missed out on smelling so many roses… Have you ever stopped to think about and feel something that really brought you great joy? I have observed as I talk to people and help them step into the life they dream of that it is easy to remember the not so pleasant things that happen in our lives. I also have noticed as I step into my dream life, and implement the things I have learned and teach I had the same problem.

Funny how other people’s story can remind us of our own story, the good the bad and the ugly. I read Stephen Kings memoir “On Writing” recently. I had been told it was the number one guide to becoming a better writer, to master the craft of writing this book is a must read. I agree it is a must read for any writer, as a writer you have to be a reader. Some of the characters in his story were very reminiscent of some of the characters in my youth.

One or two of his characters along with their situations, and experiences hit quite close to home for me. The truth is they would probably hit quite home for most of us. One of the stories he shared was about two girls and a boy that were in some of his classes while he was a teacher at a High School. They were not wealthy students; one of the girls wore the same skirt and shirt all year. By the time it was winter the skirt was faded, the shirt was stained and for the most part translucent. The kids all picked on those unfortunate students because they were basically stuck with what they had.

One of the motivating factors for my obsession with making money and having the means to buy my children the finest of everything materially was my own childhood memories. When I was in fifth grade I was given the nick name “K mart”. I had one pair of shoes to wear through the school year, plastic ones that were always a size or two larger than my feet at the start of the year so I could grow into them. One pair of jeans and a couple of homemade shirts completed my wardrobe. The shoes were what they used to call K Mart specials shiny patent leather knock offs. Most other kids I knew wore them on Sunday to church.

I got my first job at 13 so I could buy myself clothes that were more in style, and lose the nick name. I never wanted to hear the name” K mart” again especially if it was what I was being called. I was determined to make a million dollars and know my children would never be ridiculed for the clothes they wore. I would never again feel like I was poor!

Here it is 2015, I was speaking with a friend about a seminar we had recently attended. It was a Law of Attraction seminar and the speaker (A close friend) was talking about the visualization process. Find a memory of a time in your life when you had great joy and success. Feel that moment remember how you felt. Bask in that moment!


It was that moment that I realized… How important it is to stop and smell the roses. I had the hardest time finding a moment that truly resonated with that feeling of joy. Not that I have not known or experienced joy, there have been many times in my life that I have. I was trying to think of a financial moment as it was again money on my mind. There was a time I got a check for twenty thousand dollars, I will remember that moment and the feeling I told myself. I suppose that is where I am going with this post.

I don’t remember the feeling, I don’t remember the joy, I don’t remember celebrating, I remember telling my former wife to deposit it. I remember going to work a fifteen hour day, coming home and checking on the balance in my checking account before I went to bed. Ten years later I can’t say how I felt about something that would have made “K mart” jump for joy, laugh, dance and sing.

I start this year with a great smile, and the intent to bask in each moment, find the joy and feel it savor it just like it was a rose. I have changed my life and path, choosing to do what I love. I am writing, painting and creating things with love and joy. I believe and know just like I did when I was 13 that I will make millions. This time doing what I love and savoring the moments, not neglecting the most beautiful part of life.

Do you live in the moment, do you smell the flowers? Can you recall the first time you felt love? The feeling you had when you had your first kiss? I had to dig very deep to remember those feelings. Isn’t that a shame?

I encourage you to stop and smell the roses, savor the moments in your life that bring you joy! Bask in those moments, and remember them when you start to think about the not, so pleasant things. That change of perspective will brighten up a cloudy day. The more you remember how beautiful that rose was to look at, the smell, and how it made you smile… The more beautiful your life will become!

Thank you for stopping by, thank you even more for being you!


17 thoughts on “Taking the time to smell the flowers!

    • Thank you Aquileana, You are awesome, I appreciate the wonderful comment and the compliments. They are quite touching and inspirational as well… Can’t wait to catch up on your wonderful and informational and inspirational posts!

      All the best to you and yours, this marvelous year! I truly hope that you have the best this life has to offer! 🙂 Hugs, Joe

  1. We tent to remember more successes than failures anyway which is good. Enjoy and have a great 2015 and keep living in the moment. There are many memories to make!

    • Ute!!!!! You are quite a gift to us all! Thank you for sharing the many smiles and know that I appreciate and am grateful for the kindness you share! I wish you the best this year as well and in the spirit of this post and your comment… Thank you for sharing with me one of those memories in this moment. Your comment and wishes are a magical moment I cherish as I read it! 🙂

      • Thanks for your lovely words. You see many people have miracles but son’t see them, however you seem to be blessed and see magical moments everywhere. the best way Joe. Hugs Ute

    • Sheri, I have no idea why your lovely comment was sidetracked to the pending pile… I have to say thank you for stopping by and sharing such a beautiful sentiment. Thank you, I have been following your busy life and adventures, here, on FB and LinkedIn… You are amazing, thank you for sharing a beautiful flower with me, it is a lovely flower indeed almost as lovely as the beautiful lady that shared it! Thank you Sheri, Namaste my beautiful friend!

  2. Plastic shoes was my favorite kind of shoes in the winter. I would wear them all summer long, than when winter came the sole would be worn and make excellent snow skates at night.. namsate

  3. Joe this was a great read and more as you express how important it is to embrace moments in our lives that brings joy and not to so focus on the material things of life.

    This post really have me reflecting on how I have done things in my own life and the way I do things today. Thanks for sharing and it is always a pleasure reading what you share with us.

    Have a wonderful 2015 and the best is yet to come!

  4. Beautifully written. I have to say that the best, happiest moments of my life are taking place now. As none of us knows how much time we have left, I wake up every day with the intention that this will be the best day of my life! Good for you for changing direction and I wish you the best in your new life.

    • Thank you for the lovely sentiment you expressed and fro taking the time to do so… It is a flower I truly am enjoying taking the time to appreciate and smell. Thank you for sharing it! I am happy to have changed my direction as it has given me the gift of moments like this. Thank you for sharing the moment and wishes with me. I truly wish you the best of all that life has to offer, everyday is a new life as the gift is given. I hope we both have many, many more days of new life to enjoy and smell the flowers!

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