Happy Thanksgiving… Everyday is a gift to be thankful for


Every day is a gift I choose to be Grateful for
Thanksgiving Day is special that is for sure
Where we give thanks even more

Today is a day of love and grace
No matter your religion, creed or race
As we sit down to our meals all over the place

Some say prayers before they eat
Their wonderful meals and their tasty treats
Some choose tofu for their Thanksgiving feasts

Whatever it is that you do this day
I hope that you do it in a loving way
I wish you and yours a day filled with love and joy
On this very special day
Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you the best where ever you are if you are in a place where it isn’t a holiday or you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving I wish you a day filled with love and grace, in my heart you are with me at my table sharing a meal and some smiles as we express our gratitude and thanks for the gift of life and the love we have in our lives.
Thank you all for being You, and doing all the beautiful things you do! You are awesome and I am quite blessed to be given the opportunity to share this time and space with you. Thank you!

Namaste 🙂

14 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving… Everyday is a gift to be thankful for

  1. Dear Joe, your heart is always so full of Giving… I so loved your poem… Wishing you a Wonderful Thanksgiving time.. And thank you for sharing your love and giving us the wisdom of your words as you share your inspirations

    Love And Blessings
    Sue ❤

  2. Wonderful blog you have here. Will enjoy reading all your work. Thanksgiving, love it, eat much, can’t move after. Long nap, repeat eating then leftovers for next few days. Another great thing is being with relatives.

    • Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful thoughts and your wonderful comment! I appreciate them and yes Thanksgiving is quite awesome, lots of love and lots of left overs 🙂 Hope yours was as awesome as mine!

    • I am thankful you have a positive heart and a beautiful one as well. My Thanksgiving was indeed quite wonderful and I hope yours was as well! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment I appreciate you doing so and am grateful for your presence!

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