Are we creating a Utopia or a Nightmare? Do the ploice have too much power?

Hello world!

I have decided to take a few minute break from my novel writing project. I am in the home stretch with over 53,000 words on virtual paper. There are still probably another 10,000 to 15,000 words to go yet I am feeling quite good about my progress. Like running a cross country race when I was in High School I am catching my second wind.

It is funny that my mom, the local newspaper, and another tragic shooting of a child inspired me to write a blog post. Writing a blog post is a break?

I was chatting with my mom about an article in the local paper “The Salt Lake Tribune” the article and headline titled “Are 45 deaths at the hands of police a cause for alarm?” was about the number of citizens killed by police in the last five years 45 of them “Ranked second only to homicide of intimate partners” (quote taken from sub headline) local law enforcement watchdogs (who they are is a mystery to me) say it is time to treat deadly force as a “Potentially Serious Public Safety Problem.”

The article goes on to say “The numbers reflect that there could be an issue and it is going to take a deeper understanding of these shootings” and “It definitely can’t be written off as citizens groups being upset with law enforcement” quotes shared in the tribune by a former police lieutenant that served in Washington D.C. and Utah six years of his law enforcement carrier were on SWAT teams.

As I was reading the article I mentioned the shooting today of a child in Cleveland Ohio, to my mom asking her if she had heard about it. It appears, police had received a call about someone waving a “probably fake gun” the young man was 12 years old.

My mom said the most shocking thing I have ever heard her say and it broke my heart as well as opened my eyes as to part of the problem with our Utopian police run society. “He wanted to get killed, waving a gun in a police officer’s face” WHAT? “I am the Law”?

I looked at her and reminded her that when I was a kid I used to wear a cap gun and play cowboys and Indians with my friends all the time, if it wasn’t cowboys and Indians it was war the Americans against the Germans or the Japanese. We didn’t even think about being shot by the police. She said”Times have changed “in a very nasty tone. I replied in my most loving reverent voice “Yes they have we have made it against the law to be a kid.”

I am not a fan of guns and certainly not a fan of violence, I do think that kids should be able to play and have fun even if it is acting like a soldier, a cowboy, an Indian, a pirate, or even a Knight of the round Table. Without the fear of being shot by the police, or a neighborhood watch group.

Do you remember the old western movies where the Sheriff shot the gun out of the bad guy’s hand?

Why are the police choosing to “Shoot to kill” rather than using an alternate shot? Most of the victims of police killings are un armed and those that are armed are usually carrying a pocket knife or wielding a dull sword, some even armed with a toy gun, they pose no real harm to anyone other than themselves. It seems to me if the officers are required to pass a shooting test and can hit the kill zone ten out of ten times they should be just as able to hit a leg or arm ten out of ten times and to be honest even a gun from a person’s hand more often than not.

I am a veteran and actually have medals from shooting competitions, I do understand gun control, I also understand that the police are under a lot of stress. I just hope that they know our streets are not the battlefield and our children are not the enemy.

Is there a real cause for alarm?

Is there a legitimate reason to be concerned that our police are killing so many of our citizens?

Are the police and their methods a “Serious Public Safety Problem”?

It seems that of the many cases I have seen over the last twenty years including one of a young man shot 40 + times by multiple officers who was un armed on his porch in Brooklyn NY while reaching for his wallet have been clearly a case of manslaughter at minimum, murder for many of them. Yet the courts and the officials of our towns and choose not to prosecute those officers, stating they were within the limits of the law and protected by the badge they wear.

Are the Police above the law? It would seem that our police have 00 status and the license to shoot to kill!

We need police, I am grateful for the most part we have them, the majority are truly looking out for our communities and well being. I would ask them to perhaps remember that this is not a war zone, even the criminals are not the enemy, and shoot to kill should be the last choice not the first!

Thank you for being you and thank you for visiting my page… I will be back with my normally scheduled inspirational posts in the next couple of days! I do have a special post for the Thanksgiving Holiday we -are about to celebrate here in the U.S.

21 thoughts on “Are we creating a Utopia or a Nightmare? Do the ploice have too much power?

  1. wow – English is not my first language, I know to speak fluently 7 other languages. Reading your composition reminds me when I was a student of Masters in London. You method and material is beyond speechless. I congratulate you!

  2. This: “Yes they have we have made it against the law to be a kid.”

    Speaks volumes. And this:
    “I am a veteran and actually have medals from shooting competitions, I do understand gun control, I also understand that the police are under a lot of stress. I just hope that they know our streets are not the battlefield and our children are not the enemy.”

    It deserves being repeated.

    • Thank you Xena, I ask in my prayers everyday for our collective humanity to stop the violence and embrace love rather than fear. We are so diverse in our many ways and could learn so much from each other. I appreciate you and the work you do in promoting awareness and in promoting peace love and kindness… Thank you for being beautiful you! 🙂

      • Joe, thank you for your kind words but I’m a reflection of yourself. We have the same goals from hearts that know the way of love is the way of life.

  3. This problem happens in our police force too. I cannot understand why they have to shoot to kill either and then they try to perform CPR?

    It doesn’t make sense how many people we have lost but after a police officer was killed a few years back, it’s like they are so fearful and stressed for their own lives, they react accordingly. With PTSD so high amongst the police force, we need to address so much more than the gun issues. Great post and insights into this debate Thankyou.

    • Karen thank you for sharing your insight and thoughts as well, yes there are so many issues to be addressed PTSD is one of those issues that certainly requires attention. I think there is a great need to teach compassion and empathy in our world as that seems to be lacking and would greatly help with some of our social issues. I am grateful for both the comment and the contributions you make to our world, you are awesome. Thank you for being you and sharing the things you do! Namaste

  4. Human rights are voicing concern over police fatal action in our part of the world. There are simply too many target killings by those in uniform with some political or other motive. Police are suppose to enforce laws, yet no one seems to be in control of them. There actions are recorded and shelved most of the time. Seldom the newspaper/media focus on killings and then in a miraculous manner they are questioned and sentenced..punished ? I am not sure.
    Your society is still not experiencing the raw killings..and I hope with people’s voice , you all can perhaps make the government promise you a better system..

    • Thank you Kalabalu… I agree with you, things are not as bad here as they are in many parts of the world. That is part of what makes it so great to live in the country I live in we have an opportunity to have our voices heard. I am most grateful and fortunate to have the gift of being here. Thank you for your wonderful reminder and the hope you express that we might make that change here and I hope we do as well. I used to be very proud of my country and the example I thought we represented to the world. It seems we have much work to do and it would be awesome if we were to lead by example. Thank you Kalabalu!!! for being beautiful you!

  5. Joe, my Heart “feels” you and your words. If I started to comment on this post, I would be here all day long. I no longer understand this world and how violent it has become. Yes we too growing up always played cowboys and Indians, and my brothers especially loved water guns. We were not allowed to own b.b. guns. So that I don’t fall into fear at what I see around me, I choose to focus on Love, on Mother Nature, hoping that as I do, that energy radiates out to this world to change it for the better. Bless YOU for being you. It is an honor to cross paths with you. Namaste, and Much Love, Amy

    • Amy, you are awesome… Thank you for your wonderful and empathetic comment. I choose to focus on love and nature as well along with sending out positive energy along with you, there are many of us. It was unusual for me to share such a post, and in some ways I question myself for doing so. I suppose it was a combination of things that led me to do so, I thank you for your kindness and the love you share. Thank you for being beautiful you and I bow my head in reverence as I say it is an honor to cross paths with you as well! Namaste and much love back to you, Joe

      • Joe, as long as those of us who choose Love and Beauty over death and chaos, follow our Hearts, we shall make a difference in this world. We already are!!! Do not doubt what you are guided to do. The more you do what you are guided to do, the easier it becomes. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Yes the norm… I would like to see a new norm, I think we all would, when I was guarding Nuclear weapons in the service there were rules regarding the use of deadly force… Warning shots were for the most part encouraged… even required in most cases.:) perhaps it is time for some new rules of engagement and training for our police force members, Just a thought… Thank you for sharing your thoughts Marva and thank you for being you as you share the beautiful heart of yours and make such a wonderful contribution to changing our world… In such a positive way! 🙂

  6. What a great post and I agree that what is happening here in America is wrong. Morally and ethically wrong. I don’t want our young people growing up worrying that a police officer might kill them. I don’t want children of color fearing the people who should be helping them. So we have to speak up and pass legislation to protect people from wrongful death. We have to stop giving our children guns, toy guns, to play with. We have more crime here than in any other industrialized country and we are the only country where gun ownership is legal. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Barbara

  7. Yes Joe I heard of this shooting .. We hear each day of crimes.. All I can do is bring love and Peace within my own world.. If we all of us did that.. Maybe Joe it would help bring more peace to others who live in fear and feel the need to use and own a Gun..
    Great thoughts you have penned..
    Love and Blessings

  8. The police do have power. Whether it’s too much power, I’m yet to decide on.
    But I do believe there needs to be greater gun control and the internal affairs department of the police need to start asking some serious questions.
    Lovely article.

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