Molting, Transforming, Changing… It takes time

Molting, morphing, metamorphosis, transmutation, transforming… Changing! We all know change for the most part takes time. Especially when we are changing ourselves, sometimes the change doesn’t really seem apparent in our daily lives as real change is gradual if it is to be meaningful. We can’t just wake up Christmas morning like Scrooge and be a different human being in a twinkling of an eye. Even if we can it would take a while to really have it sink in and hold.

Change takes time and effort on a daily basis before it can really come to realization in our actions thoughts and way of life. At times I have questioned myself in regards to my progress and true depth of change as I occasionally slip.
I am at a point in my personal transformation that the I Ching describes as “Molting” or ”Revolution” there are various levels of molting or revolution from the shallow “The Panther molts in its face” to the deep change of the “Tiger changes it’s stripes.” The concepts of superficial change like our appearance or acting nice to people yet not coming from the heart and being truly kind are easy make happen for a time but produce no lasting effect. The panther molting in its face is such a transformation; it will still eat you even though it looks sweet. The deep change that comes from the heart takes time, much like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The change that comes from solitude and silence is one that has lasting effect and becomes the new stripes on the tiger.

The daily work through meditation and observation is the actual nuts and bolts of personal transformation. When you become aware and become consciously aware of your thoughts and actions it moves to the next step of taking action. Choosing thoughts that serve you takes effort as well some thoughts we choose from past conditioning and beliefs that may not really be in line with the change we are making. Judgment… We sometimes judge our thoughts without considering where the judgment is coming from. It is not only our thoughts we need to master it is gaining alignment with our hearts that is perhaps the most important in personal transformation. Our hearts in conjunction with higher self or our conscious awareness recognizes our expanded consciousness allows us to become who we truly are meant to be.

Deepak Chopra in his book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” shares an important point in regards to the transformation process. You can’t force it, you work on it everyday and little by little it becomes more a part of your everyday being, and one day it becomes a spontaneous part of the who you are. Here is a link to the audio book on youtube:

As I personally am in a place of transformation or deep molting I find at times it is confusing in a way when my old self is no longer who I want to be and my new self is yet to form. I choose to just let the thoughts flow choosing to follow none. I pick up a brush and paint or a pen and write something beautiful or I walk in silence choosing not to interact with the world at large. Perhaps I need that silent connection with the divine, to complete the change, or at least move to the next level of change. Each time I hit this phase I find myself knowing I am making progress, the stripes are coming out and becoming more defined I am becoming more beautiful and more alive.

I wanted to share these thoughts in a way to say it is part of the process sometimes for some of us to experience times when we want to withdraw and go within. It isn’t a bad thing nor does it mean you are being anti social or a hermit. It means you are expanding from within so you can have room to deal with comes from the outside in a new way, with love and the expanded awareness of your expanded consciousness. It may feel strange even a little weird and perhaps it is as you are now experiencing things from an unknown perspective. A new and changed perspective, as you are becoming anew you. When we were children experiencing things for the first time we at times felt awkward and strange I have that feeling often as I learn and implement the lessons of change in my life.

Change takes time to have a lasting effect, give yourself the time continue making the effort even if it feels like you slip sometimes you are becoming a new you. Be patient and give yourself the love and pats on the back you deserve. Doing things a new way, feeling different about things, seeing things in a different light is going to feel strange… Learning who you are from the inside is often quite a contrast to which you were taught to be from the outside. It is however quite worth the effort in the end there is no better gift for you and the world than you being you!

Thank you all for being beautiful you, your smiles and the love you share are making our world a better place for all we share it with.

Namaste 