Observing the observer…

The path of self discovery and self mastery is learning the art of observation. The observing of the observer is the ultimate state of being. To be at one with stillness in awareness is the awareness of observing the observer. I wonder what I will observe? Miracles!!!! As I observe myself and my reactions I am learning self mastery in being pro active.As I observe the observer I am learning to be master of myself. Meditation is the key to open the door it isn’t locked!
Have you meditated today?

Thank you for being you, you are awesome and beautiful, your love and the smiles you share are making our world a better place for all we share it with.



14 thoughts on “Observing the observer…

  1. so true, I got bad at meditation with all that has been going on but I am trying to calm my mind again. I am so happy I can see you on the reader, take care my friend. namaste

    • Doris, you are awesome. I am happy you are back and have to say I have missed you here, it is nice to see you on FB even if I don’t go on there much. I am happy you are working on being calm of mind and know you will have peace of mind soon. I am grateful for your friendship and know all will be well in your world soon… Namaste and hugs, thank you for being beautiful you!

      • aw Joe the storm has past but there is a lot of adjusting and I am taking it day by day doing new things and accepting all the changes in my life. thanks for being such a good friend.

    • Thank you Barbara for the repost and the lovely comment! I am grateful and I am happy you liked the post. Meditation brings many benefits and gifts to us. Hugs and I hope you are doing well my beautiful friend! πŸ™‚

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