Quantum Field.. A poetically expressed thought

I didn’t realize that you needed a Tumbler account to see the post I shared from there.. So here it is.

Quantum fields
Fields of dreams
Thoughts creating everything
Reality is not always as it seems

Quantum fields
Where we plant the seeds of what will be
Like magic those seeds sprout
Creating the reality that we see

Quantum field
Quarks and particles
Sub atomic strings the building blocks of everything
Or so it seems as scientists share in their articles

The Ancient Philosophers of many lands
India, China, Persia and even Greece
Knew the laws of the Universe
The laws of harmony and peace

Quantum fields
It is a popular debate
For many who believe and don’t
What is that energy that creates?

A lady told me recently
Boson is another name for God
Funny the Pope even said
He is not a gray haired man with a magic rod

Perhaps it as Lau Tzu said
There is no name for the creator of all things
How can we name what we can’t see
Sub atomic energy so small yet a part of everything

I sit in the silence of my mind
Sub atomic particles, thoughts begin to form
Seeds in a quantum field
Waiting to be born

Thank you for being you and for stopping by I hope you enjoyed the poem. 🙂