Happy Thanksgiving… Everyday is a gift to be thankful for


Every day is a gift I choose to be Grateful for
Thanksgiving Day is special that is for sure
Where we give thanks even more

Today is a day of love and grace
No matter your religion, creed or race
As we sit down to our meals all over the place

Some say prayers before they eat
Their wonderful meals and their tasty treats
Some choose tofu for their Thanksgiving feasts

Whatever it is that you do this day
I hope that you do it in a loving way
I wish you and yours a day filled with love and joy
On this very special day
Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you the best where ever you are if you are in a place where it isn’t a holiday or you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving I wish you a day filled with love and grace, in my heart you are with me at my table sharing a meal and some smiles as we express our gratitude and thanks for the gift of life and the love we have in our lives.
Thank you all for being You, and doing all the beautiful things you do! You are awesome and I am quite blessed to be given the opportunity to share this time and space with you. Thank you!

Namaste 🙂

Are we creating a Utopia or a Nightmare? Do the ploice have too much power?

Hello world!

I have decided to take a few minute break from my novel writing project. I am in the home stretch with over 53,000 words on virtual paper. There are still probably another 10,000 to 15,000 words to go yet I am feeling quite good about my progress. Like running a cross country race when I was in High School I am catching my second wind.

It is funny that my mom, the local newspaper, and another tragic shooting of a child inspired me to write a blog post. Writing a blog post is a break?

I was chatting with my mom about an article in the local paper “The Salt Lake Tribune” the article and headline titled “Are 45 deaths at the hands of police a cause for alarm?” was about the number of citizens killed by police in the last five years 45 of them “Ranked second only to homicide of intimate partners” (quote taken from sub headline) local law enforcement watchdogs (who they are is a mystery to me) say it is time to treat deadly force as a “Potentially Serious Public Safety Problem.”

The article goes on to say “The numbers reflect that there could be an issue and it is going to take a deeper understanding of these shootings” and “It definitely can’t be written off as citizens groups being upset with law enforcement” quotes shared in the tribune by a former police lieutenant that served in Washington D.C. and Utah six years of his law enforcement carrier were on SWAT teams.

As I was reading the article I mentioned the shooting today of a child in Cleveland Ohio, to my mom asking her if she had heard about it. It appears, police had received a call about someone waving a “probably fake gun” the young man was 12 years old.

My mom said the most shocking thing I have ever heard her say and it broke my heart as well as opened my eyes as to part of the problem with our Utopian police run society. “He wanted to get killed, waving a gun in a police officer’s face” WHAT? “I am the Law”?

I looked at her and reminded her that when I was a kid I used to wear a cap gun and play cowboys and Indians with my friends all the time, if it wasn’t cowboys and Indians it was war the Americans against the Germans or the Japanese. We didn’t even think about being shot by the police. She said”Times have changed “in a very nasty tone. I replied in my most loving reverent voice “Yes they have we have made it against the law to be a kid.”

I am not a fan of guns and certainly not a fan of violence, I do think that kids should be able to play and have fun even if it is acting like a soldier, a cowboy, an Indian, a pirate, or even a Knight of the round Table. Without the fear of being shot by the police, or a neighborhood watch group.

Do you remember the old western movies where the Sheriff shot the gun out of the bad guy’s hand?

Why are the police choosing to “Shoot to kill” rather than using an alternate shot? Most of the victims of police killings are un armed and those that are armed are usually carrying a pocket knife or wielding a dull sword, some even armed with a toy gun, they pose no real harm to anyone other than themselves. It seems to me if the officers are required to pass a shooting test and can hit the kill zone ten out of ten times they should be just as able to hit a leg or arm ten out of ten times and to be honest even a gun from a person’s hand more often than not.

I am a veteran and actually have medals from shooting competitions, I do understand gun control, I also understand that the police are under a lot of stress. I just hope that they know our streets are not the battlefield and our children are not the enemy.

Is there a real cause for alarm?

Is there a legitimate reason to be concerned that our police are killing so many of our citizens?

Are the police and their methods a “Serious Public Safety Problem”?

It seems that of the many cases I have seen over the last twenty years including one of a young man shot 40 + times by multiple officers who was un armed on his porch in Brooklyn NY while reaching for his wallet have been clearly a case of manslaughter at minimum, murder for many of them. Yet the courts and the officials of our towns and choose not to prosecute those officers, stating they were within the limits of the law and protected by the badge they wear.

Are the Police above the law? It would seem that our police have 00 status and the license to shoot to kill!

We need police, I am grateful for the most part we have them, the majority are truly looking out for our communities and well being. I would ask them to perhaps remember that this is not a war zone, even the criminals are not the enemy, and shoot to kill should be the last choice not the first!

Thank you for being you and thank you for visiting my page… I will be back with my normally scheduled inspirational posts in the next couple of days! I do have a special post for the Thanksgiving Holiday we -are about to celebrate here in the U.S.

The Elephant… Don’t you see it?

The Elephant in the room….

Why is it that many of us human beings don’t acknowledge the obvious? We can look at the Elephant in the room and act like we don’t see it.

There are many issues in our personal lives and in our communities, cities, states, nations, and our world that the old saying applies to. (war, homelessness, racism, hunger, poverty, to name a few)

Do we just choose not to see it? Is it fear that stops us?

I had several conversations with friends about the issues they were experiencing in their lives that reminded me of the old saying “The Elephant in the room” first it would be helpful to define the saying for those who may not have heard it or those that really have taken no time to understand what it means.

Wikipedia says: “Elephant in the room” or “Elephant in the living room” is an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddressed. The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss.

The Oxford English Dictionary gives the first recorded use of the phrase, as a simile, as The New York Times on June 20, 1959: “Financing schools has become a problem about equal to having an elephant in the living room. It’s so big you just can’t ignore it.”[3]

The conversations were for the most part about the issues that they were dealing with; the largest cause of those issues was their own negative attitudes and perspectives. Most of them were running from the issue rather than going within and changing their perspectives. I was guilty recently of trying to shut out the rest of the world and focus… Not how it works!

Much like what was happening with my friends and family I was ignoring the “Elephant in the room.” Life doesn’t work that way nor can I just be a master of my mind and heart in solitude. I did need to take some time and get focused, mastery would be something that I have to do in my everyday life, in my encounters with the energy and attitudes that others.

The only one that can make things change in your life is you, what is your relationship with the Elephant in the room? Are you ignoring your pains and your negative attitude or those of your friends and loved ones pretending that they are not the problem?

We owe it to ourselves, our friends, our families to deal with the elephant! Go deep, confront then release your fears and negativity, and let those feelings go free. They like the elephant they do better out in the open than caged up in the room!

Thank you for being you, you are beautiful and quite awesome, I appreciate your taking the time to stop by and read my posts. It brings a great smile, speaking of which… Your smiles and the love you share are making our world a better place for all we share it with! Thank you for being the positive change our world so needs!

Namaste 


The Ugly and the beauty found in ugliness… when will it end?


In the rubble of a bombsite cries a man who is afraid;
his young wife and child went missing when the bird fell from the sky;
and his neighbours come a-running from the homes that can’t be saved.

This man is digging with his fingers for the little girl he made,
desperation in his shouting that the bird took her away.
In the rubble of a bombsite cries a man who is afraid.

There are tears across his country, but the grit is in his eye.
He is calling for his baby, but his throat is raw and dry;
and his neighbours come a-running from the lives that can’t be saved.

So many lonely people left by loved ones swept away,
by the restless wings of predators who fall upon their prey.
In the rubble of a bombsite cries a man who is afraid,

but who falls upon the ground…

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My Message in a Bottle

I would like to share the message shared with me in a bottle. Barbara has shared much kindness and love with many of us as well as from us as she re posts those blog posts that touch many. Barbara’s message in the bottle resonates with my heart and I would like to say Thank you Barbara for sharing such a wonderful message in a bottle for us all to find! Hugs!


To whomever finds my message:

I have filled this bottle with Love, Peace, Patience, Compassion, Empathy, Gratitude, Beauty, Forgiveness and Kindness.

I believe that when we sow the seed of these ideas with words and plant them in the soil of life and add water and sunlight, we can grow Peace.  Peace is the trunk of the Tree of Life.

If, every day, every person performed one Peaceful act, shared beauty with one other person, shared forgiveness with one who needs it, then we would have the beginnings of the Peace we need.

Everyday that you touch someone else with kindness, with compassion and peace, you make an imprint on their heart and on their soul that will gradual help them find their way to a life lived in peaceful harmony with everyone in the world.

This could erase racism, sexism, ageism, all forms of bigotry and the violence that comes…

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Molting, Transforming, Changing… It takes time

Molting, morphing, metamorphosis, transmutation, transforming… Changing! We all know change for the most part takes time. Especially when we are changing ourselves, sometimes the change doesn’t really seem apparent in our daily lives as real change is gradual if it is to be meaningful. We can’t just wake up Christmas morning like Scrooge and be a different human being in a twinkling of an eye. Even if we can it would take a while to really have it sink in and hold.

Change takes time and effort on a daily basis before it can really come to realization in our actions thoughts and way of life. At times I have questioned myself in regards to my progress and true depth of change as I occasionally slip.
I am at a point in my personal transformation that the I Ching describes as “Molting” or ”Revolution” there are various levels of molting or revolution from the shallow “The Panther molts in its face” to the deep change of the “Tiger changes it’s stripes.” The concepts of superficial change like our appearance or acting nice to people yet not coming from the heart and being truly kind are easy make happen for a time but produce no lasting effect. The panther molting in its face is such a transformation; it will still eat you even though it looks sweet. The deep change that comes from the heart takes time, much like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The change that comes from solitude and silence is one that has lasting effect and becomes the new stripes on the tiger.

The daily work through meditation and observation is the actual nuts and bolts of personal transformation. When you become aware and become consciously aware of your thoughts and actions it moves to the next step of taking action. Choosing thoughts that serve you takes effort as well some thoughts we choose from past conditioning and beliefs that may not really be in line with the change we are making. Judgment… We sometimes judge our thoughts without considering where the judgment is coming from. It is not only our thoughts we need to master it is gaining alignment with our hearts that is perhaps the most important in personal transformation. Our hearts in conjunction with higher self or our conscious awareness recognizes our expanded consciousness allows us to become who we truly are meant to be.

Deepak Chopra in his book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” shares an important point in regards to the transformation process. You can’t force it, you work on it everyday and little by little it becomes more a part of your everyday being, and one day it becomes a spontaneous part of the who you are. Here is a link to the audio book on youtube:

As I personally am in a place of transformation or deep molting I find at times it is confusing in a way when my old self is no longer who I want to be and my new self is yet to form. I choose to just let the thoughts flow choosing to follow none. I pick up a brush and paint or a pen and write something beautiful or I walk in silence choosing not to interact with the world at large. Perhaps I need that silent connection with the divine, to complete the change, or at least move to the next level of change. Each time I hit this phase I find myself knowing I am making progress, the stripes are coming out and becoming more defined I am becoming more beautiful and more alive.

I wanted to share these thoughts in a way to say it is part of the process sometimes for some of us to experience times when we want to withdraw and go within. It isn’t a bad thing nor does it mean you are being anti social or a hermit. It means you are expanding from within so you can have room to deal with comes from the outside in a new way, with love and the expanded awareness of your expanded consciousness. It may feel strange even a little weird and perhaps it is as you are now experiencing things from an unknown perspective. A new and changed perspective, as you are becoming anew you. When we were children experiencing things for the first time we at times felt awkward and strange I have that feeling often as I learn and implement the lessons of change in my life.

Change takes time to have a lasting effect, give yourself the time continue making the effort even if it feels like you slip sometimes you are becoming a new you. Be patient and give yourself the love and pats on the back you deserve. Doing things a new way, feeling different about things, seeing things in a different light is going to feel strange… Learning who you are from the inside is often quite a contrast to which you were taught to be from the outside. It is however quite worth the effort in the end there is no better gift for you and the world than you being you!

Thank you all for being beautiful you, your smiles and the love you share are making our world a better place for all we share it with.

Namaste 