Thoughts of the mirror and water.. empowering you!

The most powerful empowerment tool is the one you see when you look in the mirror. I often hear the expression that “the relationships, the people you meet, the things you see in others, is a reflection of you. I wonder at times how true that is as that was shared with me more than once today. I almost shared it with a good friend yet chose to use that mirror with her in a different way.

As I talked with my friend I recalled a scene in a movie I truly enjoy and have watched several times. In it there is a scene that says so much about the power of that mirror as an empowerment tool or as a tool of destruction. The lady in the film is feeling rather down and beating herself up after a night of drinking and wild sex or so the viewer is lead to believe. She smashes the tube of toothpaste and breaks the mirror as she tells herself she is ugly and that she hates herself. As the faucet drips the lady has tears falling down her face and she has a brief memory of an experiment conducted by a famous physicist.

The experiment is a rather powerful one conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto where he labels water bottles with various emotional words and then takes pictures of the water molecules the next day. The affect of just labeling the water bottles on the molecules is profound. Here is a clip from the movie “What the Bleep do we know” where the experiment is briefly described and the memory the lady has in her moment of realization.

As the lady realizes the power of her thoughts and words she laughs and starts to draw hearts and symbols of love all over her body. She has a new perspective about what she sees in the mirror and how powerful and healing the words can be if she chooses to use those that are based on love and are chosen in a empowering and beautiful way. She realizes the power of self love as she realizes how much of our physical beings are composed of water.

My friend has spent thousands of dollars learning the tools of empowerment, in many modalities she has studied enough to have a Doctorate in self empowerment and the art of self love. She has spent many years studying spiritual paths and philosophy. She has a tool box of tools that would allow her to be a licensed therapist she even has two Degrees yet she still calls me and sheds her tears as she wrestles with self love and the labels she still holds on to.

As I chatted with her today I expressed my thoughts to her in the most beautiful way I knew how. I shared with her the truth about all of that education and knowledge.. It is absolutely useless if you don’t implement it and use it in your life! Take a few minutes and go find a mirror and tell me what you see! I feel that when you look in that mirror even if you see ugly in the initial moment when you look deep into your eyes you will laugh at the thought. There is no way you can actually look into your own eyes and feel anything less than loved by your inner self or your soul. It may take a few minutes maybe longer yet if you stand there and look into your eyes and soul long enough you will see the true beauty and love you have inside of you.

The best tool I can share is the Mirror! You may at first want to break it… then what do you see? Through the tears you see the one person on this planet that loves you just for being you! If not then I hope you will think about the clip I shared with you and the fact that the majority of your physical being is water. Take a pen and write the words love, beautiful, peace, and draw hearts and smiles all over your skin and write love over and over again until you feel it transform your cells and your heart tells you that yes you are love and you are loved.

When you do that every one you meet, every relationship you have, every reflection you see will be one of love and beauty. True change true love and true reflection start within look within your beautiful eyes and see the love of who you are love yourself and be beautiful. Use the tools nature has given us use your thoughts and water as a reflection of what you are a spiritual being in a physical body that is mostly water. When you see yourself reflected in that pool, or lake or, mirror, remember how powerful and beautiful love is! Love yourself and use the empowering tools you have to love and be you!

Thank you for being you, remember you can have all the knowledge in the world and a whole tool box of tools yet they are not doing you any good if you don’t use them! I would also encourage you to watch the movie “What the Bleep do we know” if you haven’t seen it. It may change the way you think about thinking! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Thoughts of the mirror and water.. empowering you!

  1. This is so right Joe, we can learn a lot about personal development and we can continue to do this all our life unless we also implement the taught in our life, which is not the most easy to do.
    To learn to be good friends with the mirror is for many very difficult. Too many old experiences can block us.
    Namaste Joe 😉

    • Love the comment and your insight, yes it is sometimes very difficult to make friends with the mirror yet what a gift it is when we do! Namaste and hugs Irene you are awesome my beautiful friend! 🙂

  2. Joe. What an amazing Post. You have hit the nail on its head within this beautiful and insightful post. I had to answer as I’m reading via phone. Empowerment and All our healing begin with that mirror. What a wonderful friend to your lady-friend you are. And how wise to point it all out again. And thank you Sooo much for sharing. I did a post some years back on Dr Emoto. And how profound thoughts are and words upon our water based emotions. Thank you Joe. Hugs Sue X Hugs Sue X
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    • Sue.. What can I say you always share such a wonderful smile and energy when you visit I appreciate you so much and am happy you liked the post. Dr. Emoto shared with us all some amazing wisdom and knowledge that if we were all to listen to as well as implement in our lives we would have such a beautiful world! Thank you Sue for the hugs the smiles and for being Beautiful you! Hugs back to you many times over!

  3. Have you and/or your readers read or seen the book The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde? It was about a fictitious character who had a life size portrait of himself which changed as he lived a debauched life and he watched the changes. I wonder whether Wilde was consciously aware that through our thoughts and actions we do create our bodies?

    • Hi Ian, I apologize for not being as much of a visitor as I should to your pages. I have been very busy yet that is no excuse. The book in question “The Picture of Dorian Gray” By Oscar Wilde is quite an interesting story and has inspired many works of art and other stories. I believe that many great works such as this were divinely inspired. So yes I believe that he may have known and shared the sentiment in his book! Namaste and I hope you are doing well!

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