Commit to creating from your higher state of being! a re post from another blog I write for :)

I would like to share a little bit from one of the other projects I am working on I hope you enjoy the post and find it helpful!

Welcome to the Quantum NLP Blog.

Your presence is greatly appreciated and it is our intent that you enjoy your visit and find something that brightens your day and inspires you. The last few posts we have been exploring Christaine’s new book “The Law of Attraction Formula” (C) 2014 by Christiane Turner. The book due out in late November early December is a must have for every one that would like to take their life and dreams to the next level. Quantum is the next level and the Quantum State of Being or mind set is the way to achieve and accomplish the dreams and goals that for many may perceive to be impossible.

In the last post we shared that thoughts become things and that we create from the inside out. When we create from our Quantum state we attract things that are extraordinary. Here is an excerpt from Christianes new book that expresses what happens when we choose to go Quantum.


Commit yourself to create Quantum Results

When you are truly ready for something it puts it into appearance. As long as you have a sense of purpose, and move along your path with persistency you will succeed, and the results you are able to attract will leave you in Awe.

Miracles are normal

You are the catalyst to pull energy into physical form, which is truly miraculous. It’s through your transmissions that ideas transform into tangible results. There is a limitless supply of possibilities how thoughts can manifest in reality. By making the choice you can quantum leap into a completely different world of possibility and create the life of your dreams.

The results you attract into your life are the direct reflection of the quality of your thoughts. Your words are your magic wand to create miracles. You enable energy to transform itself from one state to another through the use of your will.

At the same time you support your intent with your high vibration feeling state. Your happy attitude is reflected by a higher frequency as you vibrate at a more rapid rate, which attracts high vibration Quantum Results to you.

Everything in the physical universe is made of energy, which is pure consciousness, and you allow yourself to proactively interact with that consciousness. Your results are a direct reflection of the level of energy you project and transmit.

From “The Law of attraction Formula” © 2014, Christiane Turner

Namaste with love,

Christiane Turner

With contributing writer,

Joe Bradshaw

5 thoughts on “Commit to creating from your higher state of being! a re post from another blog I write for :)

    • Thank you Irene, it is indeed a law of Nature and we are best served if we choose to attract with the intent of the highest good for ourselves and all that exists! Thank you for being amazing you and sharing the beautiful things that you do!

  1. I really enjoyed from this post and got a lot of positivity from it. As a quantum physicist I have to tell that as Joe says our thoughts and intentions literary create our reality. This is not only a principle in quantum physics but also something experimentally confirmed a thousand times. It is shown that reality as isolated from consciousness has no form or property by and in itself; it is pure, formless potentiality, known as superposition state. Consciousness projects this potentiality into actuality (known as the collapse of the wave function) according to what it intends. Intention and radiation (focus) are the principles of creation. Thanks Joe for sharing this positive message.

    • Thank you my friend for sharing such a wonderful and inspiring comment! I appreciate you taking the time to read the post and to share your thoughts it is quite a compliment that you choose to share! I also appreciate that you share such positive messages in your posts and that you have a beautiful gift you share as you inspire others in such a positive way with your wisdom and the words you share! Thank you for being awesome you! Namaste

      • Thank you :). We all need a lot of positivity and when we find each other we can intensify it even more. It’s great to know you and your work. Namaste

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