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Our outside world matches our inside world
Posted on September 23, 2014 by Christiane Turner — No Comments ↓
Welcome to the Quantum NLP blog
It is a wonderful gift to have you here and share with you. It is our intent that you enjoy your visit and perhaps find yourself inspired to live the life of your dreams. By being here you have made the choice to follow your intuition and the Law of Attraction has drawn you to the right place at the right time. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to share with you some knowledge and techniques from a” Master of The Law of Attraction”, Christiane Turner. Christiane has just finished another book “The Law of Attraction Formula” and although it is scheduled for release in December I have been given a copy in advance. I choose to share with you some of the highlights and if you have been following this blog or it’s links on FaceBook then you know the in the last few posts we have been covering some of the material she shares in the book.

It is my intent to share some more of the material from the book however it is my desire to share a few of the things that have been happening in the world of Quantum NLP and Christianes latest projects. First and foremost on September 18, 2014 in Sandy Utah the Event” Take the Law of Attraction to the Next Level “ with Christiane Turner was held. The event attracted a full house and was a very powerful energy filled event with some of the most powerful local and regional, Masters of the Law of Attraction on hand sharing their knowledge in their speeches. Everyone present felt the energy as some of the most wonderful examples of how we may manifest in our lives what we choose when we apply the “Law of Attraction Formula” in our lives on a regular and consistent basis. Look for the video to be posted soon with the speeches and highlights it is truly an amazing gift these Speakers and Masters Shared with us all! Additionally the latest class of Quantum NLP Practitioners graduated on September 20, 2014 the best of wishes to them and the many people they will share with and inspire as they reach for the stars!

In honor of Christiane and the great success of the recent seminar I thought the following excerpt from Christianes new book “The Law of Attraction formula” ©2014 by Christiane Turner would be appropriate as it is truly our Energy and Vibrational Frequency that Creates what we have in our realities.
Our energy frequency determines the reality we create

The results we create in our life are always a direct
match to the frequency we transmit.

Change your vibration to attract great things into your life
By now we understand that everything in the universe is made of energy and vibrates. More importantly, we have the ability to change the vibration within ourselves and others through our intent.
It is possible to change the vibration of hate to the vibration of love, as they are just a different frequency of the same basic emotion.
The Master consciously chooses at which point in the emotional scale they want to rest. They are aware of their inner thoughts and feelings, and understand that they can influence the energy frequency they send out into the universe.
Everything, including our emotions, is made of energy and emits different frequencies, which are measurable. Our brain is a powerful receiver and transmitter of energy through our thoughts and feelings.
In the example with the radio transmission the energy waves can pass through matter. The antennae picks up radio waves that are being broadcast from a transmitter. The transmitter puts out waves which get picked up by our radio.
When a person sends out a focused transmission with their thoughts and feelings it passes through the ether to affect physical matter. The vibration is picked up the exact same moment by other human brains as it travels instantaneously from one brain to another.

This is THE Secret!
Your frequency has the unique ability to be instantaneously picked up across the planet with the same amount of energy and intensity that you used when you sent out your message. You have the most powerful transmitter on the planet right here in your brain.
Whatever frequency you emit that exact same frequency is drawn to you through a powerful magnetic pull.

Thank you for sharing your time and know that your presence is greatly appreciated and cherished. You are awesome and as you travel this journey it is our intent that you may do so with joy and become “Masters of the Law of Attraction”. By learning how we can change our lives in a positive way with the intent of creating the life we dream of we change our world into the world we dream of one beautiful manifestation at a time. It all begins within each one of us and when we learn from the Masters we begin to change from the inside out changing ourselves, our communities and our world in such a powerful and positive way. Bless you all!

Namaste with love,
Christiane Turner,
With contributing writer,
Joe Bradshaw