Re deux” The key and the awakening” pt2

“That is an interesting story, what does it have to do with me? I don’t have time for all this, I am about to be late for work. I think you are quite beautiful and would love to talk about this when I have time after work perhaps over dinner. I have had a rough couple of days and last night was quite possibly the worst night of my life. Then I saw you and the way you looked in my eyes, I thought things were looking up, now I am not so sure, especially if I lose my job because I picked up a crazy lady- That I almost ran over.” Jake said.

“I know your wife has asked for a divorce, I know you have no home and are looking for a place to stay I also know you are going to lose your job in about an hour even if you drop me off right now.” She replied.

She smiled as she talked and the last statement about losing his job struck a nerve with Jake. Lose my job he was thinking yeah because she was making him late. How did she know about Lindsey and the divorce?

“Where would you like me to drop you off I have to get to work” Jake retorted

“111, 8th Ave” Sandra replied

Jake thought for a minute he had miss understood as that was where he was going. 111, 8th Ave was an Art Deco building that took up a whole city block and until the World Trade Center was built was the home to the Port Authority. The building was originally built to be a warehouse for less than truck load freight to be consolidated on the lower levels and the upper levels were intended for manufacturing. Completed in the early thirties it was now home to Google and several other companies including CT Corp the company who’s offices were where Jake was going to install some office furniture. Jake had been in that building many times and had never seen Sandra in his travels. That was not all that unusual however with the ten or twelve thousand people that went in and out of there daily. She could work at Google and that may be why she knew so much about him Jake thought.

Jake replied “Sure I will drop you on 8th right in front by the Banana Republic.”

Jake dropped Sandra off at the corner; she left a business card on the seat. As she got out of the jeep, she was telling Jake they needed to meet later in the day to discuss his trip to New Mexico.

“New Mexico” said Jake half laughing “What in the world makes you think I am going to New Mexico and even if I was it won’t be soon. I have to find a place to live and an attorney I am being taken to divorce court remember and I also have a job that requires at least a month’s notice before I can take a vacation.”

Sandra laughed then responded in a very serious tone “It is imperative that you are in Ojo Amarillo, New Mexico the third Friday of September this year. I will be ready for lunch when you are done with your boss and will give you the address for Clarissa, one of your guides and the High Priestess that has half of your key.”

“Half of my key, High Priestess, what are you talking about and I will be working until three thirty. My boss never comes to my jobs; I take lunch at 11:45 till 12:30 and can meet you across the street at the Spanish deli if you want.” Jake replied as he was pulling away not waiting for a response he turned the corner and drove half way down the block to the parking garage.

Jake gathered his tools from the back of his Betsy and headed to the elevator leaving the business card on the seat trying to put the mornings and last night’s events behind him and concentrate on the work day he had before him. He was meeting four carpenters he had worked with on many occasions and they had twelve work stations to install most people called the work stations cubicles. Jake thought that calling them cubicles made tem sound almost like jail space so he preferred the term work station it seemed to make him feel like he was contributing to the world something that was productive. As he rode the elevator to the eleventh floor he had all but forgotten the morning’s events.

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