Re deux… The key and awakening.. pt1

Jake was physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted as he pulled into the rest stop to take a short nap. Sleep wasn’t going to come easy. His mind was busier than I 80 was when he passed by Chicago some twelve hours earlier. He had been driving almost thirty hours, only stopping four times for gas and to refill his coffee cup since he left Shawnee, PA. He was on his way to Ojo Amarillo a small town outside of Farmington New Mexico to meet Clarissa, a High Priestess and Shaman that he had been told possessed some kind of key that belonged to him. He wondered why he was taking this cross country trip at the urging of Sandra a woman he had met only three days ago. Destiny thought Jake, what the hell does that mean? He would almost swear that Sandra had cast some kind of spell on him yet Jake didn’t believe in witches and the like.

Jake was a quiet, down to earth kind of guy, a construction worker. He had spent the last twenty years as a happily married father of two children… that was about to change. Jake and his wife Lindsey were having problems and neither one of them loved the other the way they did years ago when their children were born. Jake knew Lindsey was having an affair, in a way he understood, she must be lonely and feel neglected. He worked seven days a week for the most part and those days were often longer than fourteen hours. He wasn’t prepared for the court order telling him Lindsey had filed for a divorce and that he had three days to leave his home.

Four days ago right before dinner a Constable car pulled in the driveway, Lindsey went to the bedroom when she saw the Constable pull up. The Constable knocked on the door asked for Jake and handed him an envelope along with a receipt pad asking for him to sign it then headed back to his car.

Jake made the mistake of opening the envelope at the table as his kids were setting the table. His kids were grown up for the most part, Justin had just graduated High School that spring and Hailey had been going to the community college for two years. As the tears flowed down Jakes cheeks they set the table in silence neither one of them seemed to be surprised. Jake wondered why Lindsey didn’t talk to him about filing for divorce and why she had the Constable deliver the notice. He didn’t feel like eating and told his kids he was going for a drive. They gave him a hug and told him they loved him as he walked out the door to his Jeep “Betsy” a dark green 2007 Liberty model.

The next morning as Jake was driving to work his mind raced, his heart ached, he didn’t even want to go to work. He was wondering what he was going to do and where he was going to live after the previous nights “shock and awe” bombardment. He was wondering what his kids thought as he pulled out of the Lincoln Tunnel and turned on 10th Avenue in New York City he jammed on the brakes almost hitting a well dressed slender red head with a body that could stop a train. .

The lady was walking across the street against a red light in morning rush hour traffic creating all kinds of havoc and a couple of fender benders. What the hell, is that lady doing thought Jake as he looked for napkin to clean up the coffee he just spilled all over the seat of his” Betsy”. He looked up from the console and saw the lady staring into his eyes as she walked towards his Jeep now stopped in the middle of the intersection being relentlessly honked at as the other five lanes of traffic began slowly moving. He was immediately drawn and captivated by her as he wondered what she was staring at him for.

He rolled down the window and asked “What are you doing lady are you crazy?”

” I came to see you Jake and we need to talk, you haven’t got much time and you need to get moving.” She said.

Jake was not sure if he should let her in or not yet she knew his name and he was quite curious as well as enchanted with her beauty. What harm could she do he thought she is half my size and doesn’t look like an axe murderer even if she is there was no way she was hiding an axe in that outfit. He unlocked the door and told her to get in. As she sat down the fragrance of spring and flowers seemed to come from her perfume made him feel lighter and full of joy.

“So Gorgeous would you like tell me how you know my name and why you are looking for me?” Jake asked.

“I knew you would be here this morning you drive to work every day this way. I thought you would ask my name before you asked me why I was looking for you; after all you do like to know who you are talking to don’t you. My name is Sandra and I am a friend of yours I have been for three thousand years.” She answered.

“What?’ exclaimed Jake” Three thousand years is a long time and in case you hadn’t noticed I am not that old to be honest even though I am forty-three I don’t feel a day over thirty. And you my beautiful friend can’t be a day over thirty, thirty five at the most.”

“Do you believe in reincarnation?”She asked then before Jake could answer she continued” We are souls that are all part of a spiritual being. Our souls live for eternity we use new bodies each time we choose to come back to earth as a physical being. We come for the physical experiences we don’t get to enjoy in our spirit form. Our earliest experiences were those of discovery as we learned what the physical body needed to survive and how we could survive physically on this planet. The planet is inhabited as you know by many living things and beings other than just the Human ones. In the beginning the experience was violent as well as beautiful, those first souls were adventurous, and enjoyed the aspects of their physical bodies the experiences and sensations of the physical senses. Those senses were new to the spiritual being that we are part of. With each new experience and sensation those original soul adventurers began to enjoy the physical world and its challenges knowing that they would return to the spiritual realm. The only way to experience organic senses was to be organic and as things are organic things have a limited life span our human bodies die. Our soul or the part of our Spiritual being we are continues to live as long as we have the desire and will to do so. It is said that the first souls were quite simple in their desires, they experimented with the simple experiences of the senses yet they had the same creative energy as the spirit in their minds. Our souls are creations of the spirit mind as is all that exists; we contribute to all that exists through our creations manifested from our minds. As more souls returned and shared their experiences with the Spiritual being, more desire for expansion and creation developed.” She paused for a moment allowing Jake to take in what she had said.

I will be posting four parts today and an additional post sharing with you all my recent activities so I will save my formal thank you till the update post I hope you don’t mind…


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