re deux “The key and awakening” pt 3

As the elevator doors opened and Jake stepped out he was surprised to see his boss Billy waiting by the door to CT Corp. Billy was one of the owners of the company Jake worked for and never came to any of Jakes jobs. Jake ran a tight ship and always made the company money on the jobs he ran as a foreman there for the last 12 years. The only time he saw Billy was when he came to schmooze the owners of companies and his clients in the furniture industry. CT Corp was one of those companies they had done many projects for and it was Jake that got the company the contract. Jake was intrigued as this was the last project he would have expected to see Billy.

He was about to say good morning to Billy when he noticed a now familiar fragrance in the air. Billy was talking to somebody that Jake could not see that was standing across the hall. A voice Jake recognized immediately was just finishing saying something to Billy that made Jakes hair stand on end. “He can’t work on this project or for your company if we are going to continue doing business he tried to kill me.” She was saying to Billy as Jake stepped into the hall. Billy looked like he had lost his best friend as he said” I will take care of it I find it hard to believe, he is one of our best employees and is known to have a heart of gold. I will speak with him, the evidence you presented is hard to deny, I do believe however that there is an explanation Jake would not harm anyone.” Billy said defensively.

As Jake approached with a look of bewilderment on his face Sandra walked away. Billy looking at Jake said “we need to talk. Come on, I will buy you a cup of coffee downstairs there are a few things I need to clarify with you.” Jake had a strange feeling he had not felt before yet it was not one of doom like he felt he should knowing he was about to get fired. He knew Billy would stand up for him and that Billy would talk to Stan the facilities manager at CT Corp to save his job. “I guess I should take my tools with us” Jake said as they walked towards the elevator Jake had just come out of. Billy Just looked at Jake and motioned for him to follow.

The elevator ride was for the most part silent and Jake could almost hear the gears in Billy’s mind turning as he thought about the current situation.” Breakfast at the Diner across the street” Billy stated “I think we need a while to talk and I need a few minutes to think.”

Jake asked “Sure, what is going on Billy? I only met that lady an hour ago when she was walking against a red light crossing 10th Ave causing a major problem in traffic and several accidents she is crazy if she thinks I tried to run over her. You know I wouldn’t hurt anyone intentionally.”

Billy said sadly” I know and I need to think. When did you meet Sandra and how did you meet her? Stan is her boss; well he called me last night and asked me to meet him early this morning. He mentioned you and said you apparently tried to run over one of his project managers. She told him she was so upset and afraid that she could not even be in the same space as you. She also called Trish at B. MGUINESS our biggest customer and told her that you tried to kill her and that they would no longer do business with them if they used us for their installation work while you were working for us.”

“What? That is all a bunch of crap I was coming out of the tunnel this morning, turned the corner on 10th and ended up launching my coffee all over the seat and dash as I jammed on the brakes. That crazy lady came out of nowhere. I had a green light and started through the intersection, her next thing I knew there she was and there went my coffee.. I told her she was crazy to be walking across traffic like that and ended up giving her a ride to work.” Jake said the added “You know me better than that. Last night I was being beat up by Lindsey she had me served with divorce papers.”

“Jake she has a video showing you coming straight at her with a look on your face like you were possessed by the devil himself. She just got out of the way as you stopped and looked her right in the eyes then rolled down the window glaring at her.” Billy said then proceeded to ask “How did she get that and how do I say with the evidence in my face that she must be mistaken. She called Stan and Trish yesterday. How could she make the video up and how could she have called yesterday if this just happened this morning? Did you go out drinking last night after you and Lindsey fought?”

“We didn’t fight, the Constable came at dinner time knocked on the door just as we were about to sit down and eat. None of us ate and I took a drive to Hialeah so I didn’t lose it in front of the kids. I did feel like tying one on but I didn’t want to get angry or drunk so I didn’t”. Jake said.

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