re deaux. The key and the Awakening pt4

They walked into the” Stardust Diner” although it was kind of a dive the food was excellent, cheap, and it was a fixture in the neighborhood. It has been featured in many films and was Jakes regular spot for breakfast when he worked in the neighborhood. Amanda seated them in a booth next to the window looking out onto 8th Ave. Amanda knew Jake loved that booth he had asked to be seated there so he could” people watch” one of his favorite things to do. She asked Billy if he wanted coffee. She left and brought back two cups and a container of cream, “Your usual Jake” she asked? Jake nodded, she turned to Billy” and for you what would be your pleasure?”I will have a cheese and spinach omelet with some of those homefries and a side of sausage.” Billy replied. It was only a couple of minutes later when Amanda returned with their breakfast. Billy’s omelet, and Jakes usual Biscuits and Gravy the same thing he ordered every breakfast over the last ten years. They have the best Coffee in NYC he would say to everyone that tried to get him to go somewhere else for breakfast. Amanda could tell that things were not going well for Jake and that there was business being discussed so she smiled and went about her business without her customary five minute conversation about the family and the job.

“I don’t want to do this Jake, Sandra demanded you be fired, Stan doesn’t want you fired neither does Trish and you know I don’t want to fire you. I do have to admit that even if I don’t think you were trying to kill that lady the video is sure pretty convincing. I am trying to figure out how she called Stan and Trish yesterday if you say this happened this morning and swear you never met her till today. There seems to be more to this than meets the eye and I am going to find out what is behind it. In the mean time I am sorry about the way things are between you and Lindsey. You two have not been happy in years and I have heard you talk about getting divorced a few times in the last couple of months.” Billy said as he cut up his omelet and paused to sip some of his coffee.
“What the hell Billy you don’t believe for a moment I am lying do you?” Jake said then he told Billy the strange tale of how he met Sandra and what they talked about as he drove to work only to find out they were going to the same place. He told Billy that she mentioned he was about to be fired and here he was being fired. Billy interjected” You are not being fired, I am not firing you I am giving you a two week suspension while I investigate this. You will be paid for the time off, you can use the time to find a new place as well as get moved. I have a good lawyer if you want I will give him a call and set you up with an appointment in a couple of weeks in the mean time hide your money! “

Billy went to the Subway station located in the front corner of 111,8th Ave and Jake continued walking down 11th Street to the parking Garage to get his Jeep and head home when he saw an old friend Jose the maintenance man at CT Corp.
“Jose what’s happening how are you?” Jake asked

“Not so good mang, I heard you got fired and we are doing a big project. I never worry when we do big projects since you came. Did you get fired it is good to see you are you coming up to the floor?” Jake smiled as best as he could and told Jose what had happened that morning then asked “Jose what can you tell me about Sandra?”

Jose looked a little frightened and unsure if he should answer “She is new to the company and some say she is magic and that she is a walking spell .All of the men are enchanted by her smell and her looks even her voice seems to have a mysterious tone that can make people do what she asks without even thinking. The women don’t even talk bad about her or the way she dresses like they do about each other. If I didn’t know better I would say she was a Voodoo priestess. She doesn’t have the eyes for it and she doesn’t dress like a Voodoo witch I think she is a White Witch from the old days but she could be one of those Salem kind of Witches. “ Jose said in his heavily tainted Spanish accented English.

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