“The Keys and the Awakening” … Way out of the box experimenting

Jake was physically tired as he pulled into the rest stop for a short nap yet sleep wasn’t going to come easy. Other than four stops for gas and to refill his coffee cup Jake had been driving for almost thirty hours and needed some sleep. His mind was on his upcoming meeting and the reason for his cross country drive. He was on his way to Ojo Amarillo a small town in New Mexico just outside of Farmington to meet Clarissa. He had been told by a White Witch two days ago that he was to meet Clarissa on the third Friday of September, that year and it was crucial for his future to do so. Clarissa holds a key to unlock some of your gifts you must unlock your gifts now and use them to fulfill your destiny. Destiny Jake thought, what the hell does that mean? He wondered why he even had gone to meet Sandra she was a White Witch and Jake didn’t even believe in Witches and the like.

Jake was a quiet down to earth kind of guy a construction worker that had spent the last twenty years as a happily married father of two children. A boy and a girl, well now they were a young man and a young lady to be quite honest they were grown up. His wife of twenty years had decided that she was not in love with Jake and she no longer wanted to be with him. She had him served with divorce papers as he ate what would be his last meal with what was his family. The next day was when fate introduced him to Sandra, a very beautiful lady with enchanting green eyes and red hair that seemed to Jake to cast a spell on him.

Jake was on his way to work his mind was occupied with what he was going to do and where he was going to stay as he searched for a place to live. The Constable showing up the night before at dinner had been quite a shock. The Court Order telling him he had to leave his home and his family within three days as well as his wife no longer wanted to be his wife was even more of a shock. His mind raced and he didn’t even want to go to work. As he pulled out of the Lincoln Tunnel and turned on 10th Avenue in New York City he jammed on the brakes almost hitting a well dressed slender red head with a body that could stop a train. The lady was walking across the street against a red light in morning rush hour traffic creating all kinds of havoc and a couple of fender benders.

What the hell, is that lady doing thought Jake as he tried to find a napkin to clean up the coffee he just spilled all over the seat of his Jeep before it got all over his pants. As he looked up from the consol he saw the lady staring into his eyes as she walked towards his Jeep now stopped in the middle of the intersection being honked at as the other five lanes of traffic started slowly moving. He was immediately drawn and captivated as he wondered what she was staring at him for. He rolled down the window and said “What are you doing are you crazy?” She said” I came to see you Jake and we need to talk, you haven’t got much time and you need to get moving.”

Jake was not sure if he should let her in the Jeep or not yet she knew his name and he was quite curious as well as enchanted with her beauty. What harm could she do he thought she is half my size and doesn’t look like an axe murderer even if she was there was no way she was hiding an axe in that outfit. He unlocked the door and told her to get in. The first thing he noticed was she smelled as nice as she looked the fragrance of spring and flowers seemed to make him feel lighter and full of joy. “Hi Gorgeous do you want to tell me how you know my name and why you are looking for me?” Jake asked.

“i knew you would be here this morning you drive to work every day this way. I thought you would ask my name before you asked me why I was looking for you; after all you do like to know who you are talking to don’t you. My name is Sandra and I am a friend of yours I have been for three thousand years.”

“What?’ exclaimed Jake” Three thousand years is a long time and in case you hadn’t noticed I am not that old to be honest even though I am forty-three I don’t feel a day over thirty. And you my beautiful friend can’t be a day over thirty, thirty five at the most.”

“Do you believe in reincarnation?”she asked then before Jake could answer she said ”We are souls that are all part of a spiritual being. Our souls live for eternity we use new bodies each time we choose to come back to earth as a physical being. We come and experience the physical experiences we don’t get to experience in our spirit form. Our earliest experiences were those of discovery as we learned what the physical body needed to survive and how we could survive physically on this planet. The planet is inhabited as you know by many living things and beings other than just the Human ones. In the beginning the experience was violent as well as beautiful those first souls were adventurous, and enjoyed the aspects of their physical bodies the experiences and sensations of the physical senses. Those senses were new to the spiritual being that we are part of. With each new experience and sensation those original soul adventurers began to enjoy the physical world and its challenges knowing that they would return to the spiritual realm they were fearless.”

She paused for a moment allowing Jake to take in what she had said. “That is an interesting story what does that have to do with me” Jake asked.
“As those first soul adventurers needed a physical body to experience the physical experience our maker the Spiritual being we are all part of imagined the perfect physical vehicle for us to use. Our human form, with the feedback and thoughts of those first adventurers being shared with the spirit realm the design of that form was adapted and created for the different conditions the adventurers chose to experience. The form being organic was subject to the environment it existed in. The only way to experience organic senses was to be organic and as things are organic things have a limited life span our human bodies die. Our soul or the part of our Spiritual being we are continues to live as long as we have the desire and will to do so. It is said that as began to be formed they were quite simple in their desires and they experimented with the simple experiences of the senses yet they had the same creative energy as the spirit in their minds. Our souls are creations of the spirit mind as is all that exists; we contribute to all that exists through our creations manifested from our minds.” Sandra explained.

Jake was listening intently as Sandra shared her explanation about souls and Human beings perplexed as to why she was telling him all this he asked” What does all this have to do with me and why you have come to find me? I like a story as much as the next guy but I don’t have time for all this I am about to be late for work. I think you are quite beautiful and would love to talk about this when I have time after work perhaps over dinner. If you don’t mind get to the point and let me drop you off where you need to go so I can keep my job. I have had a rough couple of days and last night was quite possibly the worst night of my life. I saw you and the way you looked in my eyes I thought things were looking up now I am not so sure especially if I lose my job because I picked up a crazy lady I almost ran over.”

“I know your wife has asked for a divorce, I know you have no home and are looking for a place to stay I also know you are going to lose your job in about an hour even if you drop me off right now.” She replied.” I also know that even when you were a child you felt like you had something to be doing that was very important and would often just sit and drift in the silence of your mind. People would often ask if you were okay or still there as you seemed so distant. You would get an A on almost every test you took in school even if you didn’t open the book. People often come to you for comfort when they are hurt emotionally or physically even many you have never met. Homeless people stop you on 6th Ave when there are a thousand other people passing by and ask you for help. You have time to listen to what I have to say and you have to get on your way this night after you have dinner with your children.” She smiled as she talked and for some reason the last statement hit a nerve with Jake.

I was challenged to write some fiction in a writing group I am part of and had some fun with it I even am toying with the thought of a book.. What do you think? Go for it? I don’t usually write fiction yet I am enjoying playing with it.

I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for taking the time to read it and if you choose to share a thought or two I would appreciate it. Thank you as well for being you and being the positive change our world so needs. With your smiles and sharing your love you are making our world a better place for all we share it with.

Namaste! 🙂

19 thoughts on ““The Keys and the Awakening” … Way out of the box experimenting

  1. I kept feeling you were weaving parts of reality into a fiction mystery ….
    I liked it, hope you keep writing on it….
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Thank you Mary Rose.. You have a way of creating some awesome smiles! I am working on it even if it just becomes a short story I use in an anthology later! Thank you for the encouragement!

  2. (✿◠‿◠)..Sa ai o seara plina de tandrete si iubire
    …sa poti simti frumusetea vietii, cu toata fiinta– Have an evening full of tenderness and love
    … you can feel the beauty of life, the whole being…♡◕ ‿ ◕♡

    • Thank you I am going to see where it ends up. It does need some editing however I think it is a nice base for a story and I am having fun with it! I appreciate the encouragement and the comment! 🙂

    • Thank you Mike, I appreciate the feedback and have written another 5,000 words in addition to what I posted and as the post was a first draft.. I apologize for posting a first draft by the way. I was just experimenting with the concept and seeing if it was something that people thought would be worth expanding on. I had some great feedback here and in my writing groups so I have been moving forward and even tackled some of the editing and rambling issues.. Would like very much to say thank you for your kind comment and compliment.

      • No apology necessary
        I’d love to hear more
        btw How have you been?
        it’s been a while since Ive talked to you
        Hope you’re doing okay
        take care

  3. This was a fantastic read. It really touched my heart, my mind and soul. Thank you for taking the effort (?) 🙂 to write this. If you have more of this – please, yes, do write it out. I’d like to help. You need an editor. I’m not one professionally, but I know how to edit text. That’s the only layer you need. Otherwise this is perfect. I’m not a publisher or any of that (as you know 🙂 but I’d love to help with this one. Ha, do I have time? Noooo… not really. Can I find it? Yes, I think so. One small section like this at a time. Take it in bits and pieces – then see how it ties? It can be a small one – not too many pages – easy to carry around and read in the subway or park bench. 🙂

  4. Oh whooh, I read some comments here about losing focus. It’s for no other reason but the fact that you’re totally missing commas. Your sentences are too long. I’m an expert in making text easy to follow. 😛 I am. Been that way all my life. We can restructure this to potentially make it shorter – but probably rather just reorder a bit. I loved this. Honestly, and I’m so sorry to say this in front of everyone – don’t mean to hurt anyone – but hmm, the ones who got off-focus – I’m afraid they might have been looking for another kind of story. Either that – or a structure thing. I had to read it in a specific way to understand. But once I got the rhythm, it was very, very good.

    • Vera you are awesome! Thank you for your kindness and I may take you up on the editing.. or at least send you some of this project a chapter at a time to get your feed back as I do cherish your sharing your thoughts! Hugs!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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