Part one of Take the Law of Attraction to the next Level Seminar Sept 2014

I wanted to share with you a little part of the activities I have been participating in and some of the amazing people that I have had the gift of learning from as well as what kind of things they share. It was my honor to be the camera man for this seminar I hope you enjoy the segment and may find time to watch the other 5 parts on you tube.

Thank you all for being awesome and being you, you are changing our world in such a beautiful and positive way as you share your love and your smiles. We are making our world a better place for all we share it with!


What do you do when you find yourself? Play in the World Series…

You have found yourself.. Now what? You spent years discovering who you are as a spiritual being having a human experience what comes after that discovery. When you find that part of you that exists beyond thoughts and emotions, the divine self what do you do?

I am quite intrigued with the many thoughts shared here on WordPress by many as well as much of what is shared in Ancient and modern texts. I have a number of friends from around the world that I consider very wise spiritual beings. Many of those say that our divine self is here to observe and our existence is simply to discover our divine self or remember who we are. We are part of a spiritual being or a collective of souls that make up a spiritual being as such we are united as one. That collective of spiritual being not only includes souls it is a part of all that exists. We for the most part find that divine self through meditative observation learning that we are not our thoughts we are that which recognizes those thoughts.

Okay I will agree we are not our thoughts. We do however create with our thoughts. I personally think that quite often the Ancient wisdom shared is not quite understood. Perhaps I am mistaken yet I myself experienced a time recently when I was asked a question as far as being a neutral observer. What is the point of being just an observer? To sit on the sidelines in the game of life, what would be the point of being here just to observe? If we just observe and let our thoughts flow and go with no judgment or emotion what are we creating?

The tree doesn’t need to think or judge it just grows. Be like the tree?

The river doesn’t need to think or feel it just flows. Be like the river?

The bird doesn’t need to think it just flies? Hmm

The bird thinks and learns to fly by observing its parents flying, the Lion learns to live and hunt by observing its parents living and hunting, we as humans learn many things by observing our parents and our societies. Human are blessed with the gift of being able to think and observe our thoughts from a higher perspective. In observing from a higher perspective we have the gift of choosing and creating from a higher perspective.

Although I do agree that we must become observers of our thoughts to discover our inner truth and higher self I do not agree with the perspective that we are here to merely observe. I agree that we should go with the flow as does the river flow and the tree grow.. That flow is embracing the positive thoughts as they come and going around the negative ones as the river goes around the rock. Eventually the positive thoughts break down the negative thoughts like the river wears down the rock.

We are here to engage and interact, to create beautiful things for the greater good of all that exists. How do we do that? We find our higher self, our soul that communes and shares with the spiritual being that we and all that exists are a part or product of. Then we observe our thoughts and choose to embrace those that create the most beneficial and beautiful creations for our greater good. That includes what is the greater good for our individual human experiences. If you create more wealth for example for yourself you are creating more wealth you can share with others. Even if you didn’t stand on the corner giving it away you are sharing with others on many levels. Your happiness, your good fortune and your success is an inspiration to others. The other aspect and benefit to finding yourself first is that when you do become aware of your thoughts and choose responsibly what you create.

What do you do when you find your higher self through observation.. You create from that higher self with your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions the most beautiful life and things you could ever imagine. Create with love and compassion by listening to your higher self and passionately taking part in the adventure and game of life. Live with love after you learn to observe with love

Life is in my opinion the Super Bowl, The World Series, The Grand Prix the ultimate game and in it we are all Champions if we choose to get off the sidelines and play!

Thank you for being you and allowing me to express my opinion and thoughts. I am grateful and appreciate you and your presence here and in our world where ever you are. Thank you as well for being the positive change our world so needs as you share your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with! 


Re Blog from Quantum

Our outside world matches our inside world
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Welcome to the Quantum NLP blog
It is a wonderful gift to have you here and share with you. It is our intent that you enjoy your visit and perhaps find yourself inspired to live the life of your dreams. By being here you have made the choice to follow your intuition and the Law of Attraction has drawn you to the right place at the right time. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to share with you some knowledge and techniques from a” Master of The Law of Attraction”, Christiane Turner. Christiane has just finished another book “The Law of Attraction Formula” and although it is scheduled for release in December I have been given a copy in advance. I choose to share with you some of the highlights and if you have been following this blog or it’s links on FaceBook then you know the in the last few posts we have been covering some of the material she shares in the book.

It is my intent to share some more of the material from the book however it is my desire to share a few of the things that have been happening in the world of Quantum NLP and Christianes latest projects. First and foremost on September 18, 2014 in Sandy Utah the Event” Take the Law of Attraction to the Next Level “ with Christiane Turner was held. The event attracted a full house and was a very powerful energy filled event with some of the most powerful local and regional, Masters of the Law of Attraction on hand sharing their knowledge in their speeches. Everyone present felt the energy as some of the most wonderful examples of how we may manifest in our lives what we choose when we apply the “Law of Attraction Formula” in our lives on a regular and consistent basis. Look for the video to be posted soon with the speeches and highlights it is truly an amazing gift these Speakers and Masters Shared with us all! Additionally the latest class of Quantum NLP Practitioners graduated on September 20, 2014 the best of wishes to them and the many people they will share with and inspire as they reach for the stars!

In honor of Christiane and the great success of the recent seminar I thought the following excerpt from Christianes new book “The Law of Attraction formula” ©2014 by Christiane Turner would be appropriate as it is truly our Energy and Vibrational Frequency that Creates what we have in our realities.
Our energy frequency determines the reality we create

The results we create in our life are always a direct
match to the frequency we transmit.

Change your vibration to attract great things into your life
By now we understand that everything in the universe is made of energy and vibrates. More importantly, we have the ability to change the vibration within ourselves and others through our intent.
It is possible to change the vibration of hate to the vibration of love, as they are just a different frequency of the same basic emotion.
The Master consciously chooses at which point in the emotional scale they want to rest. They are aware of their inner thoughts and feelings, and understand that they can influence the energy frequency they send out into the universe.
Everything, including our emotions, is made of energy and emits different frequencies, which are measurable. Our brain is a powerful receiver and transmitter of energy through our thoughts and feelings.
In the example with the radio transmission the energy waves can pass through matter. The antennae picks up radio waves that are being broadcast from a transmitter. The transmitter puts out waves which get picked up by our radio.
When a person sends out a focused transmission with their thoughts and feelings it passes through the ether to affect physical matter. The vibration is picked up the exact same moment by other human brains as it travels instantaneously from one brain to another.

This is THE Secret!
Your frequency has the unique ability to be instantaneously picked up across the planet with the same amount of energy and intensity that you used when you sent out your message. You have the most powerful transmitter on the planet right here in your brain.
Whatever frequency you emit that exact same frequency is drawn to you through a powerful magnetic pull.

Thank you for sharing your time and know that your presence is greatly appreciated and cherished. You are awesome and as you travel this journey it is our intent that you may do so with joy and become “Masters of the Law of Attraction”. By learning how we can change our lives in a positive way with the intent of creating the life we dream of we change our world into the world we dream of one beautiful manifestation at a time. It all begins within each one of us and when we learn from the Masters we begin to change from the inside out changing ourselves, our communities and our world in such a powerful and positive way. Bless you all!

Namaste with love,
Christiane Turner,
With contributing writer,
Joe Bradshaw

The ultimate proof… the LOA works. I graduated!!!

What are you attracting into your life? What are you going to create today? What are you creating in this moment?

I am feeling very honored and moved by the gifts you and all of those I share time and space with bring to my life and our world. I have been attracting so many wonderful and awesome people and relationships with those people in my life. I have to say THANK YOU to all of you and to myself for making such wonderful changes in my life. You know you are truly evolving and changing when all your old friends are no longer in your life, the time of solitude ends and you are making new friends that are in line with your new state of being.

I have been in a state of dramatic change over the last seven and a half years after a divorce and an unplanned loss of my job as a carpenter in NYC. Much of that time was spent in solitude learning who I am and learning to love me. Many of those hours were spent in the study of spiritual writings and philosophy as well as the arts. The last four years I have been writing this blog and sharing much of my journey in writing and expressing my thoughts.

In the early part of the year this year I was inspired to attend an event that would ultimately expand my opportunities and my life in a way that I had never even imagined… They say dream big! They also say to expect the unexpected! When one door closes another opens, walk through it even though you don’t know where it leads have faith it will take you where you want to go. Even if you don’t really know where you want to go it will take you where you will get what you need.

That event was the “New Consciousness Expo” and when I walked through the door and met the event organizer I had no idea nor did I expect what has happened since then.

I started my first paid writing gig in exchange for the classes to become a Quantum NLP Practitioner! Saturday I graduated and received my certificate… I am officially a Quantum NLP Practitioner and look forward to helping people find themselves and change their limiting beliefs enabling them to be free and be who they are as they step into the new realities they create.


I am not sure what that will mean as far as this blog goes, I have been contemplating what my time and efforts are best devoted to. The new direction in my life is very writing based as writing is one of my passions. I have been working on two books as well as this blog and the Quantum NLP blog. I also am in the process of building two web sites one for my Mentoring business and one for my freelance writing ventures I am going pro as far as blog writing so I suppose that I will be sharing some of that adventure here as well.

My blog is titled Iamforchange… I hope you will enjoy the new and exciting changes that are starting to take place here as my life and reality change. I have attracted some of the most beautiful people in the world to stop by and read this blog and express their thoughts and interact with me here. I have created a new life and new career, a new direction, and found a new love for myself all of you and all there is. I am at this moment creating and sharing the most beautiful of thoughts and wishes for all of you and for our world.

Thank you all for your presence and your time as you read my pages I am grateful you take the time to do so and I am grateful for what you share on your pages and from your hearts. You are all creating beauty in our world and making it a better place for all we -share it with as you share your smiles and your love.. Thank you!

Namaste 

re deaux. The key and the Awakening pt4

They walked into the” Stardust Diner” although it was kind of a dive the food was excellent, cheap, and it was a fixture in the neighborhood. It has been featured in many films and was Jakes regular spot for breakfast when he worked in the neighborhood. Amanda seated them in a booth next to the window looking out onto 8th Ave. Amanda knew Jake loved that booth he had asked to be seated there so he could” people watch” one of his favorite things to do. She asked Billy if he wanted coffee. She left and brought back two cups and a container of cream, “Your usual Jake” she asked? Jake nodded, she turned to Billy” and for you what would be your pleasure?”I will have a cheese and spinach omelet with some of those homefries and a side of sausage.” Billy replied. It was only a couple of minutes later when Amanda returned with their breakfast. Billy’s omelet, and Jakes usual Biscuits and Gravy the same thing he ordered every breakfast over the last ten years. They have the best Coffee in NYC he would say to everyone that tried to get him to go somewhere else for breakfast. Amanda could tell that things were not going well for Jake and that there was business being discussed so she smiled and went about her business without her customary five minute conversation about the family and the job.

“I don’t want to do this Jake, Sandra demanded you be fired, Stan doesn’t want you fired neither does Trish and you know I don’t want to fire you. I do have to admit that even if I don’t think you were trying to kill that lady the video is sure pretty convincing. I am trying to figure out how she called Stan and Trish yesterday if you say this happened this morning and swear you never met her till today. There seems to be more to this than meets the eye and I am going to find out what is behind it. In the mean time I am sorry about the way things are between you and Lindsey. You two have not been happy in years and I have heard you talk about getting divorced a few times in the last couple of months.” Billy said as he cut up his omelet and paused to sip some of his coffee.
“What the hell Billy you don’t believe for a moment I am lying do you?” Jake said then he told Billy the strange tale of how he met Sandra and what they talked about as he drove to work only to find out they were going to the same place. He told Billy that she mentioned he was about to be fired and here he was being fired. Billy interjected” You are not being fired, I am not firing you I am giving you a two week suspension while I investigate this. You will be paid for the time off, you can use the time to find a new place as well as get moved. I have a good lawyer if you want I will give him a call and set you up with an appointment in a couple of weeks in the mean time hide your money! “

Billy went to the Subway station located in the front corner of 111,8th Ave and Jake continued walking down 11th Street to the parking Garage to get his Jeep and head home when he saw an old friend Jose the maintenance man at CT Corp.
“Jose what’s happening how are you?” Jake asked

“Not so good mang, I heard you got fired and we are doing a big project. I never worry when we do big projects since you came. Did you get fired it is good to see you are you coming up to the floor?” Jake smiled as best as he could and told Jose what had happened that morning then asked “Jose what can you tell me about Sandra?”

Jose looked a little frightened and unsure if he should answer “She is new to the company and some say she is magic and that she is a walking spell .All of the men are enchanted by her smell and her looks even her voice seems to have a mysterious tone that can make people do what she asks without even thinking. The women don’t even talk bad about her or the way she dresses like they do about each other. If I didn’t know better I would say she was a Voodoo priestess. She doesn’t have the eyes for it and she doesn’t dress like a Voodoo witch I think she is a White Witch from the old days but she could be one of those Salem kind of Witches. “ Jose said in his heavily tainted Spanish accented English.

re deux “The key and awakening” pt 3

As the elevator doors opened and Jake stepped out he was surprised to see his boss Billy waiting by the door to CT Corp. Billy was one of the owners of the company Jake worked for and never came to any of Jakes jobs. Jake ran a tight ship and always made the company money on the jobs he ran as a foreman there for the last 12 years. The only time he saw Billy was when he came to schmooze the owners of companies and his clients in the furniture industry. CT Corp was one of those companies they had done many projects for and it was Jake that got the company the contract. Jake was intrigued as this was the last project he would have expected to see Billy.

He was about to say good morning to Billy when he noticed a now familiar fragrance in the air. Billy was talking to somebody that Jake could not see that was standing across the hall. A voice Jake recognized immediately was just finishing saying something to Billy that made Jakes hair stand on end. “He can’t work on this project or for your company if we are going to continue doing business he tried to kill me.” She was saying to Billy as Jake stepped into the hall. Billy looked like he had lost his best friend as he said” I will take care of it I find it hard to believe, he is one of our best employees and is known to have a heart of gold. I will speak with him, the evidence you presented is hard to deny, I do believe however that there is an explanation Jake would not harm anyone.” Billy said defensively.

As Jake approached with a look of bewilderment on his face Sandra walked away. Billy looking at Jake said “we need to talk. Come on, I will buy you a cup of coffee downstairs there are a few things I need to clarify with you.” Jake had a strange feeling he had not felt before yet it was not one of doom like he felt he should knowing he was about to get fired. He knew Billy would stand up for him and that Billy would talk to Stan the facilities manager at CT Corp to save his job. “I guess I should take my tools with us” Jake said as they walked towards the elevator Jake had just come out of. Billy Just looked at Jake and motioned for him to follow.

The elevator ride was for the most part silent and Jake could almost hear the gears in Billy’s mind turning as he thought about the current situation.” Breakfast at the Diner across the street” Billy stated “I think we need a while to talk and I need a few minutes to think.”

Jake asked “Sure, what is going on Billy? I only met that lady an hour ago when she was walking against a red light crossing 10th Ave causing a major problem in traffic and several accidents she is crazy if she thinks I tried to run over her. You know I wouldn’t hurt anyone intentionally.”

Billy said sadly” I know and I need to think. When did you meet Sandra and how did you meet her? Stan is her boss; well he called me last night and asked me to meet him early this morning. He mentioned you and said you apparently tried to run over one of his project managers. She told him she was so upset and afraid that she could not even be in the same space as you. She also called Trish at B. MGUINESS our biggest customer and told her that you tried to kill her and that they would no longer do business with them if they used us for their installation work while you were working for us.”

“What? That is all a bunch of crap I was coming out of the tunnel this morning, turned the corner on 10th and ended up launching my coffee all over the seat and dash as I jammed on the brakes. That crazy lady came out of nowhere. I had a green light and started through the intersection, her next thing I knew there she was and there went my coffee.. I told her she was crazy to be walking across traffic like that and ended up giving her a ride to work.” Jake said the added “You know me better than that. Last night I was being beat up by Lindsey she had me served with divorce papers.”

“Jake she has a video showing you coming straight at her with a look on your face like you were possessed by the devil himself. She just got out of the way as you stopped and looked her right in the eyes then rolled down the window glaring at her.” Billy said then proceeded to ask “How did she get that and how do I say with the evidence in my face that she must be mistaken. She called Stan and Trish yesterday. How could she make the video up and how could she have called yesterday if this just happened this morning? Did you go out drinking last night after you and Lindsey fought?”

“We didn’t fight, the Constable came at dinner time knocked on the door just as we were about to sit down and eat. None of us ate and I took a drive to Hialeah so I didn’t lose it in front of the kids. I did feel like tying one on but I didn’t want to get angry or drunk so I didn’t”. Jake said.

Re deux” The key and the awakening” pt2

“That is an interesting story, what does it have to do with me? I don’t have time for all this, I am about to be late for work. I think you are quite beautiful and would love to talk about this when I have time after work perhaps over dinner. I have had a rough couple of days and last night was quite possibly the worst night of my life. Then I saw you and the way you looked in my eyes, I thought things were looking up, now I am not so sure, especially if I lose my job because I picked up a crazy lady- That I almost ran over.” Jake said.

“I know your wife has asked for a divorce, I know you have no home and are looking for a place to stay I also know you are going to lose your job in about an hour even if you drop me off right now.” She replied.

She smiled as she talked and the last statement about losing his job struck a nerve with Jake. Lose my job he was thinking yeah because she was making him late. How did she know about Lindsey and the divorce?

“Where would you like me to drop you off I have to get to work” Jake retorted

“111, 8th Ave” Sandra replied

Jake thought for a minute he had miss understood as that was where he was going. 111, 8th Ave was an Art Deco building that took up a whole city block and until the World Trade Center was built was the home to the Port Authority. The building was originally built to be a warehouse for less than truck load freight to be consolidated on the lower levels and the upper levels were intended for manufacturing. Completed in the early thirties it was now home to Google and several other companies including CT Corp the company who’s offices were where Jake was going to install some office furniture. Jake had been in that building many times and had never seen Sandra in his travels. That was not all that unusual however with the ten or twelve thousand people that went in and out of there daily. She could work at Google and that may be why she knew so much about him Jake thought.

Jake replied “Sure I will drop you on 8th right in front by the Banana Republic.”

Jake dropped Sandra off at the corner; she left a business card on the seat. As she got out of the jeep, she was telling Jake they needed to meet later in the day to discuss his trip to New Mexico.

“New Mexico” said Jake half laughing “What in the world makes you think I am going to New Mexico and even if I was it won’t be soon. I have to find a place to live and an attorney I am being taken to divorce court remember and I also have a job that requires at least a month’s notice before I can take a vacation.”

Sandra laughed then responded in a very serious tone “It is imperative that you are in Ojo Amarillo, New Mexico the third Friday of September this year. I will be ready for lunch when you are done with your boss and will give you the address for Clarissa, one of your guides and the High Priestess that has half of your key.”

“Half of my key, High Priestess, what are you talking about and I will be working until three thirty. My boss never comes to my jobs; I take lunch at 11:45 till 12:30 and can meet you across the street at the Spanish deli if you want.” Jake replied as he was pulling away not waiting for a response he turned the corner and drove half way down the block to the parking garage.

Jake gathered his tools from the back of his Betsy and headed to the elevator leaving the business card on the seat trying to put the mornings and last night’s events behind him and concentrate on the work day he had before him. He was meeting four carpenters he had worked with on many occasions and they had twelve work stations to install most people called the work stations cubicles. Jake thought that calling them cubicles made tem sound almost like jail space so he preferred the term work station it seemed to make him feel like he was contributing to the world something that was productive. As he rode the elevator to the eleventh floor he had all but forgotten the morning’s events.