Share your love with Nature it is so Beautiful

I thought I would share this poem as it was written a few years ago and posted when I only had a few followers. I was reminded of it today in a poetry group when someone said there was no beauty in a rock.. I laughed and find much beauty in a rock! The things a rock has seen.. 🙂

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The rock I hold in my hand here long before the time of man

The time it has shared with the light unknown for it to most, is just a stone

The flower right before my eyes, the smell, the joy it brings the stone has many times seen

The love our Mother Earth shares, is always there, for those that take the time to care

The colors of our world a many our vision limited, by only our eyes as we seek some other worldly prize

None of them in just Black and White the Grays and Yellows, Purples and Red the wonderful spectrum

All taken in with our heads, love them with our hearts and be grateful for the Earthly prize

The love shared right before your eyes

Stone of old in my hand thank you for sharing with this humble man

The gift of love from our…

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2 thoughts on “Share your love with Nature it is so Beautiful

  1. I agree. I have a particular fascination for water due to the Genesis phrase, “and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Like rocks, through cleansed and transformed infinite times water has been around since the very beginning, forming, cleansing. The same drops of rain that fall now once fell at the dawn of life. The waters that fill the seas or gush through rivers and streams once flowed pure and pristine through a newly created earth carving their way through rock and stone to find the ocean, fascinating subject! Thanks for bringing it to mind.

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