What is Meditation, Your Nature? by Osho

new phone pics 327Meditation Is Your Nature

What is meditation? Is it a technique that can be practiced? Is it an effort that you have to do? Is it something which the mind can achieve? It is not. All that the mind can do cannot be meditation – it is something beyond the mind, the mind is absolutely helpless there.

The mind cannot penetrate meditation; where mind ends, meditation begins. This has to be remembered, because in our life, whatsoever we do, we do through the mind; whatsoever we achieve, we achieve through the mind. And then, when we turn inwards, we again start thinking in terms of techniques, methods, doings, because the whole of life’s experience shows us that everything can be done by the mind. Yes – except meditation, everything can be done by the mind. Everything is done by the mind except meditation. Because meditation is not an achievement – it is already the case, it is your nature. It has not to be achieved; it has not only to be recognized, it has only to be remembered. It is there waiting for you – just a turning in, and it is available. You have been carrying it always and always.

Meditation is your intrinsic nature – it is you, it is your being, it has nothing to do with your doings. You cannot have it and you cannot have it. It cannot be possessed, it is not a thing. It is you. It is your being.

Osho – excerpts from the book What is Meditation?
© Osho International Foundation

Came across this article and thought I would share it.. Thank you for allowing me to do so I also thank you all for being you as it is in our nature to be the positive change our world so needs as we share our love and our smiles making it a better place for all we share it with! 🙂


5 thoughts on “What is Meditation, Your Nature? by Osho

    • Money!!!! I should have done more research before posting this post. I actually love the sentiment expressed yet would not support the foundation or its leadership nor it’s ideals… Thanks Ian you are awesome!

      • No! no! Joe, not awesome; just an ordinary fellow on the same journey as you and everybody (note “body”) is on. With reference to important things: Spiritual information belongs to no one* but to everyone, so how does someone, “being aware”, justify charging another for it except to cover costs where that is necessary?
        *All knowledge exists.

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