My poetry, is not Ivy League… An apology to my friends with literary PhD’s

Poetry to me

Expression from the heart is shared
In poetry to me
In the heart is where that expression begins
I express my heart in the words that I find
Inspired by the divine within my heart
  shared with my simple human mind

My expression is often not flowery
Not always does it rhyme
Sometimes it is almost lyrical
It is getting better over time

Poetry for some it seems is very clearly defined
For some of us it has no rules
It is the gift of sharing by our own design
Some may say it isn’t poetry at all
Some have such narrow minds
it makes them seem so small

Snob I said to one that sat on a throne
Educated at Oxford
Elite he claimed to be and he was not alone
One from Harvard another from Yale just to name a few

said they had the right
to say what poetry and poets were great
For from the Ivy league they did graduate

They were not going to listen
to poetry that was second rate
written by those dabbled
and struggled to put food on their plates

I laughed as they looked down from their seats above
You nothing of poetry written with love
Poets like Maya Angelou or even Charlie Zero
FLARF specialist kind of a poetic hero
Many there are that walk in our current time

Sharing their words from their hearts

  As they were inspired

their poetic expression

is really quite divine

Much too complicated for your educated minds

Snobs I said you are, with your elitist state of mind
Then I was inspired by my heart so divine
I bow my head and say I am sorry
For in choosing to define
I have been like you

expressing my thoughts

with a very narrow mind

Please accept my apology

As love for you within my heart I find

What makes great poetry
Each one of us defines
As each of us is a poet
Our hearts are all divine
When you read a poem
You never know what you will find
If you choose to read it
With an open mind

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me and allowing me to express my thoughts. I had expressed a few thoughts in another forum, a poetry based group that is predominantly Ivy League educated professors. The group was created to discuss poetry yet not modern poetry apparently. I love the classics yet I have found that many great poets and poems have been written since the days of since” Lord Alfred Tennyson” and his classical works I love Tennyson and his expression is truly from the heart. I thought I would express my thoughts and a form of an apology in a bad poem as I had been somewhat sharp with my words in a discussion posted in the group. I was sincere in my apology and wanted to have some fun so I expressed myself artistically here.


Do you think I should post it in the group for discussion or would that be inappropriate or even gosh?


Thank you all for allowing me to share my thoughts with you. I also would like to say thank you for being you and sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with!


24 thoughts on “My poetry, is not Ivy League… An apology to my friends with literary PhD’s

  1. JB,
    As a follower of your blog, I say ‘POST IT!’, because I had a dear, REALLY close friend tell me, ‘no regrets’. Like, if you want to send it, and see where that takes you, because at the end of day, we are all readers and humans, then so be it. Post your work to the world.

    But then…..

    I can understand your pause and ponderings of whether to post or not…. I support your work, if this help at all.

    Stay well,

    N.N. Team

  2. Thank you very much your support means a great deal to me I appreciate it. At this point I was just having some fun. The members of that group and their opinions matter not in my big picture. They are indeed very well educated and they specialize in literature I admire them and respect them for being who they are. Just because they choose to share such a narrow minded perspective I don’t have to go to that level. I have a PhD of sorts in a different major.. Being a beautiful human being! I have spent as much time studying Metaphysics and Philosophy as they spent studying English with the best teacher of all.. Life as a mentor and inspiration!

    I already posted it to the world by the way… I posted it here! Thank you for your encouragement! You are quite awesome and well Love you and thank you for sharing your love!


    • Thank you Irene.. I lost my Etsy Password and need to reset it so I can comment on your jewelry there as it seems that is where you are showing it now. I would like to support you as well there if that is what will help you more! 🙂 I have no regrets just smiles!!!! Thank you so much for your kindness and support I appreciate you!

      • Thank you too for your kind words and support Joe 😀
        I have had some internet problems, why I tried to promote my jewelry in another way and got some very good feedback at this.
        You are welcome at Etsy too 😉

  3. Amen!
    Preach it!
    My feeling about posting this in the lions den is “why bother?” they don’t sound like people with the capacity to listen to anyone with a differing opinion. There’s no point in wasting precious time trying to fix ’em – you’ll only frustrate yourself! (There ya go – free advice – worth every penny!)

    • True are your thoughts and expression and I appreciate the sentiment! I however am not interested in fixing them and after reading this comment I suppose that I don’t need to make my point either! Let lions fight amongst themselves.. 🙂 Thank you for sharing with me some insight and a reminder.. I am not my ego!

  4. I wouldn’t bother with that group – they don’t need any help in stroking their own egos. Let them remain insulated, close-minded and by their estimation, brilliant, while you continue to write wonderful words. Peace . . .

  5. I know know little of poetry traditional or modern, I’m just in love with words! Yours come from the heart, full of honest love and feeling – what could be better than that? Maybe you could wrap them up in cultured phrases, clever rhythm and rhyme but would that make the contents any more valuable?
    Once when I was at college I had all the materials available to make great works of art, but I had nothing to say, no answers to give humanity.Now many, many, years later having collected precious jewels and treasures in the university of life (an establishment I see you also frequented) I have so much I want to pass on there never seems enough time. It’s what you have to say not how you wrap it that’s important!
    (Thanks for your follow and “footsteps” I shall do likewise so I can bathe frequently in your refreshing torrents of words.)

  6. “poetry for some of us has no rules” That is me. 😀 I wouldn’t worry about the ivy league professors. If you, like myself, use poetry as a means of expressing your emotions, what difference does it matter what anyone else thinks? Keep writing. the best poetry comes from the heart. 🙂

    • Thank you Elizabeth, I quite agree the best of everything comes from the heart and it is even better when another heart resonates with it.. 🙂 I am grateful for your taking the time to share such a lovely sentiment and appreciate you! 🙂

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