False colours

I was quite taken with sentiment of this post and must say the video at the end say’s so much about our world. I want to say thank you to Sue, and all of you for being you and making a difference in our world. We all need to keep being the compassionate human beings we are as we are changing our world and making it a better place for all we share it with… I carry a few extra quarters every where I go dollars when I have them how about you… Got a quarter to help a man get a cup of coffee or a bottle of water. It’s only pocket change yet it can help change our world and certainly the quality of a fellow human beings life! Namaste!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I’d been gardening all day and had nipped into town on the way back from a trip to the garden centre to pick up a few things, calling at one of the more up-market stores to look for a brooch to wear with an evening gown; I was hosting a dinner for the Countess who was patroness of the organisation  for which I was working. I wasn’t buying, just seeing what they had before making a decision. The store’s security person followed me every inch of the way. And the supercilious sales assistant did no more than watch from a distance with an eagle eye. It didn’t bother me… I had been playing in the dirt all day and was not a pretty sight. I couldn’t blame them… I was not their usual calibre of client!

I found exactly what I needed but thought I would shop around. No luck…

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