Windows, lucidity and inner truth


Windows have been in my thoughts lately; there are many sayings and thoughts expressed about windows. I was contemplating and thinking about some advice I got from an Ancient Chinese divination method I use as a learning tool. It became clear after a couple of days and the events of the last couple of days that a window was the answer to the answer or how I may learn and become more “enlightened” so to speak. Our eyes are our windows! Open the blinds open the curtains and let the light shine in. 

enlightened (ɪnˈlaɪt ə nd)

— adj
1. factually well-informed, tolerant of alternative opinions, and guided by rational thought: an enlightened administration ; enlightened self-interest
2. privy to or claiming a sense of spiritual or religious revelation of truth: the search for an enlightened spiritual master

The passage or verse I had drawn was quite inspirational, and over a couple of days it took a new form and meaning for me on a personal level.

“If we wish to enlighten someone we must first begin with what is lucid then the light may enter from which we may learn.”

I have been doing much inner work over the last seven or so years of my life, in order to learn who I am, as well as my purpose for being here. We all I would think at times ask the question of ourselves what am I here for or what is this what life is really about why do they have that and I have this?

The Gurus and religious institutions all share answers, there are many who say that we have the answers within us, to those questions and many more we may find ourselves asking. As I observed my thoughts and reflected on my life in the spirit of the verse I had drawn I pondered the relevance. The only one I wish to enlighten is me why did I draw this and how is it relevant? Windows are the portals or the link to our teachers. I was being inspired to open my eyes and let the light shine in.

Windows… The window is lucid; transparent the light shines through the window. What is outside of the window? The teachers that share with us the knowledge of how to find the answers within, nature, people, our earth, our universe etc. the light from which we may learn teachers are what is outside the window. We all have our own perspectives and truths those are contained within us and found as we learn from our teachers as we ask the questions of our teachers and receive answers we in turn begin to learn and find our own truths. Some answers we get we just know are wrong at least for us, many of those answers for me have been given by religious institutions. I also would say many of those answers were given or as is often the case avoided by my family and friends.” Why? Because I said so that’s why” is an awesome example of avoidance shared by my parents. Those kinds of answers are in a way the best as they allow me to find my own inner truth without their influence. Perhaps they don’t know why and that was the answer my grandparents gave them… I chose to find an answer rather than avoid the question or discomfort the answer may bring.

The eyes are the windows of the soul… Yes I am inclined to believe that, they allow us to see into the world and universe in a very beautiful way letting the light shine in. Like a window you can see out of them and inside of them. Seeing inside of the window those teachers taught me to look within and find the answers to the questions I would ask. Looking inside myself I have been finding the answers to the questions I have been asking. I close my eyes and see inside much like when I shut the blinds and close the drapes I see inside my house. The light inside shines, when I light the lantern, or turn on the lights, much like when I embrace the lessons and then know my answers. I find my inner truth when I close my eyes and meditate that light then shines down and radiates it energy through my being.

Windows… What a beautiful creation, what do you see outside when you look through the window? What do you see when the curtains are drawn? What do others see when they look in your windows? I see a beautiful human being!!! Thank you all for being you, I hope you take the time to appreciate the beauty and the lessons we may learn from our teachers on the other side of the window. Both side of the window lead us to the light from which we may learn.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, I realize that some of the things I share are just to get out what I have learned or gleaned through personal experiences. I suppose I do so in hopes that it will help someone in some way or perhaps just to bring a smile to someone that may need one. I would say that at times I share what I do to inspire thought and self reflection in order to help make our world a better place for all we share it with.

Thank you for being you and making our world a better place by sharing your love and your smiles making it a better place for all we share it with.  I hope you take the time to enjoy both sides of the window!