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Get a first glimpse of my new book!


Get a first glimpse of my new book!
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From my collaborator Joe Bradshaw from the Iamforchange Blog
It is both a pleasure and a treasure to share with you a glimpse into Christiane Turner’s new book “The Law of Attraction Formula” © 2014 to be released later this year. The Quantum approach to Global Consciousness and the implementing, of the Law of Attraction in a Quantum manner, while incorporating the Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques she shares in her new book are quite intuitive and cutting edge. I would like to share a few excerpts with you over the next few posts that I found to be rather profound and hope that you may enjoy a glimpse into her new book as much as I have.
I would like to say from the first page Christiane captures the imagination and inspires us to go beyond our current view of our communities and our world, and make real change for the future of ourselves, our communities, humanity and our planet.
From the outset she shares the following;
Welcome to the Quantum Universe, a world so magical and wonderful, and at the same time rooted right here in reality.
By understanding and applying the principles of the Law of Attraction, and conditioning yourself to use your mind to its highest effectiveness you can take your personal and professional life to greater heights.
I offer you the opportunity to be a viable part in creating a new global paradigm, which is based on community consciousness and sustainability. You will be the model for other people and set the standard for our local and global communities for the coming decades as I share with you how science and spirituality together create the foundation of this paradigm.
From the introduction of the book we get a great glimpse of what is possible, when we implement the lessons Christiane, shares with us. How with an open mind how we may become models for others as we adjust to the conditions of our ever changing world.
Excerpt taken from the introduction of “The Law of Attraction Formula” by Christiane Turner © 2014;

The concepts and processes in this book are deeply transformative. We are not just scratching the surface here, only teaching behavioral skills and techniques. By including the basic universal laws we are now able to touch people’s lives on the spiritual level and awaken them to a profound sense of purpose, which leads to a happier, more fulfilled life.
When you become more effective in your own life (by creating balance between your personal, family and professional development) you can make a greater contribution to your larger community that you are a part of.
A cultural paradigm shift always happens, by first a few people starting to think in a new way, and then that paradigm gets adopted by others around them, which then spreads to the rest of the community. Take recycling as an example, which is now unthinkable not to do, and thirty or forty years ago was a foreign word to most people on the planet.

In my vision of the future we have created a planet that is a wonderful place for future generations to live sustainably.

Every change starts with an idea, and every trend starts with just a few people who think differently. We are all unique, and vital parts that help create our larger systems, as our communities, cities, countries, and the whole world. When we share our gifts, coming from abundance, we expedite the energy we invest and get excellent results in return.
To help human consciousness transform to the next level by integrating the Law of Attraction into everyday life is my passion. The basic principles that lay the foundation of Quantum Physics can help us take our evolution to the next level gracefully. As we understand the laws of the universe better, and act accordingly, life gets easier and more opportunities come our way.
Excerpt from “The Law of Attraction Formula” by Christiane Turner © 2014;

Your presence is greatly appreciated and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been given the gift of sharing with you a glimpse into Christiane’s new book, I am very excited to be one of the first to read it. . I do hope you enjoyed the brief preview and look forward to your visits as we will be exploring the book in more detail. Perhaps inspiring you along the way to pick up the book when it is released as well as to make the change in yourself and become a model in your community.

Joe Bradshaw
Contributing Writer


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