A personal note and update

Amazing how life is when you are living it! I would like to say that although I have not been as present here on my blog as far as writing and sharing my thoughts I have been trying to keep up with many of the blogs I follow. My attention as of late outside of the chopping of wood has been devoted to research … Lots of research.

Project 1 research: MARKETING, I have been doing research on the various aspects of marketing and branding. I am getting ready to start my new business and am working on a logo and brand as well as the best way to market my products so to speak. Marketing in this age of electronic communications and social media is quite fascinating and has so many new and unique ways of marketing and selling your business and presenting your personal brand. I have been invited to publish on LinkedIn and even have a few followers so I am doing some additional research as far as marketing on LinkedIn.

Project 2 research: Quantum NLP, I have been doing my research, reading the material, watching the videos listening to the audio material and getting to know the owner and founder Christiane Turner. I have been given a win/win proposal to write and manage the Blog at Quantum NLP in exchange for the classes and certifications as an NLP practitioner and life coach.

Project 3 research Metaphysics, I have been studying metaphysics and philosophy for the last seven or so years and have been trying to implement much of what I have learned into my daily life.

Project 4 research: Doing much research and study to find my target market. I have been told that by targeting the masses I may be limiting myself in some ways from achieving the success I desire in my future business endeavors as well as selling my upcoming book. My original target market is not even one that would even consider my book or services..

I was given a few awesome compliments as I attended my first practitioner class this last Saturday that seems to be in line with my research as far as my target market. A practitioner and graduate of the NLP training was in town and stopped by to say hi and sit in on the class for the wonderful energy that is shared in that environment. We stopped for lunch break and this wonderful human being shared a thought and smile with me. “I was so delighted to see you in the class, so many of the practitioners and healers in our society are women, I am so happy to see that there are men that care enough to better themselves and help others. I have only seen one other man in these courses over the last five years, it is not unheard of yet it is quite uncommon, thank you for being here and best wishes in manifesting your dreams as you help and inspire others” she shared with me. I was beaming and radiating pure loving energy for days!

Thank you all for your patience and allowing me to share a thought or two and express my reasons for not being so present lately, I am changing that and as I align more with my higher self and more opportunities begin to manifest it won’t be long before I have chopped my last piece of wood so to speak… Thank you all for being you and being the positive change our world so needs. Keep sharing your love and sharing your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with!

Namaste 

Ancient wisdom shared… from the Doctorine of the Mean

The Grandson of Confucius comments on the “Way” and Human Nature.

“Therefore, the superior man cultivates a friendly harmony, without being weak.– How firm is he in his energy! He stands erect in the middle, without inclining to either side.– How firm is he in his energy! When good principles prevail in the government of his country, he does not change from what he was in retirement.– How firm is he in his energy! When bad principles prevail in the country, he maintains his course to death without changing.– How firm is he in his energy!

From the 中 庸 Zhongyong


I wanted to share a bit of what I have been learning and studying for the last seven years. I shared this in a spiritual group discussion on LinkedIn about love, not religion,  not philosophy from the heart love of all that exists no matter what is going on around a person. We can be true to who we are when we stand in the middle as who we are we can be the love we are meant to be.

Thank you all for being you and for being the change positive our world so needs, thank you for sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with!



Help Wanted: Agent wanted to represent Highly tallented people 50 million$ and up

Help Wanted: Agent to represent highly talented and Beautiful people
Salary 50 million US dollars plus Bonus and future international opportunities, if you are successful and obtain a contract for our clients.
A bit about or clients and the contract♦
In light of the failed minimum wage due to lack of a realistic goal and no room for negotiation by poorly motivated and talentless even careless representatives. Our clients seek an agent to sit down at the table and negotiate a living wage with the Government of “We the People” in our Nations Capitol.

The idea of a minimum wage seems preposterous in this day and age. It is the sentiment of many that by seeking a low ball minimum for our clients, some 150 million or so of them working for sub standard wages with no benefits the recent contract was destined to fail from the initial proposal. There was never any room for negotiation or bargaining in the original proposal nor was the wage going to actually raise the standard of living for any of our many talented hard working clients. The half hearted initiative was doomed for failure from the beginning, any agent representing his or her client knows that you come in at the high end and negotiate for the best deal you can get for your client. It is irresponsible to start at the bottom when you are representing your client as well as yourself as their representative. Unless of course you are working for the other party or in collusion with them to keep the people that hired you at the bottom.

Our clients are asking for a realistic and what should be a fair contract of a living wage… 25.00 an hour with benefits would be a great place to start as far as an initial offer. It would be from that position or starting point that a satisfactory living wage could be negotiated and allow our clients to have a bit of dignity and decent quality of life.

The Unions used to increase the wages and quality of life for many of our clients parents and families yet they have been for the most part destroyed from within and without as those in charge of the Unions became corrupt and those in  our Government have been rewarded by Corporations and Big Business with lucrative gifts, money and the Lobbyists that they rub elbows with on a daily basis. As there is no real voice of our clients in the Congress or Senate seeking to negotiate or win a contract for a living wage we would like to hire an Agent of the Highest caliber to negotiate a contract with the Congress and Senate for a living wage. We are of course willing to be realistic; however our clients are worth more than the minimum! As they are very talented hard working and beautiful people with families to support and it would be nice if they could spend time with them and not have to work two or three jobs or need food stamps to put food on the table or a roof over the heads of their families or themselves.

Future opportunities in other Nations are a definite possibility if you are successful in obtaining a contract here in the U.S.

You will be paid upon a signed contract within ninety days. Our clients will each pay one dollar to the fund upon receipt of the contract and payment of said wage by their respective employers. Via a fund set up in your name.
Interested applicants should contact this blog and set up an interview.

Thank you in advance.. If you have negotiated contracts for big name stars and athletes for millions this should be a piece of cake job worth far more than the percentage you got for those contracts… Could even go into the hundred million range as I am sure that many of our clients would gladly contribute at least 5 dollars to the fund for a signed contract!


The Truth About The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

A different perspective and one that speaks in an open and honest way about the one sided “war” in Gaza.. I loved the expressed thought that it would be nice if both sides would sit down and create peace rather than poisoning the hearts and minds of the youth on both sides perpetuating violence well into the future. Unless of course the Army and Navy of Israel should complete their mission of destroying Palestine and it’s Army less citizens. Both sides are guilty of ignorance and lack of common sense… Where is the love?

Let them Eat “CAKE”… a poetic thought

What do you do when there is nothing left to lose?
When all hope is lost what path will you choose?

Some will choose to rise above with dignity and grace
Others will choose a path that they wouldn’t in another time and place

When the people in power turn their backs and walk away
To those with nothing what can you really say?

It will be many years before they have their day
To those who have nothing to lose what can you really say?

Its like in a movie called “Star Wars” the” Empire Strikes Back”
The Senate has voted and given the citizens a whack

Or perhaps a scene from a time long ago
One where a Queen said a saying we all know

‘Let them eat CAKE’ was her famous last line that comes to mind
Somewhat like what the Senators said to the countrymen of mine

As the Senators live on a salary we pay
They voted to keep the poor in a place of dismay

Minimum wage is an act of hate against the citizens
Not to raise it while you take our money is a sin

A living wage is needed to make our nation strong
Yet the greedy business owners say that would be wrong

Like Reaganomics watering the top of the tree
The water never trickles to the roots where it needs to be

The Senators and businesses with their greedy needs
Are destroying our country the land of the free

Veterans returning face the ultimate injury
No jobs or living wages to a life of poverty

What I ask do they expect for all of us to do
When backed into a corner with nothing left to lose?

Minimum wage is a disgrace as our Senators and Congress are too

I say we act with grace and tell them to eat cake
We have taken all we can take!

Spend a few trillion dollars on a jet or two
A billion on a battle tank to take care of me and you
What we really need is a living wage so we can buy some food

Yet you say we are not worth a minimum of ten dollars an hour
I say you are not worthy of your governing power

I would like to see you rule with dignity


We have nothing left to lose
I say we fire the politicians and from the people we should choose!

Thank you and I apologize for venting this way here on this page yet I must express my thoughts in a way that I feel is positive. The actions and words of our government are not in the best interest of “We the People” as far as many things go. The system is broken and it is not politicians that are going to fix it they are destroying it!

I thank you for your time and being you as well as being the positive change our world so needs. 🙂


PS I will get to the comments you have been sharing and your posts soon.. I have been doing much research for some upcoming projects and chopping wood.. Working at my trade as I prepare for the transition to my new life.. I need to put food on the table and buy a few suits 🙂