Naked (tears fall).. A poeticly expressed thought


Thunder in the canyon echoes, lightning strikes light up the sky
Wind it howls with all its might, rain falls on a summer night
Naked I stand before the wind, rain dances on my skin
Thunder shocks the heart of mine lightning crashes my soul divine
Fear sets my heart in motion as god speaks
Lightning flashes illuminate me
Rain falls and sets me free
Naked for the world to see

Passing memories like storm clouds thicken
My heart bound in pain it quickens
Stifle it I will not do
Thunder rumbles and the pain subdues
God only desires good
Thunder and lightning are understood
When the rain falls it brings release
Then the pain will cease

I stand naked as a human being
The nakedness is who I am
As nakedness I embrace
Finally I find my place


Thank you all for being you and allowing me to share a thought or two. Sometimes raw and naked emotions are a precious gift I have learned much from my own raw pain and as it were sometimes letting it flow and letting the tears fall like rain washes away the pain. Allowing it and letting go knowing everything has its place naked, raw with love I embrace the pain I felt as I let go love filled the space.


20 thoughts on “Naked (tears fall).. A poeticly expressed thought

    • Maryrose… You are awesome! I greatly appreciate your taking the tiome to share such a wonderful compliment and comment! Take care as well and not only do you matter my beautiful friend you make a difference in such a positive way as you share your love with our world! 🙂
      Namaste with love,

  1. This poem is beautiful Joe. It truly touches my heart and speaks deeply – to me – of the importance to not stifle our pain, our tears. They help wash us clean like summer rains. Also, dear friend, your kind support of my attempts to share love and light online mean so much to me. I haven’t posted for far too long on my P.E.A.C.E. blog and there you are – being the first to show your support! And my Facebook page is not visited by many and to see your Likes makes my heart soar! You truly are for change like this blog’s name, and you really DO make a difference! So please accept this comment as a cyber-hug of grateful friendship. You help brighten my world Joe. Hugs, Gina

    • Gina, you certainly know how to create a wonderful smile… Thank you so much for your kindness and your support I appreciate all that you do and share, you are making a difference as well and I am happy to see what you share in any area of our world although it would appear to be mostly online the pictures of your garden and those you share of what you are moved by say that you reach far beyond the cyber world. I am grateful to share time and space with you! Thank you for being you and thank you for your kindness and support as well… It does make a difference and the smiles are gorgeous!

      Namaste with love,

  2. Good activity! Here is something similar I wrote:

    There is hail but the sun shines,
    There is thunder but peace reigns,
    Clouds bank up but the horizon’s clear,
    Danger looms but I do not fear ……..
    There is happiness within.
    Green follows the ravage of fire,
    Flood brings food in its mire,
    While dark clouds and wind bring rain
    To quench the thirst and grow the grain ……
    We’ve but to look within.

    • Thank you Ian… You are a wonderful friend and I am posting your poem in a post about the wonderful comments that have been shared with me on here. The poem is awesome and I am grateful you chose to share it with me here. I appreciate you Ian thank you for being you!

      • Here is something else, possibly of help to readers, from my writings:
        “I have earned social status, executive status, status in sport, and all that breeds vanity. I have earned almost total pecuniary poverty, total emotional poverty and total impoverishment in work. I have earned the opportunity of power and pride, and the opportunity of humility and love; and I am thankful for all; for without any one my lessons would not be complete. But I am thankful, most, for the adversity without which I
        would be but a worthless shell.” [from The Milk Is White]

    • Thank you for the compliment and sharing the observation… It is quite a wonderful feeling to be able to empathize with another showing our compassion and knowing that we all share similar situations and feelings especially when it comes to pain! Thank you for sharing the sentiment I appreciate you taking the time to do so.. 🙂

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