Me, “The Way ” Gaza, Israel, and Desmund Tutu

There are times when I question myself as far as what my place is in regards to causes and the injustices in our world. I empathize with the young Buddha as he explored the world outside his palace for the first time as a young child. He saw the plows opening the earth and was amazed with what he saw, he saw mother earth being cut open and violated. He saw the poor and the helpless all the while questioning why and how or what he could or should do about it. I am of course not Buddha I am a spiritual being living as a simple man.

I have been studying so many different spiritual perspectives shared by so many spiritual beings past and present as well as the laws that govern our Universe as the great Lau Tzu or Buddha may have expressed it “The Way or the Tao” as a more modern perspective it may be the” Law of Attraction or Physics” Metaphysics as it were covers all of it. Buddha knew the laws as did Jesus well enough to alter the path of mankind perhaps even enough to change the immediate environment yet they could not change the laws themselves. The laws are what they are Universal and not alterable they may be understood and embraced as well as leveraged yet they are not alterable by man as that is the way.

I wonder at times what I may do with the knowledge and understanding I have of those laws in order to serve the higher good. I can not change the world and embracing negative energy only brings more negative energy. I can change my thoughts and feelings in regards to me and my situation yet the thoughts and feelings of my fellow spiritual beings in their human forms are not mine to control. I have spent a great amount of time learning to change and be in line with my greater self or spiritual self and know it is my place to walk in the middle with love and compassion and empathy yet in joy as for the gift given me to live and enjoy my human form.

I will say that for me as a human being it is at times hard to walk the” Path of Mean “not choosing to embrace the negative aspects of being a human. One of my heros shared a quote we may all learn from “When we choose to hate our oppressors we become like them” Desmond Tutu speaking in reference to Apartheid and the murder and torture of the humans of color in South Africa.

Today I was quite frankly proud in a way to see a protest in the city I live in Salt Lake City Utah is a predominantly right wing religious city in a religious state. I have never seen a protest like the one I saw today on State Street in the middle of downtown. It is not that there are no protests here it was the kind of protest. It was a protest against the conflict in Gaza and Palestine, I would have actually participated if it was for peace yet as I heard the chants of end the Apartheid in Palestine and the negative aspects of the crowd it reminded me of the words spoken by one of those most responsible for the end of Apartheid.


The Jewish people have endured much as a people, so have the Arabs the Palestinians the Jewish side seems to have become very hateful and the oppression of the peoples of Gaza is reminiscent to me of the Nazi treatment of the Jews. Like the Jews in Nazi Germany the Palestinians have been herded into a small area and controlled in every way concentrated so to speak so they can be punished at will, even exterminated if that would serve the purpose of the Israeli Government. The Palestinian side seems to be just as hateful much like the Jewish people were when Hitler rounded them up and concentrated them in areas to be controlled and punished at will even exterminated if it would serve the purpose of the Nazi Government.
A perpetual loop, until someone breaks the cycle how many women and children have to be killed before we as human beings find our spiritual beings and break the cycle? How many times is Hamas going to show up at a gunfight with a pocket knife before they come to their senses and extend a hand of love.. How many times is Israel going to swat a fly with a howitzer before they say “we love you quit with the pocket knife lets be friends there has been enough killing on our planet especially of our wives and children.” How much more will it take before the world says enough… and stops giving Israel the howitzers if they are going to swat flies with them? It is almost surreal to say you are defending your country and attacking with an army a country that has no army… Reminds me of another situation my country was involved in based on lies and a war fought in our defense with a country that couldn’t even attack our country if they wanted to.. Not one jet, not one tank, not one missile could they have hit us with… Now I am trying to stop a T rex with a bb gun.. 🙂

Any way the hate has to stop and the negative has to be transmuted or it will be a never ending loop.. That is the law of the Universe… The other alternative is for the human beings of this planet to consciously and spiritually offset and even more so drown the negative with such love and compassion that the Universe transmutes it and breaks the loop, which would take many of us more than four billion, could turn the tide.

Kudos to those that protested in Salt Lake City today, I would have joined you if your message had been of love and peace… I am however proud you put yourselves out there for your cause.


Thank you all for allowing me to share some thoughts on a subject that is hard to swallow.. I will never understand the killing of human beings by human beings, I may have to accept it yet I will walk the path of mean and say it is not the way!

Thank you for being you and being the change our world so needs by sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with.. 
Namaste with love